Sig P320 X-Five Legion Review [Video]

by Ryan Cleckner

January 7, 2021



In this Sig P320 X-Five Legion review, we’ll be covering the new Legion version of the P320 X-Five by Sig, and give an in-depth look at how it compares to its previous versions of the p320 series of handguns by Sig.

Looking for a hint about what we thought? The new X-Five Legion P320 is my new IPSC/3-Gun competition pistol.

P320 X-Five Legion Specs

  •  Caliber 9mm
  • Capacity  17 Rounds
  • Overall Length 8.5 in
  • Barrel Length  5 in
  • Sight Radius 6.8 in
  • Weight w/ Mag 43.5 oz

Sig P320 X-Five Legion Background

The Sig p320 series of pistols are truly modular firearms wherein the internal chassis is technically the “firearm” and all of the external components (including the grip housing) are merely parts and they are ALL interchangeable.

This means that a shooter with one p320 chassis can have a pistol in a subcompact configuration with a small frame and a short slide and then easy swap parts to convert it into a full size pistol. There are varying sizes, widths, caliber, and even feature levels – for example, there are X-Series versions which feature upgraded parts like improved flat triggers and a unique geometry to the grip housing.

The p320 pistol won the recent Army contract and is now the new sidearm for US forces.

There have been plenty of p320 models in the past few years – my favorite (until now) being the p320 X-Carry (full size x-frame grip module with a medium length slide).

The upgraded full-size p320 is the X-Five series p320 and the Legion series of each Sig firearm is an upgraded model with unique pro-inspired features. This new gun is the upgraded upgraded p320… and we LOVE it.

P320 X-Five Legion Features and Changes

1 Steel Guide Rod

Unlike most polymer pistols, the p320 X-Five Legion takes interchangeable 1911 style springs so shooters can tune the gun how they want!

2 Skeletonized X-Series Trigger

It’s like cheating.

3 Tungsten Infused Polymer

True innovation! This has the forgiveness of polymer with the weight of steel. It’s the new standard.

4 Mag Well

A mag well to aid reloads that is just the right size.

5 Adjustable Target Sights and Optic Ready

This bad boy is ready to take a red dot optic if you’d like to use one and it has AWESOME iron sights if you don’t.

6 Slide Lightening Cuts

Reduce reciprocating mass and lower the center of gravity allowing for faster follow up shots.

P320 X-Five Legion Review – Our Take

This is quite possibly our favorite gun we’ve reviewed. It’s not that it’s the best gun for every purpose (it’s not), but rather I am very critical of guns and even guns that I love I am able to find something that could be changed or a feature that doesn’t quite “do it” for me.

Although the p320 X-Five Legion has a specific use as a competition/range pistol… I love every single thing about this. HUGE kudos to the product manager in charge of this gun. Every thing is right and I wouldn’t change anything. Seriously – bookmark this page for proof that I can find a gun where I can’t nitpick even one flaw.

This Sig P320 X-Five Legion CLEARLY wins editor’s choice for competition-ready handguns. Although I love this gun, it is not suitable for concealed carry and it might be too heavy for duty use.

Before I shot this gun, Phil Strader (yeah, that guy) insisted that I shoot a standard p320 first to remind myself what the recoil felt like. I shot a few rounds of the standard p320 and then he handed me the p320 X-five legion to shoot. I giggled. Yes, that’s right, my first reaction was to laugh at how awesome it felt! If I find the video, I’ll put it here for you below.

Let’s run through what we love about this gun:

Steel Guide Rod: By using a one-piece steel guide rod, Sig was able to add some weight to the front of the gun to reduce muzzle flip and it allows for something really cool that is all but unseen on stock polymer/striker fired pistols: the ability to change 1911 style recoil springs so that the gun can be tuned to your particular load!

Skeletonized X-Series Trigger: The flat x-series trigger is awesome (although it took me a while to get used to). The trigger in this gun is clearly an upgrade over standard triggers and it competition-ready out of the box.

Tungsten Infused Polymer: Huge huge huge kudos to Sig for thinking outside the box on his one! Sure, you can add weights to a polymer frame on other pistols (even p320s) but adding tungsten powder INTO the polymer mixture is revolutionary. It adds tons of weight with just the right balance. You get the recoil control of a steel gun with the recoil forgiveness of a polymer gun – best of both worlds!

Magwell: Often, magwells are obnoxious. This magwell, however, is just the right size. It’s big enough to allow for fast reloads and to give a nice rest for the bottom of my grip hand while being small enough to be manageable.

Sights/Optic: As all new guns should be, the Sig X-Five P320 Legion is optic ready for the red-dot sight of your choice. And if you prefer iron sights, it has an awesome set of adjustable iron sights.

Slide Lightening Cuts: These make the slide lighter and faster. This results in less reciprocating mass to allow for faster follow-up shots and it lowers the center of gravity for easier recoil control.

This pistol just BEGS to be shot and someone would have a hard time convincing me that there was a better out-of-the-box competition ready pistol available. I have ZERO reservations in admitting that the P320 X-Five Legion is my new competition gun because it solves every single issue I have with every other gun I use.

Sig P320 X-Five Legion Pros and Cons

  • Tungsten infused polymer
  • VeX-Series Trigger
  • Interchangeable 1911 style recoil springs
  • Optic Ready
  • Awesome Adjustable Sights
  • Just-right-sized Magwell
  • X-Series Frame shape with high beavertail
  • Competition-ready flush-fit magazines
  • I can’t shoot three at once

Report Card


Runs and runs and runs


More accurate than me


Interchanges with all p320 systems components and tunable springs


This thing feels great in the hand and just begs to shoot fast!


Everything you need to have a fully set-up competition pistol – in one box!


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Reviewed by Ryan Cleckner

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I’m going to be frank with you. Just because this gun is as perfect as we’re seeing right now doesn’t mean it’s complete. There are a few things you should definitely get to maximize your shooting and owning experience–if you don’t already have them, of course. 

And while we LOVE THIS GUN fresh out of the box, there’s always room for an upgrade or two for the SIg Sauer P320.

Best Sights for the Sig P320 X-Five Legion

How do you take one of our favorite guns and make it better? Simple. Throw a red dot on it. Just keep in mind when choosing a red dot for the X-Five Legion, that you’re very limited on your red dot native compatibility. Here are the two main choices you have when installing optics onto your SIG P320 X-Five Legion.

Our Editor’s choice for sights goes to the Romeo1 Pro. Not only is it designed to with on your Sig P320 X-Five Legion without any adapter plate, it’s a heck of a good sight. The Romeo1 Pro comes in a 3 MOA or 6 MOA model–both of which co-witness with the front sight. Just be sure you’re getting the PRO model. Or things aren’t going to fit the way they should. CHECK PRICE

If you’re looking for a good standby optic for just about any gun, you can’t go wrong with this. The Leupold DeltaPoint Pro is one of those go-to sights for anybody interested in a new red dot. And it’s easy to see why. It’s got a super clear enlarged lens with a 2.5 MOA red dot. Not to mention, these things are pretty much unkillable. They are some of the most rugged options around.

Check It Out on Amazon

Best Holsters for the Sig P320 X-Five Legion

You wouldn’t just haphazardly park your new Lamborghini just out in the open. So, why would you do that to your Sig P320 X-Five Legion? You wouldn’t, and that’s why you need a quality holster. These are our top two options when it comes to getting the best holster.

For a full size gun such as the P320 X-Five Legion, we prefer an OWB (Outside the Waistband) holster. And that’s why the MASC leather paddle is our Editor’s Choice. It secures comfortably and snugly to your waistband with a premium retention screw. Plus…it’s leather. And leather is nice. CHECK IT OUT ON AMAZON

But for those of you who prefer an IWB (Inside Waistband) holster, CYA Supply has got you covered. This veteran owned company constructs its holster out of a sturdy material known as Bolteron. It’s similar to Kydex but a bit more robust.

Check It Out on Amazon

Other Handguns in its Class to Check Out

While we may love this gun, you might hate it. I mean I doubt it, but there’s always a possibility. As the old saying goes, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” And that can both ways. So here’s a few alternatives you may find to be better suited to your liking.

#1 Sig P365 XL

Sig P365 XL

The P365 defined what a concealed carry pistol should be, the P365XL offers the same concealability but with higher capacity.

Check Latest Price

  • Shootability A
  • Reliability A+
  • Ergonomics A+
  • Accuracy A+
  • Value A+

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Based on 62 Reviews

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It may seem like cheating recommending a Sig in place of another Sig. But the P365XL is a great alternative. It takes everything we know and love about the P365 and makes it just a bit bigger. It’s a good choice for those looking for a nice CCW and have big ole bear paws…READ MORE

#2 Glock 48

Glock 48

Glock 48

At its core, the Glock 48 is essentially a Glock 19 with a single stack magazine.

Check Latest Price

  • Shootability A
  • Reliability B+
  • Ergonmics A
  • Accuracy A+
  • Value A+

Our Grade


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Based on 60 Reviews

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The Glock 19 is easily the most popular Glock model available. But the biggest complaint shooters had was that it was just a bit too big to be a CCW. The Glock 48 remedies that issue by slightly slimming down the weapon. It’s still big enough to feel like a full-sized pistol, but slim enough to conceal…READ MORE

#3 Canik TP9SF


Check Latest Price

  • Shootability A
  • Reliability A+
  • Ergonmics B+
  • Accuracy A-
  • Value A

Our Grade


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Based on 122 Reviews

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Your biggest turnoff for the Sig P320 X-Five Legion might just be its price. Everybody has their own particular price point for what they’ll pay for in a quality handgun. Problem is… Often times you get what you pay for. Except for this Canik. You get much, much more. This is by and far one of our favorite budget handguns…READ MORE

How to Care for Your Sig P320

Field stripping and cleaning your gun should be basic knowledge you know about your gun. In this video, you’ll see not only how to field strip the P320 X-Five Legion, but completely disassemble it. And I mean completely. This is a super informative video to learn more in-depth about your Sig.

Enough said, this Sig’s the real deal. But if you’re looking for more info…check out these articles which include the user’s manual and a 1000 round review


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  1. I’m a retired cop, handguns have been my “tools of the trade” for many years. Like many people, I’ve owned several over the course of my life and have fired a boatload of rounds through them.

    With that said, I have NEVER owned a 9mm that I have enjoyed shooting as much as this one. I believe I could fire a thousand rounds through it in one day and STILL be able to write a letter that night. It is simply the most accurate, smoothest shooting pistol I’ve ever owned or fired. The “out of the box” trigger is the first one I absolutely refuse to mess with… it’s great.

    My one thought on this pistol… if I went to war tomorrow, this is the one I want hanging on my belt.

    and no… I don’t work for Sig. 🙂

  2. Purchased this gun some months ago and I hav enjoyed every moment with this gun. I purchased other guns since then, but always include this gun on every trip to the range. It is very balanced, easy to sight and controls recoil very well. For my body size, it is too large for conceal carry, but I love it for competition or race gun training. My wife has shot it at the range, and while its weight is a bit much for her, she immediately noticed the easier recoil, recovery, and improved accuracy. I recommend this gun, especially if you are a serious shooter and can handle its price. I am very, very, happy with this gun.

    1. It depends on your budget. For home defense, it will just as good as any other 9mm pistol. The extras that you’re paying for on this gun are meant for competition tactical shooting. If you’re going to only have one gun for the range and home but NOT ccw, this would be just fine (although a standard p320 will save money and still give you what you need). If you’re also considering using the pistol for CCW also, I’d recommend something smaller.

      1. I bought this Sig P320 X5 Legion with Romeo one Pro red dot optic and an add on gas pedal plus the legion OWB holster about a month ago. I’m a 6 foot 205 pounder and this handgun fits me perfect for my CCW needs. Who knew.

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