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by Ryan Cleckner

January 4, 2021



If you’re looking for a US Law Shield review, then you likely already know what Concealed Carry Insurance is and you’re looking to see if US Law Shield is the right CCW Insurance for you. In this US Law Shield review, I’ll take a deep dive into their policy and I’ll let you know what you can expect and whether or not I think US Law Shield is worth it.

Note: although I am a firearms attorney, I’m not YOUR attorney – this is not legal advice and only you can decide whether self defense insurance is right for your situation (and which provider to choose).

Here’s a preview: I do NOT recommend US Law Shield for the reasons outlined below  and they came in last place in our Best Concealed Carry Insurance Comparison. For me and my family, the right choice was CCW Safe.

But before we begin, I want to let you know that some of the links below are affiliate links that can help us keep our ammo budget going but they will NOT affect your price nor do they affect our advice.

United States Law Shield Self Defense Insurance

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In this US Law Shield Review we’re going to cover:

In the next couple of sections I’m going to cover the features and pricing of US Law Shield. However, if you’d like to know how I rank US Law Shield against other concealed carry insurance providers, check out our Best CCW Insurance Comparison.

What is US Law Shield?

US Law Shield, like other concealed carry insurance providers, isn’t technically “insurance” but they do provide legal support for self-defense scenarios.

Unfortunately, after a defensive gun use, your fight isn’t over. You may have a legal fight ahead of you if you are prosecuted by the government or sued by the person you shot or their relatives.

Defending yourself, even if you are innocent, in criminal and/or civil trials can be extremely expensive (spending a few hundred thousand dollars, or more, is not unheard of).

As an attorney, one of the first things I tell my clients when they’re trying to figure out how to handle a particular problem is “it’s often better to avoid a fight than it is to win a fight.” That’s because “winning” can be VERY expensive when legal costs are involved.

US Law Shield exists to help cover the costs associated with your legal defense.

How Much Does US Law Shield Cost?

US Law Shield costs $131.40 per year for an individual and $240 per year for a couple. This works out to just under $11 per month and $20 a month respectively.

This is one of the lowest costs for legal self defense coverage available.

FeatureU.S. Law Shield
Monthly Cost$11
Criminal Defense MaxUnlimited
Civil Defense MaxUnlimited
Pick Own Attorney?No
Money Up Front?Yes
Per Diem Maxn/a
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What Does US Law Shield Cover?

There are some big differences between the major self defense insurance providers. First each of them charges a different amount. Second, and perhaps most important, they don’t cover the same things nor for the same amounts.

It can be very tough to wade through all the differences but only you can decide which features are most important for you.

Here’s my advice: if you decide to get coverage, get what you can afford and gives you the best protection for what’s important to you. Also, I feel strongly that you should make sure your chosen ccw insurance has these three things (at a minimum):

  1. Money up front
  2. Ability to choose your own lawyer
  3. Daily “per diem” payment while in trial

We’ll include these must-have ccw insurance features along with some of the other features to see how US Law Shield “stacks up.”

Criminal Defense Protection: You might still be prosecuted even if your defensive gun was justified. Your criminal defense can be very expensive and US Law Shield, unlike some other companies, has no limit to your criminal defense amount.

Civil Defense & Liability coverage: US Law Shield also offers unlimited civil defense. Unfortunately, regardless of any criminal cases, you can can be sued by the person(s) you had to defend yourself against and/or their families.  Having unlimited coverage is really nice here.

Up Front Money: If you need money for your legal defense, you need it up front. Reimbursement is nice, but if you can cover a few hundred thousand dollars on your own in case of a self defense gun use, perhaps insurance is not right for you?  Thankfully, US Law Shield provides money up front.

Bail: Coverage for bail is an extra charge for US Law Shield at $35.40 extra per year and it covers up to $25k.

What’s Not Included With US Law Shield:

No Sales in NY, NJ, WA: Just recently the local governments for these three states banned the sales of “CCW insurance” programs. This doesn’t mean that your CCW insurance won’t work if you’re visiting there, it just means you can’t buy it if you live here. However, this is a limitation for all CCW insurance services right now.

Per Diem: While you’re in court for trial, there’s a good chance you won’t be able to work. After weeks or months, this can be a serious strain on your finances. This is one of our 3 required features and it is not offered by US Law Shield.

Choosing Your Own Attorney: This alone is the number 1 reason why I can’t recommend US Law Shield. I don’t care about how much money you get and which areas of your defense are covered if you don’t have any say in choosing your legal defense. A smaller amount of money for a great lawyer is WAY better than unlimited money thrown at a bad lawyer. Also, I’m fundamentally against any system that limits your freedom of choice.

US Law Shield vs Other CCW Insurance:

Although I try to be careful to not say which ccw insurance is “best” overall because everyone’s situation and risk tolerance is unique, there is one option I am comfortable with saying that I do NOT recommend: US Law Shield.

Unfortunately, they don’t offer 2 of my 3 “must-haves” for concealed carry insurance.

I purchased CCW Safe for myself but I encourage you to look to take a good look at these companies to see which is best for you and your needs.

US Law Shield Review – Our Take

This brings us no joy: US Law Shield is the only ccw insurance option that we do not reccomend.

There are other better options available in our Best CCW Insurance Guide.

So, why can we not recommend US Law Shield?

For any concealed carry insurance option, we strongly recommend looking for three basic ccw insurance requirements:

  1. The ability to choose your own attorney,
  2. Money up-front, and
  3. A daily allowance to help offset time off work

US Law Shield only offers 1 of these three basic “must-haves”: money up front.

Unfortunately, without the other 2 features, we think that you should consider another option for your concealed carry insurance coverage.

US Law Shield Pros and Cons

  • Low Price
  • Unlimited Criminal Defense
  • Unlimited Civil Defense
  • Bail Coverage must be Added
  • Can’t pick Your Own Lawyer
  • No “Per Diem” Amount

Report Card


One of the lowest cost options available


The legal defense dollar amounts are unlimited but without having a choice in where they are spent, it may not matter


Some nice features, but it is missing 2 of our required 3 features and things like bail coverage cost extra


Low cost, but not near as many featuers or coverage as other options


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