CCW SAFE Review [2020]: Written by a Firearms Attorney!

CCW Safe offers unlimited legal coverage for concealed carry defense from a legal “dream team.” But is this enough to make CCW Safe the right CCW insurance for you or are there missing features that make other options the right choice for you?

In this CCW Safe review, we’re going to explore the legal services and coverage they provide. Yes, I am a firearms attorney, but I’m not YOUR attorney. This means that it is up to you to determine whether you should get CCW insurance and, if so, which coverage works for you.

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CCW SAFE - CCW Insurance

CCW Safe Insurance

In this CCW Review, we’re going to cover:

However, if you’d like to just jump to whether I trust them, and whether or not they are better or worse than the other CCW insurance options out there, then you can hop over to our Best CCW Insurance Comparison.

What is CCW Safe?

CCW Safe offers funding for your legal protection for self-defense scenarios. Although these services aren’t really “CCW insurance,” it’s the easiest way to explain what they provide.

It can be VERY expensive to defend using your firearm in self defense. If you need to defend against a murder or manslaughter charge, expect to pay at least a few hundred thousand dollars. Mind you, this may apply even if you do everything correctly.

As an attorney, one of the first things I tell my clients when they’re trying to figure out how to handle a particular problem is “it’s often better to avoid a fight than it is to win a fight.” That’s because “winning” can be VERY expensive when legal costs are involved.

How Much Does CCW SAFE Cost?

CCW Safe offers different levels of coverage at different rates depending on your status as a First Responder and/or CCW holder.


These are just the basics. Here’s an extended breakdown of what each of these membership levels entails.

Civil Suit Defense and DamagesNot included. Must be added.UnlimitedUnlimited
Criminal Defense Protection (Up-Front Attorney Retainer)UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Up-Front Bail Bond Funding$50,000/$500,000$50,000/$500,000$100,000/$1,000,000
Compensation while in Civil Court$250/day$250/day$350/day
Crime Scene Cleanup$3000$3000$3000
Psychological Support$1500$1500$6000

What Does CCW Safe Cover?

It is important to know exactly what is and isn’t covered by CCW insurance companies. Two of our three “must haves” in concealed carry insurance (covered in more detail below) are getting your money up front and the ability to choose your own lawyer. Unfortunately, not all CCW insurance providers offer these benefits.

So, to help you make up your mind with CCW Safe, here is what they offers.

What CCW Safe Offers

Unlimited Criminal Defense Protection: Please know that you can be prosecuted even if you are innocent! This means that you can be involved in a perfectly justified self-defense shooting and you might still be paying a few hundred thousand to defend yourself.

Unlike some other concealed carry insurance options, CCW Safe offers UNLIMITED criminal defense protection.

If you choose to carry a firearm for self defense and you choose not to have CCW legal protection coverage like CCW Safe, then please be prepared to come up with this money on your own.

Unlimited Civil Defense & Liability coverage: In addition to potential criminal defense costs, you might have to defend yourself against civil (non criminal) lawsuits from the person you shot, their family members, or others. These costs can actually be higher than your criminal defense costs.

Again, while some other options place a limit on the amount they’ll cover, CCW Safe provides an unlimited amount of coverage.

Up Front Money: CCW Safe provides needed money up front. This is a significant feature – if the ccw insurance company you’re looking at doesn’t offer this, run! After all, what good is it to get a $500,000 reimbursement check if you already had to uproot your life and/or sell everything you own to come up with the money in the first place?

If you’ve got a few million dollars sitting around just in case you need to use your firearm in self defense, then you can stop reading, this may not be for you.

Bail: Unless you want to stay in jail until your trial is complete, you might want bail money coverage. Depending on your plan, CCW Safe provides up to $1 million in bail coverage.

Per Diem: In addition to the actual legal expenses you might incur after using your CCW to defend your or your family’s life, you should also consider any money you’re going to lose by not being able to work while you’re sitting in a trial (which can be months in extreme situations).

This is another “must have” feature for us: a daily amount you get paid to cover your loss of income called a “per diem.” CCW Safe pays up to $350 per day.

What’s not included with CCW Safe

No Sales in NY, NJ, WA: Just recently the local governments for these three states banned the sales of “CCW insurance” programs. This doesn’t necessarily mean that your CCW insurance won’t work if you’re visiting there, it just means you can’t buy it if you live here. We’ve read information online that claims that CCW Safe can stil cover residents in these states because of their unique structure, but these simply aren’t true. Unfortunately, CCW Safe confirms that they can not sell coverage to residents in these states.

Training and Resources: Unlike other options, like USCCA, they do not focus on a library of training and resources.

CCW Safe vs Other CCW Insurance:

CCW Safe offers best-in-class legal defense coverage with no limits for criminal or civil defense coverage.

Although there are other options with no coverage limits, they can lack other important features that CCW Safe has like getting your money up front, picking your own lawyer, or getting a daily per diem payment.

And USCCA offers those important features plus a TON of extra training and resources, however, they place limits on the amount of criminal and civil defense they’ll cover.

USCCASecond Call DefenseCCW SafeU.S. Law ShieldACLDN
Monthly Cost$22-47$10-35$16-42$11$12
Criminal Defense Max$250,000$100,000UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Civil Defense Max$2,000,000$1,250,000UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Pick Own Attorney?YesYesYesNoYes
Money Up Front?YesYesYesYesYes
Per Diem Max$750$500$250n/an/a


The choice whether to get CCW insurance coverage, and which CCW insurance is best for you, is a personal choice for you and your family to make based on your specific circumstances, budget, risk tolerance, and more. This is true of any “insurance” decision.

However, I’m going to review CCW Safe to help you make the best decision.

The easy part up front: CCW Safe has arguably the best legal coverage available for concealed carry and would be a great option for many people. They earned the #2 spot in our Best CCW Insurance Guide but that’s only because the #1 spot offers so much in the way of training and resources. Based purely on the legal coverage alone, CCW Safe would win.

When looking at CCW insurance options, we strongly recommend choosing an organization that AT LEAST includes our three basic concealed carry insurance requirements:

  1. The ability to choose your own attorney
  2. Money up front, and
  3. A daily allowance (per diem) to help offset time off of work

CCW Safe has all three.

What we like about CCW Safe: The legal team and legal experience of CCW Safe is very strong.

This is not to say that other providers don’t also have good legal support. In fact, we know of a subject matter expert firearm attorney that works for both USCCA and CCW Safe.

However, CCW Safe is the only legal service provider for concealed carry that claims it is the only company to successfully defend a self-defense 1st degree murder case.

We also like what we’ve heard about their response after their services are called upon.

What we don’t like about CCW Safe: Although you can choose your own attorney, the attorney must be vetted through CCW Safe. This is difficult for us to include in the “we don’t like” section because, honestly, it is quite reasonable that they would want to have some control over the legal team being used if they want you to be successful and don;t want to waste money.

CCW Safe Review Conclusion: CCW Safe is a strong contender if you’re considering legal protection for CCW.

In fact, we’ll go so far as to say that it appears to be the best legal coverage. However if you’re looking for a lot of extra training and resources, you might want to check out USCCA.


  • Unlimited Criminal Defense Coverage
  • Unlimited Civil Defense Coverage
  • Legal Dream Team
  • Choose Your Own Lawyer
  • Daily Per Diem
  • Money Up-Front
  • No Extra Training or Resources
  • Your Attorney Must Be Approved



The price is competitive with the higher-end CCW insurance options and you’re getting arguably the best legal coverage.


Best in class legal coverage


No real extra features.


Although no extras are included, you’re getting solid legal coverage for the price.




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