In this FN PS90 review we’ll be covering the FN and its specification. We’ll check out the pros and cons of this Bullpup Rifle to determine whether it’s the right choice for you.

Reliability: A
Customization: C
Accuracy: B
Ergonomics: B
Value: F

Final Grade: C

FN PS90 Background

FN PS90 Spec

The FN PS90 is the civilian version of the iconic P90 military grade firearm.

So have FN managed to successfully adapt the iconic rifle in the form of the PS90, and have they managed to retain the iconic look and performance of the military version.

The first thing you need to know about the FN PS90 is it is a bullpup rifle. This is the popular, compact form of rifle which has found favor among certain parts of the firearms community.

However, bullpup rifles aren’t universally loved, and their compact construction has led to performance problems with certain bullpup rifles and shotguns. So have FN managed to learn from the mistakes of others with the PS90, or does it have problems of its own?

If you’re thinking of making the PS90 from FN your next bullpup rifle, you’re going to want to check out the full Gun University take on the PS90. We’ve found a few facts you’ll absolutely want to be aware of before you go any further.

Let’s get to it!

FN PS90 Features

1. Mil-spec barrel with integrated muzzle brake. High quality, durable barrel.

2. Moulded in sling attachment point. Allows for easy sling attachment to keep your PS90 stable.

3. 10 or 30 Round Detachable Polymer Magazine. Your choice of high-quality mags.

FN PS90 – Our Take

The FN PS90 is the most innovative bullpup we’ve reviewed.

Seriously, just look at it ! It looks way ahead of its time.

It feeds a tiny cartridge that sit perpendicular to the barrel in a magazine ABOVE the action of the gun!?!?!  It has two ergonomic holes for grips?!?!

What we loved: Tiny package bullpup “rifle.” We used “rifle: in quotes because although it is legally a rifle, it is on the small end when it comes to power. There are handguns that shoot this same cartridge. It’s fast and it easily penetrates body armor but it doesn’t have much power behind it (and nearly every other rifle round penetrates armor just as well or better).

What we didn’t like: The manual of arms for this rifle is too awkward for us. Sure, if you switch to a bullpup rifle from a standard rifle, you’re going to have to get used to manipulating the firearm a little differently. However, this just takes it to a new level… it’s cool, but weird.

Here’s the harsh truth, aside from its “cool factor,” this gun doesn’t really hold up against its competition… it’s not “better” that anything else in any single category.

Unless you’ve got to have one because you like it in a video game, stay away from the FN PS90.

ps90 firing girl

FN PS90 Pros and Cons

Novel design


Can use same cartridge in pistol

No real practical use

Expensive/rare ammo

Loses compared to every other rifle in its class

Report card

Reliability It goes bang


Accuracy Decently accurate


Customization Not much to do to it


Ergonomics Very ergonomic in the standing position, a little weird other ways


Value Too expensive for a niche product


Final Grade: C


Now that you have Gun University’s full review of the FN PS90, it’s time to go deeper and show you exactly what it’s like to own this bullpup rifle.

We know exactly what the firearms community tend to ask about the FN PS90. We also know that your time is precious. It can be exhausting going back and forth online to find all the information you need to help you make a decision about your next firearms purchase.

Therefore, we’ve done the hard work so you don’t have to. We’ve gathered the essential resources for the FN PS00 into one place so you can decide if it’s right for you.

We’ve provided you with:

  • A video breaking down the cleaning process for the FN PS90 bullpup rifle. This allows you to see whether the maintenance process is one you are OK with.
  • The full owner’s manual for the PS90. This lets you check out in-depth technical information about the PS90, straight from FN itself.
  • Answers to some common questions, so you can satisfy anything further you want to know about the FN PS90.

You don’t want to miss this!

GUN Maintenance and Cleaning Process

Accessories and Upgrades for the FN PS90

• 10-, 30- and 50-round magazine

• Optical sight

• Sight adjustment tool

• Picatinny® rail

• Side Picatinny® rail

• Sling

• Cleaning kit

• Fired case collector

Other Resources and Documents for the FN PS90

FN PS90 Manual

What does the PS90 manual cover?

  • Safety Information
  • Technical Information
  • Contents of the shipping box
  • Using the carbine (Safety checks, loading the magazine, loading and cocking, firing the carbine, unloading the carbine)
  • Field stripping (Disassembling the carbine/the magazine)
  • Cleaning and lubrication (before and after firing)
  • Taking care of the Carbine
  • Troubleshooting
  • Accessories
  • Technical Specs
  • Warranty and Service Policy

What are the key qualities FN has based the PS90 around?

FN’s objective was to create a superb civilian version of the P90.

They have aimed for it to include:

  • The highest level of reliability
  • Consistent performance
  • Operating precision and safe usage

What is the magazine capacity of the FN PS90?

The magazine for the FN PS90 comes in 10, 30 and 50 round capacities. The design of the magazine is translucent, allowing you to quickly estimate how many rounds you have left before needing to reload.

Some states limit the capacity of the PS90 to 10 round magazines. FN automatically ship the suitable, compliant magazine sizes to those states.

What does the FN PS90 contain in its shipping box?

When you receive a boxed FN PS90, you receive four things in the package. These are:

  • The carbine rifle itself
  • A magazine
  • The owner’s manual for the FN PS90
  • A safety lock and 2 separate keys

What are the suggested maintenance steps FN provide for the PS90?

FN America suggest four aspects to maintaining your PS90 in the best possible condition. These are:

  1. Continually ensure the PS90 is well-maintained and all the parts are functioning correctly
  2. After using the PS90, ensure the firearm is cleaned and lubricated to the standards set out in the owner’s manual
  3. Take the time to regularly inspect the PS90 along with its parts and accessories
  4. Always ensure a third party carries out modifications and repairs for the PS90. Avoid doing this yourself, and ensure any repair service is compliant with all the rules and regulations for fixing a PS90

What is the suggested lubricant the PS90 uses?

The lubricant preferred by FN America is sold under the following names and by the following manufacturers:

  1. CLP-NC sold by Break-Free Inc
  2. Sent-CLP sold by Sentinel Canada
  3. Royco-634 by Royal Lubricants Inc