Fn Ps90 Review [2021]: Rare and worth it?

by Ryan Cleckner

January 11, 2021



In this FN PS90 review we’ll be covering the FN and its specification. We’ll check out the pros and cons of this Bullpup Rifle to determine whether it’s the right choice for you.


  • Barell Length 16″
  • Caliber 5.7x28mm
  • Sights Rail, Back-Up Iron
  • Action Semi-Auto
  • Overall Length 26.23″

FN P90 Background

The FN PS90 is the civilian version of the iconic P90 military-grade firearm.

So have FN managed to successfully adapt the iconic rifle in the form of the PS90, and have they managed to retain the iconic look and performance of the military version.

The first thing you need to know about the FN PS90 is it is a bullpup rifle. This is the popular, compact form of rifle which has found favor among certain parts of the firearms community.

However, bullpup rifles aren’t universally loved, and their compact construction has led to performance problems with certain bullpup rifles and shotguns. So have FN managed to learn from the mistakes of others with the PS90, or does it have problems of its own?

If you’re thinking of making the PS90 from FN your next bullpup rifle, you’re going to want to check out the full Gun University take on the PS90. We’ve found a few facts you’ll absolutely want to be aware of before you go any further.

Let’s get to it!

FN PS90 Features Review

1 MIL-SPEC Barrel with Integrated Muzzle Brake

High quality, durable barrel

2 Moulded In Sling Attachment Point

Allows for easy sling attachment to keep your PS90 stable.

3 10 or 30 Round Detachable Polymer Magazine

Your choice of high-quality mags.

FN PS90 – Our Take

The FN PS90 is the most innovative bullpup we’ve reviewed.

Seriously, just look at it! It looks way ahead of its time.

It feeds a tiny cartridge that sits perpendicular to the barrel in a magazine ABOVE the action of the gun!?!?! It has two ergonomic holes for grips?!?!

What we loved: Tiny package bullpup “rifle.” We used rifle in quotes because although it is legally a rifle, it is on the small end when it comes to power. There are handguns that shoot this same cartridge. It’s fast and it easily penetrates body armor but it doesn’t have much power behind it (and nearly every other rifle round penetrates armor just as well or better).

What we didn’t like: The manual of arms for this rifle is too awkward for us. Sure, if you switch to a bullpup rifle from a standard rifle, you’re going to have to get used to manipulating the firearm a little differently. However, this just takes it to a new level… it’s cool, but weird.

Here’s the harsh truth, aside from its “cool factor,” this gun doesn’t really hold up against its competition… it’s not “better” that anything else in any single category.

Unless you’ve got to have one because you like it in a video game, stay away from the FN PS90.

FN PS90 Pros and Cons

  • Novel design
  • Small
  • Can use same cartridge in pistol
  • No real practical use
  • Expensive/rare ammo
  • Loses compared to every other rifle in its class

Report Card


It goes bang


Decently accurate


Not much to do to


Very ergonomic in the standing position, a little weird other ways


Too expensive for a niche product


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Let’s face it. The FN PS90 is a pretty novel gun. Aside from the Steyr Aug, it may be one of the most recognizable bullpups out there. But it takes more than good looks to shoot straight.

Parts and accessories for the PS90 can sometimes be difficult to track down. It always seems they’re running out of stock. So keep your eyes peeled if you’re planning on buying a PS90.

Best Sight for the FN PS90

The FN PS90’s unique design allows for you to utilize a taller sight than most bullpups–especially since it’s sight rail sits so high. And trust me… you’re gonna want a sight for it. Oh, and if you’re gonna need a sight mount plate (depending on your model), check out Design Machine P90 Mounts.

If we’re recommending an MRO sight mount, it only makes sense that our Editor’s Choice is the Trijicon MRO. This optic is a solid green dot sight with an adjustable 2 MOA dot. The sight is nitrogen filled making it fogproof and submersible up to 100 feet. However, we really don’t recommend taking your gun that deep. CHECK IT OUT ON AMAZON

Best Sling for the FN PS90

Once you’ve got your sight mounted, there isn’t much left to do as far as customization goes for this gun. But if there’s one thing any rifle needs… It’s a quality sling.

At roughly 6.5 lbs, the FN PS90 will start to weigh down on you if you’ve got to hand carry it all day. And plus, its unique design doesn’t necessarily lend itself to being hand carried well. This might be why the folks over at FN integrated a sling mount into the gun. We prefer popping on the Viking Tactics Wide Padded Sling for optimum comfort while carrying. CHECK IT OUT ON AMAZON

Other Bullpup Rifles of its Class to Check Out

When it comes to bullpup rifles, there are much better options out there. Sure… the FN PS90 looks cool. And it’s probably on your favorite video game. But we just don’t think it’s really worth the value. Here’s two different alternatives:

#1 Steyr Aug A3 M1

Steyr Aug A3 M1

Sold at EuroOptic.com, Guns.com, Palmetto State Armory

The Aug is a modular firearm and comes in many configurations to include those that fire in the open bolt position as light machine guns.

Check Latest Price

  • Shootability B
  • Ergonomics C
  • Reliability A+
  • Value C
  • Accuracy B

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Reviewed by Ryan Cleckner

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Apart from the need to have specialized magazines and parts, the Steyr Aug still remains as a top choice for anyone looking to purchase a bullpup rifle. Why? Because it just looks cool! Seriously, lots of bad guys in movies uses this gun. On top of that, it’s just a very reliable choice for a bullpup. Price would be the only downside but worth it if you can afford it…READ MORE

#2 IWI Tavor X95

IWI Tavor X95

Sold at palmettostatearmory.com, Guns.com

The Tavor X95 has by far earned the Best Overall Bullpup Award. You can see below why we made that decision.

Check Latest Price

  • Shootability A
  • Ergonomics A+
  • Reliability A+
  • Value A
  • Accuracy B+

Our Grade


Reviewed by Ryan Cleckner

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This is our favorite bullpup rifle we’ve gotten our hands on. It shoots reliable and accurate.Also, it fires common ammo with easy to find mags–unlike the PS90, As a matter of fact, the thing we liked the least is its price. But… you do get what you pay for…READ MORE 

How to Care for Your FN PS90

While the FN PS90 does have its fair share of shortcomings, it’s actually relatively simple to breakdown and clean. Check out this sweet video on how to properly field strip your PS90.

Looking to gain a bit more insight into the FN PS90 before you buy? You might want to check out our list of suggested reading.


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  1. I was drawn to the ps90 because of its weight distribution. I am a stroke victim with a useless left arm and hand. I have sold most of my pistols as i cannot charge them. I can charge my ps90. But, loading their magazines is not a one handed operation. please let know of a solution if you know of one.

    1. I attempted to load the magazines one handed a video (how to load the rounds into the magazine and how to load the magazine into the weapon). How well you will be able to do it definitely depends on the amount of strength you have in your good hand/arm. You can find the video at: YouTube/ Range 13/ FN PS90 Review. (I’ll also attempt to attach a link to the video.)

  2. I recently borrowed a friend’s ps 90 to sight in and study the design. I find the carbine extremely interesting in every way, but my wife was wondering about the closeness of the breach to the face of the operator. When shooting the gun, the breach of the barrel with the cartridge in the chamber is about 2 inches directly below the nose and mouth. It seems that a burst cartridge or clogged bore or parts failure would be much more likely to cause injury to the shooter than would a conventionally styled carbine. I suppose the designers have taken this into account, but I have never read anything regarding this point.

  3. Just fired mine last weekend. I got 3″ grouped shots at 25 yards, but that was with a dot, not the irons. I love the thing though.

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