CZ P07 Gen 2 Review

by Ross Du Preez

January 11, 2022



Let me introduce you to an interesting handgun: the Gen 2 P07. Just a glimpse of the strong lines and proportionality of the P07 sends me into a finger-twitching daydream of combat shooting bliss. However, what really sold me was taking this pistol and feeding it some lead at the range Spoiler: I’m officially a new convert to this blaster; you’ll see why in my CZ P07 Gen 2 Review.

This compact yet feisty shooting machine combines the lightweight, easy-to-carry polymer frame that has made striker-fired pistols all the rage, as well as the hammer-fired double-action safety on that first trigger pull (more common on the heavier full-metal semi-auto pistols).

The P07 is the smaller sibling to the larger P09 which is arguably the leading polymer-framed DA/SA pistol on the market. The P07 brings it all together to offer both new and experienced shooters a smooth, fast and accurate firearm that is suitable for home defense, concealed carry and endless hours of fun on the range.

CZ P07 Gen 2 Specs

  • Capacity 15+1 (standard)
  • Caliber 9mm
  • Sights Luminescent three-dot sights
  • Action Hammer-fired DA/SA
  • Overall Length 7.3 inches
  • Barrel Length 3.74 inches
  • Weight 28.2 ounces


The Czechoslovakian-made P07 hails from the CZ 75 range of pistols. The 75 has won the confidence of countless law enforcement and military agencies the world over since 1975, not just because it withstands Ceska zBrojovka’s brutal torture and stress testing, but because of its near flawless reputation in real-world use and deployment. If that wasn’t enough to win your vote, it has also become the go-to for many a sharp-shooter on the sports scene in the form of the CZ 75 Shadow 1 and Shadow 2 models.

Now, as the retro-contemporary expression of the CZ 75, the P07 brings the best of all of these versions together as the carry weapon of choice to a large percentage of the global shooting population.

CZ P07 Gen 2 Features

CZ P07 Gen 2 Features
1 CZ Omega Trigger System

The P07’s smooth-gliding Omega trigger system continues CZ’s legacy of excellent trigger technology which is conducive to a high level of accuracy and target acquisition. The Omega system also includes an ergonomically designed hammer for ease of use, and an easy swap-out to either a decocker (enabling you to carry with a loaded chamber with the hammer in the forward position) or a thumb safety (enabling you to carry “cocked and locked” with the hammer in the ‘down’ position). Both the decocker and safety options are ambidextrous.

2 Rails-in-Frame

The slide-interfacing frame rails of the P07 are situated inside the polymer frame, in similar fashion to its CZ 75 predecessor. This drastically reduces muzzle flip and felt recoil while improving shooting accuracy.

3 Ergonomic Design

This pistol was designed for optimal ergonomics. My hands are on the larger side, and the grip seemed to melt into my fleshy palms with the standard “small” back strap that comes fitted to the frame. Medium and large backstraps also come standard.

4 Luminescent Sights

The standard factory sights are of a high quality and only require momentary light exposure to gain long-lasting luminescence which, together with the smooth trigger pull and reduced felt recoil, make target acquisition and re-acquisition a cinch.

CZ P07 Gen 2 – Our Take

CZ P07 Gen 2

Let’s start with the trigger system

The trigger is well positioned for left and right-handed shooters alike. The first (double action) trigger pull when the pistol is decocked requires intentionality, which adds peace-of-mind when you’re carrying this pistol on your side on a daily basis. A firm thumb on the hammer when reholstering will also ensure that the trigger is not pulled by accident (a shirt hem can easily snag on the trigger which could cause an accidental discharge – better to be safe than sorry). From the second pull onwards, the single-action trigger cycle is a breeze and will ensure that you don’t develop any hotspots on your trigger finger even after a good long day at the range.


Apart from the snug, secure fit in the hand, the pistol also has an efficiently placed and well-sized slide lock which allows for easy release of the slide when loading or reloading. The slide lock/release is surrounded by a stippled grip area which enables the shooter to further enhance their purchase on the gun while also providing an excellent reference point for efficient hand-eye-sight alignment.

The picatinny rail is rigid and robust, and is able to accommodate a wide variety of weapon-mounted lights and/or lasers.

The P07 conceals excellently and is a dream to carry from a comfort point of view (depending on your choice of holster).


The relatively large trigger guard is an attractive feature of the P07 as it enables an easy finger entry and trigger squeeze even when shooting under time pressure with gloves donned. Maintaining a firm grip on the gun was effortless, and as I leisurely flung lead against the backstop, I was not aware of the build-up of any fatigue as we filled our seemingly all-too-quick hour time slot on the range.

While finding fault with this pistol was not easy, it must be said that the slide is slightly narrow, and this can make it difficult to cock the gun for an inexperienced shooter or someone with compromised hand strength. Also, the style of grip on the gun could cause the shooter to ride their thumb on the slide release which could result in injury as the slide cycles forward and back over the skin of the thumb. This issue could also cause the slide not to lock back when the magazine is empty, which would make reloading somewhat time consuming in an emergency situation. A more experienced user of the pistol, however, would likely never have this issue.

Standard issue

As I’ve said above, the pistol comes standard with 3 backstraps, a basic (but quality) cleaning kit, a hard pistol case, and a target. You can also expect to find two metal magazines and two plus-2 magazine shoes for easy fitment to the factory magazines.

A wide range of aftermarket accessories, controls and parts are available for this pistol.


The virtually negligible recoil of the pistol makes consistent accuracy a very real possibility to every shooter regardless of previous shooting experience. My shooting buddy and I (ok, in this case my shooting buddy moreso than me if I’m being honest) were able to shoot magnificent groupings at 7, 10, 15 and 25 yards with low, medium and high-speed follow-up shots.

The sights, we found, were easy on the eye and made sight alignment quick and instinctive.

Shooting straight

So, all-in-all, we found the CZ P07 to be a great pistol for everyday carry, and would encourage anyone who is in the market for a polymer DA/SA handgun to give it a serious look before making a buying decision. In my opinion, you couldn’t go wrong with a P07.

  • Designed for optimal ergonomics
  • Lightweight, easy-to-carry polymer frame
  • High quality standard factory sights
  • Narrow slide making it difficult to cock the gun

Report Card


You won’t want to stop shooting.


This pistol literally runs flawlessly.


A Goldilocks fit, but that slide concerns me.


Close groupings from the 10-yard line became an expected norm by the time we finished on the range.


The DA/SA Glock killer at an average of forty bucks cheaper – decent value!

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Great Ammo for the CZ P07 Gen 2

Great for Self Defense

9mm - 124 Grain HST JHP - Federal Premium
Cost Per Round
Lucky Gunner $1.30
Brownells $1.85

Favorite Range Ammo

American Eagle 9mm 115 gr
Cost Per Round
Primary Arms $0.49
Natchez $0.40

CZ P07 Gen 2 Starter Pack

If you’re serious about picking up one of these bad boys, there are a few extra things you’ll probably want to pick up–if you don’t have them of course.

  • Magazines: Having extra magazines is a must for any gun that you own–unless you like wasting excess time reloading. Pick up some extra mags over at Primary Arms
  • Gun Cleaning Kit: There’s no way you should pick up a handgun like this without keeping it well maintained. We’ve got a whole article dedicated to gun cleaning kits to help you keep your pistol in tip top shape.  
  • Eye Protection: This should go without saying, but you need to invest in some quality shooting glasses. One errant piece of brass, and you’re in for a bad day. Check out our recommendations for the best shooting glasses!
  • Hearing Protection: Hearing protection is a must! We’ve gathered all of our favorites to help you decide the best hearing protection for you.

Accessories and Upgrades

Craft Holsters CZ P-07
  • Custom made for your specific firearm
  • Comfort, Concealment, Fast draw and easy Reholstering
Check Price
Streamlight 69424 TLR-7A Flex 500
  • Rail grip clamp system securely attaches/detaches quickly and safely
  • Durable, anodized machined aluminum construction
Check Price
Antonin Zendl CZ P-07 Front Sights
  • Significantly improves visibility
  • No modification of the pistol needed
Check Price

How to Care for your CZ P07

If you’re planning on making an investment in a new firearm you should know how to take care of it. This includes knowing how to field strip, clean and reassemble it. We’ve got you covered and found this great video below on just how to do that.

Looking for some more information on the CZ P07 Gen 2? Check out the links below for the manufacturer’s website and instruction manual.


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