Dialed Archery Arxos Archery Sight Review

by Ryan Cleckner

July 27, 2023



Wait, an archery sight review on “GunUniversity?”

Yep, even though we focus on firearms here, we love to shoot all sorts of things – including bows.

In this review, I share with you my personal experience of setting up and using the Arxos sight on my bow.

A premium bow sight with quality and features that set the standard for what a sight should be.

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Arxos Archery Sight Background

Long ago (when I was a child) my father and I shot bare-bow, that is, we didn’t shoot our bows with sights.

We both still shot compound bows (1908s technology) but I shot aluminum 2117 arrows off of a Berger button rest, zwickey broad heads (that were sharpened with a file or knife sharpening stone), and a finger tab.

Shooting without sights allowed me to learn an “instinctual” feel to shooting and I often wonder if it helped me with firearms later in life.

axis bow sight

It wasn’t until much later in life (when I was 30 years old and in law school) that I even tried my first bow with sights and a release. Wow – my life was changed when it came to archery.

No longer did I need to practice MANY hours to be good enough to hit a paper plate at 30 yards, I could hit a paper plate at 50 yards, every time, without even practicing when I used a release and sights.

After that, the race was on as I learned more and more about modern archery equipment.

I started with regular pin sights that were fixed aiming points for different distances and then eventually moved on to adjustable sights where I could “dial” the correct elevation adjustment for a given distance.

It wasn’t until a couple of years ago did I even purchase a brand new “flagship” bow and started to try to get the best equipment.

And, even with my good equipment I still was frustrated with how clunky, complicated, and fragile bow sights seemed to be.

Enter the Axis sight by Dialed Archery.

This sight is simple, beautiful, and has some amazing features.

In my opinion, it is the best sight in the market.

Axios Sight Features

1 Dial System

Amazingly clean and simple dial system that works as well as it looks.

2 Multiple Mount Options

This sight is available in a standard dovetail or a picatinny mount system.

3 Angled Track

Angled track allows for more elevation adjustment before contacting the arrow

4 Multiple pin options

Available as either a single aiming point or three aiming points within the same “pin”

5 Fiber-optic hood and top bubble level

Adjustable fiber optic brightness hood and top-mounted level to keep the aiming view near the bottom clear.

Arxos Sight Review – Our Take

I have been using a SpotHogg Fast Eddie sight for a few years now and have kept my eye on the Arxos bow sight by Dialed Archery for a little while now but I have been waiting for the right reason to get one for myself.

Thankfully, my wife is getting into archery and she liked my Fast Eddie sight…. well, obviously I had to do the right thing and give her the sight off my bow. But then I didn’t have a sight so I had to go get a replacement.

Oh… look, the Arxos comes in a color that matches my bow. Well, it’s just meant to be!

First off, the Dialed Archery website is awesome and makes ordering an Arxos sight a pleasant experience. You can spin a 3d mockup of your sight in all directions and choose many details like the colors of the body, sight housing, and dial. You can also select whether you want the yardage ring on the inside of the sight or the outside, whether you want right or left handed, and which pin system you prefer.

Arxos Configuration

The sight pictured above with the orange ring is what I wanted but they were sold out so I opted for boring black instead.

As a note, I realized after I received my sight that they offer a military/veteran discount of 20% off – that could have saved me a lot of money had I noticed that. Oh well, maybe the savings will work for you?

I’ll try to cut to the chase here: in my experience with this sight (only 10 dozen arrows through it so far), it is my absolute favorite bow sight I have ever used. If you can afford it, get it!

Once I got it zeroed and had my correct sight tape installed, I easily shot targets to 80 yards and truly enjoyed the sight.

What I Loved about the Arxos Sight

It is strong/robust, easy to adjust and use, the fine dot size (I selected the smallest) is perfect for me, and I could not be happier with this sight on my bow.

I’m not sure if it’s because people know how expensive the sight is, but I haven’t been around another shooter that hasn’t gushed over this sight on my bow.

Arxos Archery Sight

Range of Adjustment – Dialed Archery advertises the angled track design to help with the amount of adjustment available. I don’t know if that’s what does it but this sight has MUCH more range than my previous sight – just for fun, I’ve included markings our to 120 yards (their tapes only go to 100 yards).

Quality – This sight just screams quality – from the appearance to how smooth the adjustments are, you are clearly getting what you pay for.

Precision – There is ZERO slop or wiggle in this sight. I really like how smooth the adjustments are and how easy they are to put exactly where I want.

What I Wish Was Better about the Dialed Archery Arxos

I have three issues with the Arxos sight:

  • the included tools
  • the setup instructions, and
  • the windage adjustment markings

Included tools – For paying this much for a sight, PLEASE include Allen wrenches of the right size to install and adjust the sight.

Setup instructions – When it came to setup, I followed the instructions on a small card that was included with the sight and ended up with the correct sight tape I needed for my adjustment ring (I confirmed the arrow drop out to 80 yards).

However, after I did this, I realized that it made way more sense to “bottom-out” the adjustment ring and then adjust the housing with Allen wrenches to get my 20 yard zero and then adjust from there. This way, I’d have a “zero stop” at 20 yards.

Of course, when I went to research their website to wonder why they didn’t explain to do it this way, I found a video that walks you through the process that I had to figure out on my own:

Windage Adjustment Markings – This is more of a complaint being a gun guy first (when it comes to sights)… the windage adjustment markings are backwards for me.

The windage knob, which is awesome by the way, has an “L” for “Left” with a directional arrow. In the gun world, a sight or scope that has such a marking would turn the indicated direction to move the impact of the bullet that direction.

For example, if I want to move the bullet impact left on the target, I would turn the rifle’s sights in the direction the “L” was pointing.

However, on the Arxos, turning the windage knob “left” moves the sight housing to the left which moves the impact of the arrows to the RIGHT on the target.

My final opinion on the Arxos…

Despite my criticisms above that I found while testing and using this sight, I LOVE this sight and, in my experience, it is the best sight for my bow.

It is amazing quality, super accurate, has been very robust so far, and it looks great.

What more do you need?

Arxos Sight Pros and Cons

  • Easy to use
  • Accurate
  • Gorgeous
  • Solid
  • Expensive
  • Tools/Instructions

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