Concealed Carry & FFL Guide

To best understand CCW and your rights, or how to transfer weapons and deal with compliance, we have broken down this guide into four key sections: Basics, Insurance & Legal, Gun Recommendations, and FFL. Through this, you’ll be able the get the right gun and equipment, understand your rights and be protected.

Chapter 1


Below are some of the basic information anyone would need to get started with owning and using a concealed weapon.

Chapter 3

CCW Gun Recommendations

Below are reviews we’ve done on CCW guns that will help you to decide on the best CCW gun for yourself.

Chapter 4

FFL & Legal

Learn about getting a Federal Firearms License, transfers and other requirements so that you can buy and sell weapons legally.

Chapter 5

Legal News and Industry Information

Learn about legal issues and news through our section that helps to educate on things like taxes, policies and more.