In This Steyr Aug Bullpup Rifle review we’ll be covering the Steyr Aug and its specifications. We’ll also check out how the Aug shapes up to other Bullpup “Assault Rifles” that are out there.

Reliability: A+
Customization: B-
Accuracy: B
Ergonomics: C
Value: C

Final Grade: B-

Steyr Aug Background

Steyr Aug SPEC

The Steyr AUG is the quintessential bullpup firearm.

The AUG rifle was developed in the 1960’s (that’s not a typo… Steyr developed the Aug in the 60’s!) and it was later adopted as the Austrian military rifle in 1978.

It was WAY ahead of its time.

In fact, it’s appearance still looks like a rifle from the future even though it was developed around the time of the M16 (which was adopted in 1964).

In America, the Steyr AUG was made famous as the “bad guy’s gun” (especially foreigners) in 80’s action movies like Robocop, Die Hard, and Commando.

Despite it futuristic looks, it has some older features/designs that could be a draw-back for some. We’ll explore those next.

The original trigger system is very novel – the military full-auto Steyr AUG fires in semi-auto mode when the trigger is pulled part-way and in full-auto mode when it is pulled the whole way.

The Aug is a modular firearm and comes in many configurations to include those that fire in the open bolt position as light machine guns (for easier cooling).


Steyr Aug a3 m1 Features

1. Integrated Optic and Picatinny Rail. The elevated rail option includes a 1.5x optic by Swarovski

2. Two-Position Cross-Bolt Safety. Solid and reliable, however somewhat awkward to use.

3. Bull-Pup Design. Allows for size and handling of a short barreled rifle with the benefit of a full barrel length.

Steyr Aug a3 m1 Review – Our Take

steyr aug a3 m1 sideThe Steyr Aug should not be your first or only rifle. That might sound harsh, but let us justify it.

The Steyr Aug is one of the coolest, if not THE coolest, “assault rifle” out there. However, despite its futuristic shape and looks, it lacks some features that modern firearms have.

Also, because it is so unique in operation and design, there is not much cross-over in training/handling/use.

Instead, if you’re a gun-nut, this is an AWESOME gun to add to your collection. It has plenty of benefits, but just not for new shooters.

Instead, if you’re looking for a bull-pup rifle with more modern features, we highly recommend the Tavor X95.

What we like: Compact design and sleek lines. This rifle just looks…. sexy, right?

It is super handy and reliable rifle – if you’re looking for something for tight quarters that is reliable, this might be the rifle for you – especially if you don’t mind the things that we don’t like about the Steyr Aug rifle (next).

What we don’t like: The trigger is typical of most bull-pups: it is “ok” but leaves a lot to be desired (especially when compared to premium after-market triggers for AR-15-style rifles).

The gas vents out of a gas port just above the support hand grip on the right side of the rifle. This, depending on the ammo, can result in a decent flash/flame and will surely affect any fingers that happen to cover this area.

The mag release is behind the magazine – this makes mag changes much slower than a similarly trained/experienced shooter could conduct on an AR-style rifle or an IWI Tavor X95.

The magazines: you have to use special Steyr Aug magazines if you want the standard stock and the external bolt release. The Steyr AUG is available in a NATO configuration that allows you to use regular AR-15 magazines (we recommend this configuration) but you lose the external bolt catch/release. Ugh.

The cross-bolt safety: sure, it works and you can get used to it but it is different than what most are used to. Also, the edges are quite sharp and can injure your fingers/knuckles after lots of use. Steyr recommends filing the edges down slightly if this is an issue for you.

Sling swivels: this newest version of the AUG now has nice picatinny rail sections and a QD socket for a QD sling swivel up front but a standard sling swivel in the rear.


Steyr aug a3 m1 Pros and Cons

Sleek Design

Short Length

Very Reliable



Lacks features of modern “assault rifles”

Trigger Leaves Room for Improvement

Cross-Bolt Safety Takes Getting Used To

Requires Special Mags (or loses features)

Rear Mag Release is Slower

Gas Port Vents Near Support Hand

Report card

Reliability Extremely reliable!


Accuracy Decently accurate for a battle-rifle


Customization Not much you can do here even though the barrel can be changed and the l/r configuration for the standard stock.


Ergonomics The charging handle is in a good location but most of the Steyr Aug is lacking on modern ergonomic features.


Value This isn’t really a “value” gun. Instead, it is a cool-factor gun that is fun to add to your collection.


Final Grade: B-


Now you know the full Gun University take on the Steyr Aug A3 M1. If you’re still reading, you probably want to delve deeper into what it’s really like to own this particular bullpup rifle.

At Gun University we hear all

the most frequently asked questions from the community about the A3 M1. Therefore, we’ve gathered together all the most sought after extra resources for this bullpup rifle.

Look no further to check out:

  • A cleaning video so you can see exactly what it’s like to own and maintain the A3 M1.
    The full owner’s manual from Steyr so you can check out full technical info about this bullpup rifle straight from the manufacturer
    Answers to some of the most common questions about the A3 M1

Here all it is in one place for your convenience.

GUN Maintenance and Cleaning Process

Other Resources and Documents for the Steyr Aug a3 m1

Manual For Steyr Aug A3 M1

What does the manual cover?

  • Main features
  • Loading instructions
  • Firing instructions
  • Unloading
  • Disassembly instructions
  • Preventative maintenance guide
  • Reassembly guide
  • Malfunction Troubleshooting
  • Technical Specifications
  • Parts list

    Is the Steyr Aug A3 M1 suitable for different conditions?

    Yes, thanks to its background as a military weapon, the A3 M1 is an ideal choice of Bullpup Rifle for all conditions.

    The Gas Cylinder is one such feature. It has two positions:

    Position 1 – Shown by a small dot located on the cylinder. Used when the A3 M1 is fired under normal shooting conditions.

    Position 2 – Shown by a big dot on the cylinder. Used when the A3 M1 is fired under adverse conditions, such as dirt or cold weather.

    What is included with the Steyr Aug?

    When you purchase an A3 M1, you receive the following three items:

    1. Steyr Aug A3 M1 Bullpup Rifle
    2. 30 Round Black Magazine
    3. Owner’s Manual