Best Biometric Gun Safes 2024: [Hands-On Tested]

by Dave Chesson

November 29, 2023



Biometric safes are neat because they help you gain access to your gun with just a press of your finger. However, the cold hard truth is that while biometric (fingerprint) gun safes are fast, they can be unreliable with dirty/sweaty/bloody hands. They also require battery power to operate and thus add to the chance of failure in a time of need. That’s why it’s important to get yourself only the best biometric gun safes.

When choosing the right biometric gun safe for you, you need to look at more than just price or overall construction. You need one that has good reliability, capabilities, and more, while also keeping the price down. To help you out, I’ve put together a list of the best biometric gun safes that I’ve personally used and broken them down into categories to help you find the right fit for you.

I originally wrote this post back in 2022 but after almost 1 and half years of use, my opinion on them has somewhat changed. So I’ve updated it to reflect some of those longer term opinions and ensure it has the best data possible. Let’s get right into it.

How I Chose The Best Biometric Gun Safes

As a seasoned firearms enthusiast and a staunch advocate for responsible gun ownership, my commitment to secure and reliable storage solutions runs deep. Living in Tennessee, where gun safety is paramount, and as a collector of premium firearms like the Sig Sauer P210, ensuring top-notch security measures is non-negotiable – the last thing I’d want is any compromise in access or protection.

Before delving into this comprehensive guide on the best biometric gun safes, I embarked on a mission to fortify my expertise. I extended my inventory, acquiring a range of biometric safes beyond my current selection, procuring each one with my own resources and without any sponsorships or endorsements. Rigorous testing ensued over the past few months, meticulously tracking access reliability, response time, and durability of these safes under various conditions. After that, I classified them into their best categories.


Best Biometric Gun Safe

Here is a list of the best biometric gun safes on the market by category:

Best Biometric Gun Safe

Best budget option


  • Compact
  • Key backup
  • App allows you to control the safe
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VAULTEK VT20i Full-Size Biometric Safe
  • Reliable biometric reader
  • Wi-Fi and app connectivity
  • Tactile buttons
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Best Travel Safe

Onnais Portabel Safe

Onnais Portabel Safe
  • Nice carry handle
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Items don’t rattle around inside
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Best Large Budget Option

PINEWORLD K5 Biometric Gun Safe

PINEWORLD K5 Biometric Gun Safe
  • Very sturdy
  • Reliable biometric scanner
  • Holds more than one handgun
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Best Biometric Rifle Safe

Barska Biometric Rifle Safe

Barska Biometric Rifle Safe
  • Holds long guns and handguns
  • Sturdy construction
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Spec Comparison of the Best Biometric Gun Safes

Here is a spec comparison of our best biometric gun safes:

SafeDimension L x W x HWeight (lbs)Power Source
Pineworld K311.1 in x 5.9 in x 2.2 in7.74 x AA Batteries
Vaultek VT20i11.5 in x 9 in x 2.75 in7.2Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery
Onnais Alloy SE11.5 in x 8 in x 3 in5.15Rechargeable Battery
Pineworld K513.5 in x 11 in x 3.5 in16.54 x AA Batteries
Barska Rifle Cabinet9.84 in x 8.66 in x 52.17 in624 x AA Batteries

The Best Biometric Gun Safes

This is our list of the best biometric gun safes:

  1. Best Budget Biometric Safe: PINEWORLD K3 Biometric Gun Safe
  2. Best Premium Biometric Safe: Vaultek VT20i Smart Handgun Safe
  3. Best Travel Biometric Gun Safe: Onnais Portable Gun Safe
  4. Best Large Budget Option: PINEWORLD K5 Biometric Gun Safe
  5. Best Rifle Biometric Gun Safe: Barska Biometric Rifle Cabinet

Reviews of the Best Biometric Gun Safes

As you can see from the above, there is a list of safes to choose from. If one of those didn’t stick out, then here is my personal review for each one so that you can make a decision more precise to your needs.

1. PINEWORLD Biometric K3 Gun Safe : Best Budget Option


PINEWORLD Biometric K3 Gun Safe

One of the lowest prices on the market without losing too many features or reliability.

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  • Reliability A-
  • Access Speed A
  • Security A
  • Value A+

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  • Dimensions 11.1 x 5.9 x 2.2″
  • Weight 7.7 pounds
  • Power Source 4x AA Batteries

PINEWORLD K3 Review – Best ROI

I’ve got the PINEWORLD K3 as my go-to in the office, mainly holding my HK P7. Let me tell you, for a budget-friendly pick, this thing’s a standout. The biometric lock? Surprisingly spot-on. Tested it with the fam, and it’s strict about who gets access—keeps my firearms in the right hands only.

It’s got this swift access feature for emergencies, which is a plus. But the door swings open like it’s on turbo mode—I’m always bracing to keep things steady inside. And that battery alert? It’s loud. One time during a Zoom call, it went off, and let’s just say it turned into a mini-house alarm.

But hey, I’ve found a workaround—plugged it in to dodge that battery song and dance. Other than that, this safe’s a steal. Packs in all the must-haves without breaking the bank. That’s why it’s my top pick for folks eyeing savings without compromising on quality. If they fine-tune the door swing and tone down the battery alert, it’d be top-notch. But for now, it’s still the best bet for those budget-conscious buyers looking for solid security.

For the full Review of the PINEWORLD K3 Gun Safe click here!

PINEWORLD K3 Pros and Cons

  • Reliable Biometric Scanner
  • Sturdy and Well Built
  • Extremely cheap
  • Door slams open
  • Requires 6-8 numbers

2. Vaultek VT20i Biometric Smart Hand Gun Safe : Best Premium Option

Vaultek VT20i Gun Safe

Vaultek VT20i Biometric Smart Hand Gun Safe

This full-featured unit is exactly what we’re looking for to be the best biometric gun safe!

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  • Design A+
  • Durability A+
  • Functionality A+
  • Value B+

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Vaultek Pro Specs

  • Power System Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery
  • Capacity 1 Full-Sized Handgun
  • Weight 7.2 lbs
  • Dimensions 11.5″ x 9″ x 2.75″
  • Backup Entry Method Manual key, Smart key, Backlit, Keypad

Vaultek VT20I Biometric Safe Review: Best Quality Safe

I’ve crowned the Vaultek VT20I as the top-tier pick for premium biometric gun safes, and let me tell you why. This safe is a powerhouse—its quality, features, and design make it stand out from the pack. What truly sold me on this was its reliable biometric fingerprint reader. Sure, sometimes it can get a bit picky, especially if your hands are sweaty or, well, not clean, so having a backup method is wise for urgent access.

The smart tech in this safe is mind-blowing. With Wi-Fi connectivity and its own app, I can monitor everything from temperature and humidity to any tampering attempts on the keypad or fingerprint pad. It’s like having a guardian watching over my firearms and ensuring they’re secure at all times.

What surprised me the most, though, were the buttons. They’re tactile, giving a reassuring click with each press. It’s oddly satisfying and adds a layer of certainty, especially when I’m in a rush. I often find myself opting for the buttons over the fingerprint scanner for sheer convenience.

Speaking of fingerprints, this bad boy can store up to 20 unique prints, accommodating most family members or trusted individuals. But let’s address the elephant in the room—the price tag. Yes, it’s on the higher end compared to others out there, but for the unparalleled reliability and feature set, it’s worth every penny. In my eight years with this safe by my bedside, it’s proven its worth time and again.

Is it the priciest? Absolutely. Is it the best? Without a doubt. If budget isn’t a hurdle, you’re investing in the pinnacle of biometric security.

For my full review, be sure to check it out here: Vaultek VT20i Review. This is where I go into more of the features and include pictures.

Vaultek VT20I Pros and Cons

  • Wifi enabled with app connectivity
  • Excellent for air-travel
  • A bit pricey

3. ONNAIS ALLOY SE Gun Safe : Best Travel Safe

Onnais Alloy SE Portable Gun Safe Features


Designed specifically to be carried or taken with you, this is a low price but reliable option.

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  • Reliability A
  • Access Speed A
  • Security B+
  • Value A+

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Onnais Travel Safe

  • Dimensions 11.5” x 8” x 3”
  • Weight 5.15 pounds
  • Power Source Rechargeable Battery

Onnais Travel Safe Review: Best Travel Case Option

I recently acquired the Onnais Travel Safe, prompting me to update this article and share my experience. Unlike my bulky Vaultek and the hefty Pineworld K3, the Onnais stood out as the ideal choice for travel. Its lightweight design makes it a breeze to carry, and surprisingly, it comes at a price almost as appealing as the K3.

Is it as robust as the others? Well, not exactly. The Onnais offers essential features expected in its price range, and it has proven reliable with no hiccups. However, its lighter build does mean it lacks the sheer strength of my previous safes—I even stumbled upon videos demonstrating entry with a screwdriver.

So, why does it claim the title of the best biometric safe for travel in this list? My personal goal was a lightweight, travel-friendly biometric safe for quick access to my firearm. I’m not aiming for impenetrability; I just want a secure yet accessible solution. The Onnais fits the bill perfectly. I appreciate its internal handling system that securely holds my gun in place, preventing unwanted movement.

Onnais Gun Safe with Gun

With its compact size, light weight, budget-friendly cost, and features tailored for easy travel, the Onnais Travel Safe takes the crown as the best biometric gun safe for those on the move. It aligns with my needs, providing the security I seek without compromising portability. If you’d like to learn more about it, you can check out my full review.

Onnais Travel Safe Pros And Cons

  • One of the cheapest
  • Sturdy and well built
  • Includes parts to carry
  • Buttons too close
  • Buttons engage too sporadically

4. PINEWORLD Biometric K5 Gun Safe : Best Large-Sized Value Safe

Pinewood Biometric Safe

PINEWORLD Biometric K5 Gun Safe

Each PINEWORLD gun safe adapts top semiconductor fingerprint technology, which allows you to access within 0.5s.

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  • Reliability A
  • Access Speed B
  • Security A
  • Value A

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Pineworld K5 Specs

  • Dimensions 13.5”x11”x3.5”
  • Weight 16.5 pounds
  • Power Source 4x AA Batteries

Pineworld K5 Review: Best Large Sized Value Safe

I’ve got to say, the Pineworld K5 has earned its spot as the “Best Large Sized Value Safe” in my book when it comes to biometric gun safes. First off, its construction impressed me straight out of the box—solid and sturdy, with no cheap plastic parts in sight. At around 16 pounds, it’s a heavy hitter, ensuring security.

What sets the K5 apart for me is its size and affordability combo. It’s got ample room to comfortably fit two handguns, making it a top choice for those with multiple firearms. Now, I admit it might not be the go-to bedside safe unless you’re considering a his and hers setup, but for me, having just one gun in there for easy access is perfect.

Sure, there’s a quirk with the buttons; I’m not a big fan of their squishiness compared to the clickiness of the Vaultek. Operating it may not be as smooth, but considering the price, size, and features, it’s a minor trade-off. And let’s talk about those biometrics—the fingerprint scanner on the K5 surprised me. In my own testing, it outperformed the Vaultek, opening 43 out of 50 times compared to Vaultek’s 32.

Pinewood Biometric Safe with two guns

In a market where biometric safes often come at a premium, the Pineworld K5 stands out as a reliable and affordable option. It might not have all the bells and whistles, but for the value it brings, especially in terms of size and biometric performance, it’s a solid choice for anyone needing a spacious and budget-friendly gun safe.

For the full review of the PINEWORLD K5 Biometric Gun Safe, click HERE!

PINEWORLD Biometric K5 Pros And Cons

  • Reliable Biometric Scanner
  • Sturdy and Well Built
  • Cheaper Than Most Biometrics
  • Button Operation Clunky

5. Barska Biometric Rifle Cabinet : Best Biometric Rifle Safe

Baska Biometric

Barska Biometric Rifle Cabinet

This cabinet is loaded with everything you’ll need to secure your long guns–and a couple of pistols too.

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  • Design A
  • Durability A
  • Functionality A+
  • Value A

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Barska Rifle Cabinet Specs

  • Power System 4x AA Batteries
  • Capacity Ideally fits 2 Rifles
  • Weight 62 lbs
  • Dimensions 52.17 x 9.84 x 8.66 inches
  • Backup Entry Method Manual keys, PIN Code

Barska Biometric Rifle Cabinet Review: Best Biometric Cabinet Safe

I recently got my hands on the Barska Biometric Rifle Cabinet, and it’s no surprise it claims the title of the “Best Biometric Rifle Cabinet Safe” in my book. While many biometric gun safes cater to handguns, the Barska stands out for its seamless storage and quick access to long guns.

This gun cabinet, sitting proudly next to my desk as I write, combines robust security with user-friendly features. The steel build is surprisingly lightweight for a rifle safe, easily bolting into wall studs with pre-drilled mounting holes. It comfortably accommodates two long guns, complete with accessories, thanks to its thoughtful design.

What sets the Barska apart is its biometric lock, allowing for a whopping 120 different fingerprint scans. Now, you might be thinking, “Who has 120 fingers?” Well, it’s a game-changer. By registering fingerprints from various angles, the cabinet ensures reliable access every time, avoiding those frustrating moments when a sensor fails to recognize your finger.

In terms of pricing and features, the Barska offers the best bang for your buck. It strikes a balance between affordability and functionality, making it my personal top pick. If you’re in the market for a biometric rifle safe that combines security, ease of access, and value, look no further than the Barska Biometric Rifle Cabinet. It’s a reliable choice for safeguarding your long guns and ensuring quick and secure access when you need it the most. For my review on this safe, you can find it here.

Barska Biometric Rifle Cabinet Pros and Cons

  • Biometric security for your long guns!
  • 120 different fingerprint impressions stored
  • It can be a little heavy during setup

Best Biometric Gun Safe Buyers Guide

Still not sure about biometric gun safes and some of the features that exist? No problem. Below are some of the things you should think about when buying a biometric fingerprint safe, and some of the features that exist on the market. 

What is a Biometric Gun Safe

Biometric gun safes are the next evolutionary step of gun safe technology. Now, with the power of your fingerprint, you can now quickly access your secured firearm within your safe.

These particular safes do have some distinct advantages too. First, the speed in which you can open your safe has exponentially increased. Instead of fumble-fingering around with a lock and key or spinning dials, just one tap from your finger and you’re ready to go.

Next, you can actually program multiple fingerprints. This may seem counterproductive to keeping people out, but if you have an entire security force or multiple individuals needing access…this is a good option.

But….that’s only if the biometric scanner actually works.

Biometric Gun Safe Backup Entry Methods Are a Must

When it comes to electronics vs mechanical systems, there’s one thing that always holds true and that’s mechanical systems are more reliable. Not saying that these fingerprint gun safes don’t work, but what do you do if they don’t? A failed-shut biometric safe not only prevents others from accessing your weapons but you as well.

That’s why it’s super important that your biometric gun safe has a manual backup for opening such as a push button code, electronic PIN, or manual key.


How Does the Fingerprint Scanner Work?

If anything is really going to fail on these systems, it’s the biometric fingerprint reader itself. So how do they work?

Biometric fingerprint scanners have a few responsibilities. When you first scan your finger, the scanner takes a visual input of the different peaks and valleys of your fingerprint. Every single fingerprint is completely unique. Your fingerprints will be different than everybody else’s and even your own other fingers.

Once the scanner has developed this topographical map of your fingers, it converts this image into a series of numbers. This series is then stored within the electronic memory of the scanner to allow operation of the lock. If that same string of number is inputted back in the system (i.e. it scans your finger again via the fingerprint recognition software), the biometric locking mechanism is actuated and unlocked.

Pretty simple, right? Well, it is in theory anyway. But there are a huge number of things that can happen that will affect the operation.

First, let’s start with dirty hands. Dirty hands can keep you locked out of your biometric safe. If some of your prints peaks and valleys are smudged with dirt, a different set of numbers could be produced–barring you out of your safe. A dirty scanner could do the same. Placing a finger down on a dirty surface could cause misreads and you stuck on the outside. Keep your fingerprint scanner clean with some appropriate cleaning solutions and cotton swabs to minimize biometric fingerprint fails.

Another reason your safe could fail is if you have in anyway changed your fingerprints. If you’ve burned, cut, or otherwise mangled your fingers and their prints… you may not have access into your vault. Even taking too long in the shower or pool could affect the operation of the scanner. Pruney fingers can provide different ridges, thus different numbers strings and denied access.

What Should a Buyer Think about When Purchasing?

When purchasing a biometric gun safe, there are a number of criteria you need to consider in order to make the right decision.

The Intended Purpose – Before you pickup the first biometric gun safe you see, figure out exactly what you need one for and why. If you’re looking for a bedside pistol safe for home security, make sure you determine what’s important for that. You’ll probably want an interior light, silent operation, and a size that fits your home protection weapon.

Size and Weight – Do you plan on putting a gun safe in a single location? And never move it? For instance, take the Barska long gun cabinet above. It’s really freaking heavy. That’s why you’ll probably move it somewhere and have it mounted. But what if you want something that you’re going to move place to place? Maybe underneath your bed or a top shelf in a closet. Keep this in mind and don’t get something too big for what you’re going to use it for.

Price – The best biometric safes can get expensive. But here’s the thing… You don’t need to pay for things you can’t and won’t use. For example, our top pick (Vaultek Pro MXi) is amazing. I love the Wifi and app concept that I can access from my cell phone. But if your cellphone is still T9 Texting… you’ll have zero use for a smart safe. So instead, opt for a cheaper option better suited to your needs.

Capacity – How many guns do you plan on storing in a single safe? If you only have a single pistol, I recommend choosing a smaller single capacity gun safe. This way you can move the safe around as you need to while providing secure housing and quick access for your firearm.

Power Considerations – Biometric gun safes require electricity to operate properly. After all, what’s an electronic scanner with power? The answer is useless. Many of the gun safes you will find out there will run on some form of battery. This is actually a gripe of mine–particularly for gun safes that will be mounted in a stationary position because battery life can be an issue. There are a few though that have AC Adapter accessories and capabilities.

Cleaning – Ideally you want to make sure you keep the fingerprint scanner as uncompromized as possible to ensure it opens every time. Every fingerprint gun safe should come with its own set of instructions in how to maintain cleanliness.

What next?

Choosing the right biometric gun safe isn’t just about securing firearms—it’s about securing peace of mind. Hopefully, I’ve left you with enough to think about when getting yourself your next biometric safe. Once you get your biometric gun safe you may need a gun safe dehumidifier. Check out our article on the 7 best gun safe dehumidifiers to help you make the best decision for you. Keep those guns and ammo safe and in working order!


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