In this Tavor SAR Bullpup rifle review we’ll be covering the Tavor SAR and its specification. We’ll also look at the options you have to customize and modify your SAR Bullpup.




Reliability: A+
Customization: B-
Accuracy: C
Ergonomics: B
Value: B

Final Grade: B

IWI Tavor SAR Background

Tavor SAR Spec

IWI have earned the respect of the firearms world with their reliable and durable weapons. The IWI Tavor SAR is one of the more established firearms from IWI, having been originally released onto the market back in 2014. So what do you need to know about IWI as a company, and about the Tavor SAR in particular?

IWI have earned their experience building durable weapons by designing those up to the requirements of the Israeli military. You know if it’s capable of functioning in the Middle East, it’s probably capable of functioning in America. But is it worthy of your time and money, and are there any problems you need to know about?

If you’re worried about the durability of the Tavor SAR, you should know this is the bullpup rifle of choice for the Israeli Armed Forces. Of course, the civilian version has been adapted to be compliant with the law, but it’s a very similar firearm.

The Tavor SAR is customizable, so if you like modding your bullpup rifles, you’re in luck. The prestige of this IWI firearm is also evidenced by the fact it won a Golden Bullseye award back in 2014.

However, you’ll know that other bullpup firearms, including bullpup rifles, have had their share of performance problems. So is the Tavor SAR to be included in the category of flawed firearms?

Read on to discover the full, no holds barred Gun University review of the IWI Tavor SAR. We will reveal information you absolutely need to know before going any further with this bullpup rifle.

IWI Tavor SAR Features

1. Full-length Picatinny top rail. Allowing you to easily mount accessories onto your Tavor SAR.

2. 30 round magazine. High capacity magazine.

3. Cold hammer forged chrome lined barrel. Israeli military spec barrel

Tavor sar Review – Our Take

The IWI Tavor SAR is the bullpup rifle that really got me to consider using a bullpup. Sure, the Steyr AUG has been around for a while and it’s great gun but it was always a bit of a novelty for many people (me included).

The Tavor Bullpup is a serious-use battle rifle.

Now, we at GUn University are more partial to the next itteration of the IWI Tavor, the IWI Tavor X95 for the reasons below:

tavor sarWhat we love about the Tavor: It’s a capabale bullpup rifle run off of a piston system with a forward mounted charging handle – it already solves three of the complaints I have about AR-15 style rifles:

  1. AR rifles need a buffer-tube buttstock thereby requiring the action of the rifle to be forward of your firing hand and increasing the overall length of the rifle,
  2. The standard AR design is a direct impingement gas system which blows the exhaust gasses into the action, and
  3. AR rifles require you to move your head and bring your hand back in order to charge/operate the bolt.

So, piston driven for reliability and bullpup design so that you can get a short overall length but the velocity of a regualr barrel AND you can charge/operate the bolt with your support hand without moving your position on the rifle!!?!?? What’s not to love?

Well, the manual of arms takes some getting used to if you’re more familiar with AR style rifles. Trust me, I still am not as fast with mag changes on a Tovar as I am with an AR style rifle.

My biggest complaint about the ergonomics/controls of this rifle is the mag release! Instead of reaching for a new magazine with your support hand while you release the magazine with your firing hand (fast), the Tavor SAR requires you to use your support hand to grab the empty/old magazine to reach the release and THEN go dig for the new magazine. It’s a bit of a pain and its one of the main reasons we like the X95 vs the SAR.

The Tavor SAR is nice, but we strongly recommend getting the IWI X95 instead. It keeps all the great things of the SAR and fixes all of the bad.


Tavor SAR Pros and Cons

Awesome bullpup design

Very reliable

Weird mag release


Report card

Reliability Super reliable


Accuracy Good enough for a battle rifle but not an “accurate rifle”


Customization Full picatinny rail for optics sights but not much else to upgrade/change


Value Good value, but the X95 is better


Ergonomics Easy to shoot and operate – except for mag changes


Final Grade: B


You know have the full and complete Gun University take on the Tavor SAR bullpup rifle from IWI. If you’re still reading, it’s time to delve deeper and really explore what it’s like to own the Tavor SAR.

We’ve saved you the time and frustration of hunting around the web to find all the extra resources you need to decide whether to purchase the Tavor SAR.

So here in one place is:

  • A video showing the Tavor SAR in action and the cleaning process for this bullpup rifle
  • The full owner’s manual from IWI for the Tavor SAR to answer all your questions about the rifle and show you in depth diagrams
  • Answers to the most common questions we hear about the Tavor SAR including its spec and ammo typ

Here for your convenience.

GUN Maintenance and Cleaning Process

What does my Tavor SAR cleaning kit contain?

When you purchase an IWI Tavor SAR Bullpup, you receive a cleaning kit receiving the following items:

  • 2 x quick detachable sling-swivels
  • 3 x brushes (Bore, Chamber, Cleaning)
  • 1 x Large White Gas Piston Tube Brush
  • Cleaning Rod
  • Oil Bottle

Other Resources and Documents for the Tavor sar

IWI Tavor SAR Manual

What does the manual cover?

  • Firearms safe home storage checklist
  • Feature list
  • Full specification
  • Ballistic trajectory chart
  • Right/Left external diagrams for Tavor SAR
  • Gas regulator positions
  • Cable lock guide
  • Safety check process
  • Loading/unloading process
  • Sight adjustment guide
  • Pre-firing maintenance
  • Post-firing maintenance
  • Exploded diagrams

Are there different versions of the Tavor SAR?

    1. 5.56 NATO
    2. 300 BLK
    3. 9mm Para

The main differences are in the body assembly, the barrel assembly, and the recoil mechanism. The gas regulator also differs between different versions of the Tavor SAR.

What kind of ammo can I use with my Tavor SAR?

You can check the caliber of your Tavor SAR on the barrel of the bullpup.

The three types of ammo, depending on which version of the bullpup you have, are:

  1. 5.56 NATO
  2. 9mm
  3. .300 Blackout

IWI officially recommends sticking to one brand of ammo once you find a suitable performer.

It’s also important to avoid using surplus military ammo, or other forms of unofficial ammunition, as this will void the warranty on your Tavor SAR.

How does the Tavor SAR safety lever work?

The Tavor SAR’s safety lever has two positions:

  1. S (safe)
  2. F (fire)

When viewed from the left side, the Tavor SAR’s safety lever points to the safe position at a ‘nine o’clock’ angle, and the fire position is equivalent to a ‘12 o’clock’ position.

How do I load my Tavor SAR?

The SAR Bullpup is easy to load.

If you want to load the magazine of your SAR:

  1. Ensure the front of the magazine is facing forward. Put a round between the lips of the mag, making sure the tip is also facing forward.
  2. Lower the round into the mag until it is held by the lips.
  3. Put the next round on top of the other one and depress it. Keep doing this process until you have as many rounds as you needed loaded.

If you want to load the bullpup rifle itself:

  1. Point the muzzle 60 degrees and horizontal.
  2. Hold the grip of the rifle with your strong hand, ensuring the trigger finger is straight on the frame.
  3. Check with your thumb that the safety lever is pointed to ‘S’
  4. Place the mag into the well. After it’s seated, push it up and then pull down to ensure the magazine is securely in position.
  5. Cock the rifle. Whatever you do, avoid riding the bolt forward.

You now have a round in the chamber of your Tavor SAR, and your safety lever is aimed to S.

Can I adjust the sight of my Tavor SAR?

Yes, the Tavor SAR has an adjustable sight, allowing for:

  • Windage adjustment
  • Elevation adjustment
  • Tritium dot adjustment