Tikka T1X Review : 22LR Rimfire Rifle

by Joel Wise

June 1, 2020



The Tikka T1X is the first bolt-action rimfire from Tikka. Their new 22LR is available in an MTR model with a synthetic stock and an upgraded UPR model with a carbon fiber/fiberglass adjustable stock. It’s a lightweight, accurate, and modestly priced rimfire rifle that is comfortable when hunting in the woods or plinking targets at the range. In this Tikka T1X review, we’ll cover what we liked about the rifle and what we’d change.

This is Tikka’s first 22LR bolt action rimfire rifle.

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Tikka T1X Specs

  • Caliber 22LR
  • Magazine Detachable 10 Round (One Included)
  • Barrel Cold Hammer Forged
  • Barrel Length 20 inches
  • Barrel Thread Rate 1/2 x 28
  • Weight 5.7 lbs

Tikka T1X Background

Tikka rifles are very popular rifles for hunting and target shooting. They are lightweight, very accurate, affordable, and are known for their incredibly smooth actions.

Prior to the release of these T1X rimfire rifles, Tikka only made centerfire rifles as T3 and T3X models.

With the Tikka T1X MTR and T1X UPR, however, Tikka has now entered the rimfire rifle market and for good reason – rimfire rifles are fun for plinking, great for hunting small game, and they are now even more popular for competitions.

The rise of rimfire competitions over the past few years has piqued the interest of the firearms industry.  Many companies have jumped on the bandwagon of offering smaller, lightweight versions of their competition capable centerfire rifles. 

Offering these in rimfire cartridges, like the 22LR, is a great choice due to the inexpensive nature of the ammunition and the rifles themselves.

Many competitors and hunters are realizing the benefits of an inexpensive gun and cheap ammo when it comes to training and hunting.  Why use your $7,000.00 centerfire rifle and burn out the barrel?  Why train with your expensive hand-loaded ammunition, when you could be using a 22LR rimfire and getting more reps in for less money?

Let’s see how the new Tikka T1X rimfire rifles perform…

Tikka T1X Features

1 Stock

The MTR factory stock is lightweight polymer reinforced with fiberglass. Interchangeable grips are available. One is angled for more of a traditional feel while the other is vertical, which appeals to the competition crowd. The UPR stock is a modern carbon fiber/fiberglass stock with an adjustable cheek-piece.

2 Trigger

The trigger is fully adjustable in the same way as the centerfire T3X rifles. It is single stage and adjusts from 2 to 4 pounds.

3 Receiver

The receiver shares the same bedding surfaces and inlet as the centerfire T3X line.  What this means is that the consumer can swap out to a different stock or chassis depending on their needs.  The magazine box is integral to the receiver, and will work with aftermarket stocks and chassis as well.

4 Bolt Action

As Tikka is known for, the bolts are very smooth.

Tikka T1X Models

Tikka T1X MTR

Tikka T1x MTR Featured Image
The Tikka T1X MTR (multi-task rimfire) comes in black only, but the T3X accessories will work with the T1X stock. What that means is that you could order grips or beavertail forend in OD green, olive green, orange, stone grey, or black to give your rifle that two-tone styling.

Tikka T1X UPR

The Tikka T1X UPR (ultimate precision rifle) comes with a tan stock with black speckles bedded with an extra layer of carbon fiber mixed with fiberglass for increased rigidity and accuracy. The T1X UPR stock has a textured surfaced for better grip and an extra front sling swivel for bipod legs.

Tikka T1X Review – Our Take

For my review, I tested the MTR model of the Tikka T1X. As you’ll soon see, I was very impressed with the T1X MTR but I think I would prefer the T1X UPR model’s stock.


Let’s begin with reliability.  I put approximately 200 rounds of match grade 22LR ammunition through the T1X and experienced zero malfunctions of any kind.  

It cycled everything really well. The bolt is smooth and feels light, much like this rifle’s big brother the T3X.  In this video I compared the T1X MTR to a CZ 457.

As you can see, the action and bolt throw of the T1X were noticeably smoother than with the CZ.  In my humble opinion, Tikka is the king of making rifles with smooth actions, and their rimfire offering is no different.  This smoothness is clearly a design feature that helps the Tikka T1X run more efficiently and reliably.  No complaints from me on that.

One of the cool things about this Tikka rimfire is the fact that you can tailor the ergonomics to fit your needs.  For the MTR model, Tikka sells aftermarket grips and forends in different colors and shapes. 

If you prefer the more traditional slanted grip, you will probably be comfortable with the factory stock.  If you would rather have a vertical grip, that is an option as well. 

Do you like a thin, lightweight forend because you’re slinging your rifle or putting it in a hunting pack?  You will most likely be fine with the factory MTR stock.  However, if you’d like a wider forend, you should look into the wider forend accessory for the MTR version of the T1X or get the UPR model that comes with a wider forend from the factory. 

Wider forends would be used by shooters who rarely shoot prone and instead focus on positional shots from barricades in competition because it offers a more stable platform, helping to mitigate rotational errors.


Accuracy was very good in my test rifle.

I was able to achieve sub-moa groups at 100 yards with the Tikka T1X.  Please reference the photo here, but if you throw out the obvious flyer in the group, this gun produced close to a 1/4 inch group at 100 yards.  I’m not being prideful at all when I say, that is absolutely fantastic for a 22LR rimfire!  

Unfortunately I didn’t record all the groups I shot at 50 and 100 yards, but I can confidently tell you that the T1X is capable of shooting better than one inch groups at 100 yards, as long as you use high quality match grade ammunition. 

In all fairness, the CZ457 I tested at the same time put up a 3/8” group at 100 yards with the same SK Match ammo.  I think it’s safe to say manufacturers are building better rifles these days.

Honestly, I wasn’t happy with my accuracy testing so I did the right thing and went back to the range to get some more results. I’ve included the updated accuracy tests below in their own section.


Let’s move on to shootability.  This is somewhat subjective due to humans all being differently shaped, but for me personally, the Tikka T1X MTR was a good fit in terms of length of pull.  The comb height of the MTR, on the other hand, was not even close to a good fit for me.  I needed to add a solid inch of extra material in order to get proper eye alignment with my scope. 

In retrospect, I should have either purchased the UPR model or used the MTR’s aftermarket vertical grip and wider forend.  I think they would have helped tailor the fit of this rifle to my shooting style.  Other than the comb height adjustment I had to make on the MTR, the T1X was a joy to shoot and would be an excellent choice for just about anyone in my opinion, it even made our list for best 22LR rifles. For me, however, I think the UPR T1X is for me.

With a street price for the MTR in the neighborhood of $450.00, I don’t think you will find a better value in the growing 22LR market.  Add to that the accuracy potential, the features, and the aftermarket accessories and I think you have a winning combination.

If you are interested in rimfire competition and don’t like the UPR stock, then I should mention that Modular Driven Technologies makes their LSS chassis for the Tikka T1X.  KRG makes their bravo chassis for it as well. 

Tikka T1X Accuracy

As I mentioned above, I wanted better testing of the accuracy of the Tikka T1X so I went back to the range after I made the video above and here are my results:

Here are the actual numbers for my Tikka T1X 100 yard accuracy results. I included the data from my first trip (first video) and my second trip (second video):

SpecTrip 1 Group 1Trip 1 Group 2Trip 1 Group 3Trip 2 Group 1Trip 2 Group 2
Distance100 yds100 yds100 yds100 yds100 yds
RifleTikka T1XTikka T1XTikka T1XTikka T1XTikka T1X
AmmoFederal GMMLapuaSK MatchSK MatchSK Match
Shots Fired5 rounds5 rounds5 rounds5 rounds5 rounds
Group Size (In.)2.04"0.92"0.69"1.1"0.92"
Group Size (MOA)1.950.880.661.050.88

As you can see, the results from my second trip were effectively the same as my results from the first trip for the Tikka 22. However, in the videos I compare the Tikka T1X to the CZ 457 and the results for the CZ changed for my second trip (included in the comparison below).

Tikka T1X vs CZ 457

In both of my videos above, I compare the Tikka T1X to the CZ 457. You can see my thoughts on each as in the videos.

However, I’d like to include the accuracy results of the CZ 457 here for comparison. Here is what I was able to shoot at 100 yards with the CZ 22:

SpecTrip 1 Group 1Trip 1 Group 2Trip 1 Group 3Trip 2 Group 1Trip 2 Group 2
Distance100 yds100 yds100 yds100 yds100 yds
RifleCZ 457CZ 457CZ 457CZ 457CZ 457
AmmoFederal GMMLapuaSK MatchSK MatchSK Match
Shots Fired5 rounds5 rounds5 rounds5 rounds5 rounds
Group Size (In.)2.04"1.28"0.83"1.15"0.29"
Group Size (MOA)1.951.220.791.10.28

As you can see, the first group of my second trip was slightly better than average by the second group is phenomenal!  0.29″ at 100 yards is GREAT for any rifle – having that group happen in a 22 at the distance is amazing.

It is important to note that you should never rely on just one group. It may just be that the amazing group is an outlier in that I happened to be a better shooter on that particular group or things just lined up so that when I was slightly left on my shot, the bullet happened to be slightly right.

For a fair Tikka versus CZ 22 comparison, here are the average groups compared at 100 yards out of these rifles along with their best groups:

SpecTikka AverageTikka BestCZ AverageCZ Best
Distance100 yds100 yds100 yds100 yds
AmmoAll 3SK MatchAll 3SK Match
Shots Fired5 rds5 rds5 rds5 rds
Group Size (In.)1.13"0.69"1.12"0.29"
Group Size (MOA)1.080.661.070.28

Well, there are the comparison results between the Tikka T1X in 22LR and the CZ 457 in 22LR from my two trips at the range. Although the best group of 0.29″ at 100 yards for the CZ is amazing, the Tikka isn’t a slouch with 0.69″ at 100 yards. I’m happy with a sub 3/4 MOA group at 100 yards with a 22LR any day.

Perhaps the Tikka would show a stellar group as well. I say this because the average groups of 1.13″ for the Tikka and 1.12″ for the CZ are so close (too close to even claim 1/100th of an inch of certainty based on my measuring).

Despite the “best” groups, I think it’s fair to call the accuracy comparison a draw (with perhaps a slight lean towards the CZ based on only the results here).

Stay tuned for my full review of the CZ 457 and perhaps even a full comparison article. if you’d like to be notified when these gun reviews are published, please subscribe to our newsletter below.

In the interim, if you’d like to pick up a CZ 457 for yourself, we found some good CZ 457 deals for you.

Tikka T1X Pros and Cons

  • Interchangeable grips and forend on MTR model.
  • Tactical style adjustable stock on the UPR model.
  • Fully adjustable trigger.
  • Barreled action can be swapped to a different stock or chassis.
  • Threaded barrel for running suppressed.
  • Excellent accuracy.
  • Great price.
  • Cheek comb height is not adjustable on the MTR (it is on the UPR) and is quite low.
  • Factory trigger cannot be adjusted below two pounds, which is important to rimfire competitors.

Report Card


Zero malfunctions using three different types of match grade ammunition.


Sub 1 inch groups at 100 yards easily possible with regularity.


Appeals to a wide range of shooters and is a lot of fun.


Mostly ok for the average shooter, but the comb height was an issue.


All the features and aftermarket accessories with small price tag.


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Before you pick up your new Tikka T1X, you’re going to need to grab some basic necessities. We’re talking ammo, safe, and extra mags. Here’s our recommendation for what you need to get started:

Best Accessories for the Tikka T1X Rifle

There’s a bunch of different available customization options out there for the Tikka T1X rifle. Here are a few of our favorite recommendations:

If you’re into rimfire competitions, we definitely recommend the vertical grip option available for the MTR as our Editor’s Choice. Either that or check out the UPR model. CHECK PRICE

1. Surefire Ryder 22-S Suppressor

Seriously though, have you heard a suppressed 22LR? It really doesn’t get much better than that! We recommend the Ryder 22-S from Surefire. And thanks to Tikka’s threaded barrel, this installs in seconds. 

2. Chassis from Modular Driven Technologies

Again, if you are interested in competition or just want to be able to fully customize the fit and function of this rifle, then I would suggest the LSS chassis from MDT. 

How to Customize  Your Tikka T1X

One thing that super awesome about the Tikka T1X is the ability to customize it. You can literally transform this rifle into anything that you want it to be and simply at that! Check out this video from Beretta Australia and see just how easy it is.

Looking more info on the Tikka T1X 22LR? Here’s some resources to get you started:


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