Here’s a warning: this is going to be a fairly one-sided review. In no uncertain terms, we think that the Sig Sauer p365 is the BEST CCW handgun available.

Sig set a very high bar with this gun last year and competitors are releasing products a year later that still can’t match it. Yes, there are some areas for improvement with the Sig P365, but not many.

Let’s explore…

Reliability: A-
Customization: A-
Accuracy: A+
Ergonomics: A+
Value: A+

Final Grade: A+

Sig P365 Background

Sig’s earlier products have never really been my thing. The Sig p226 will always have a fond spot in my heart becuase it was one of my earliest handguns and becuase of some (very-limited) exposure to it in the military. However, the rest of their products just really don’t do it for me.

This is becuase I’m not really a fan of DA/SA guns and I realy started my serious pistol work with competition 1911s or Glocks.

Then came Sig’s new polymer striker-fired guns, the Sig P320 and this Sig P365.  Is it love? Maybe.

The Sig Sauer P365 is a diminuative 12+1 round capcity striker fired 9mm. And, unlike some other pocket guns, this is a no-joke pro-grade gun. Seriously – I’d happily shoot the p365 in a tactical competition/course.



p365 Features

We still can’t figure out what kind of magic Sig used to fit a 12 round magazine in this little handgun.

Where other handguns in this class often need upgrades to their sights and/or triggers, this baby is perfect as is.

I am not much of a group shooter – but, I can shoot this gun BETTER than I can shoot a mid/full-size gun. (see the photo below)

The Sig P365 vs the S&W M&P Shield, Springfield XD-s-9, and the Ruger LC9. Note, although it’s the same size (or smaller), it has almost double the capacity of these other handgunds.


Sig Sauer P365 Review – Our Take

Sig was having a rocky-time with their Sig P320 because of some drop issues when they released the Sig P365. So, folks were suspicious and approached the P365 with a bit of caution.

I first heard of the P365 just before the 2018 SHOT Show and knew that I had to check it out. I made it over to Sig’s media day at the range (yes, their big enough now that they have their own event separate from the NSSF) and headed straight to the P365.

Here are my first shots with the p365:

We’ve heard (and seen, online) complaints of broken trigger return springs and broken strikers. We have no reason to doubt any of these – all we can say is that all of the Sig P365s we, or our shooting buddies, have shot have been flawless. There have been two tell-tale signs of these problems before they occur. First, the trigger return spring starts to scratch the back of the magazine before it seems to break. Second, the striker drags on  primers before it starts to break. I will say that both of the Sig P365s that I’ve spend enough time shooting to evaluate have had “primer drag.”   What’s weird to me is that I don’t think I’ve ever used the phrase “primer drag” until now. I’m not sure if it’s a real issue or a perceived issue. Here’s what I mean…. it is CLEARLY happening. The striker is dragging enough on the primer to leave a distinct line and, in some cases, drags some primer metal to the edge of the primer pocket. What I don’t know is whether it matters. My striker has not had any issues and I am many rounds into mine and a good friend is many more rounds into his. If I experience any issues, I’ll update them here. Here’s what I can tell you, for sure… this handgun is the absolute best concealed carry option for me. 

I’ve been a bit of a Glock-guy for a while (after I wasn’t) and it suprised me to see how well this p365 fit in my hand.

I have larger-hands and it is still perfectly controlable… especially with the 12 round magazine installed. Before I switched over to the P365 for CCW, I carried a Glock 43. It was very reliable but I could not shoot it as accurately nor as fast as I can shoot my Sig P365. Also, the P365 has DOUBLE the capacity of the Glock 43!

For not being known for shooting pistols as well as I am for rifles, shooting this sized 10 round group at 10 yards is a feat – especially out of a pistol that is barely longer than my trigger finger while I’m holding it.

Here’s where the warning at the beginning came from… I’m not sure what I could not like about this pistol. It is so much better than anything else in its class and I can’t wait to see what Sig does next.

I have been running this pistol hard and I intend to start shooting it in some local shooting competitions to test and see how well it holds up.

I like to say that most tiny/ccw guns are like travel tooth bruches. Sure, they work. But, you really only have it because it’s tiny and easy to carry around. When it comes down to it, you’d rather have your full-sized toothbrush at home. Well, the same goes for most guns.

However, this little baby is so capable, that it is not a tiny version of the gun I’d rather have…. it is the gun I’d rather have.

There’s one improvement I’d like to see: I’ve noticed that the finish on the magazine is quick to rust. I hope that they fix this.

Despite reported issues and the magazines, I give this gun a solid A+   Serisouly, you can get a Glock 19 (the most common gun I’ve recommend for all-around purposes) but it is a much larger gun for only three more rounds of ammunition (15 vs 12).

Go get the P365… you’ll love it!


Sig p365 Pros and Cons

High Capacity

Excellent Trigger

Insanely Accurate

Great Sights

Perfect for EDC

Potential Striker Drag Issue

Reports of Reliability Issues

Poor Magazine Finish

Report Card

Reliability In our experience, and those of shooters we know, we’ve had flawless reliability. However, there have been credible reports of issues. 


Accuracy I can shoot this little gun MORE accurately than my full-size guns. 


Ergonomics This gun just “feels right” in my hand – maybe it will in your, too?


Customization Aftermarket triggers, customized grip-modules, and lights/lasers are available.


Value We think that this is the ultimate CCW gun and it is truly “pro-grade” – and for less than $500 street price, we think it’s a great value. 


Final Grade: A+