EAA Girsan MC-28 Review : Turkish M&P Clone

by Graham Baates

January 9, 2021



The Girsan MC-28 is back in the US, now imported by EAA. Those of us who knew it before loved it for its value; but does that still ring true today? Read our EAA Girsan MC-28 review and find out.

Girsan MC-28 Specs*

  • Capacity 15+1
  • Caliber 9mm
  • Action Striker Fired
  • Mechanical Safeties Trigger Blade, Internal Drop Safety
  • Overall Length 4.8″
  • Barrel Length 4.25″ (Advertised), 3.5″ (Measured from Chamber)
  • Width 1.2″

Girsan Mc-28 Background

As with most Turkish pistols the Girsan MC-28 is nearly a clone of an existing popular design.

In this instance, it’s very similar to the early Smith & Wesson M&P pistols with enough tweaks not to be an outright copy but similar enough to not feel foreign in hand.

Available in various trim levels, the example we have fits none of what is listed on EAA’s website.

This can be common with imports if contracts aren’t iron-clad, but what you’ll see here has features that run true throughout the series of pistols.

The MC-28 serves as an affordable option ($300-$400) striker-fired mid-sized pistol with a 15-round capacity and long enough grip to make for comfortable shooting on the range or a confidence booster in home defense. My first experience with the MC-28 series goes back to 2016 when Zenith Firearms imported them and even tinkered with them for use in competitions.

Little has changed with the EAA import: the MC-28 remains a high-value, affordable option that comes ready to hit the range. The big upgrade with our MC28 SA T is that it includes a reflex sight and remains budget priced.

EAA depicts this option on the MC28 SA TV and MC28 SA TV-BX. The later of the two also has a fluted and threaded barrel like our “T” which they do not list despite being the importer of a very real pistol that I own.

Don’t let this confusion bother you much, select the model that matches what you’re looking for and you’ll be happy. The fact that I own a gun they don’t list could be for any number of reasons.

*EAA’s website specifications for these models is incomplete at best, and although the 2020 catalog has a few more numbers they are impossible such as the threaded barrel and non-threaded being the same length so specifications are as measured by the author.

Girsan MC-28 Features

1 ADE Reflex Sight

The sight comes included and mounted with the gun.

2 Plenty of Included Accessories

The gun comes with a nice carrying case complete with repair tools, cleaning tools, and two optional backstraps.

3 Steel Guide Rod with Flat Coil Spring

The flat coil helps the spring to last longer and it saves more physical space within the pistol.

4 Scalloped Slide

Reduces slide weight to compensate for reflex sight options.

Girsan Mc-28 Color Variations

The Girsan only comes in two standard color variations: Black and Flat Dark Earth.

Girsan MC-28 – Our Take

Already owning and knowing the MC28 from Zenith I was confident the gun would perform and very curious about the included optic. The reflex sight is branded ADE which I had never heard of before.

ADE is apparently a small Oregon-based company which like so many other companies has their optics produced in China. The sight has the same blue haze as an RMR which I’ve never been crazy about but does make finding the window easier. A single button controls all functions from On, through six brightness settings, and off.

Considering the low price of the gun with optic, I had little faith that it would perform any function beyond disintegration once we hit the range.

We were wrong.

Zeroing was very easy thanks to the included screwdriver and wheel which made adjustments quick and easy. The six levels of brightness were great for bright sunny days and those more typical to our Northwest weather. Beyond adjusting for ambient light it was also easy to adjust for shooting style.

A brighter dot for rapid acquisition or keeping it somewhat translucent for precise shooting without obscuring the target. As a default, the dot comes on at maximum power which serves both to prove if there is any battery life left and for quickest deployment. Intrigued, we reached out to ADE but did not receive a response.

The closest optic from them I could find appears to be the RD3-009-2 which can be found on Amazon for around $80 and fits the common Vortex Venom/Burris Fastfire/Meopta/Docter footprint which could make the discovery of these sights a game changer for many shopping on a budget.

About 500 rounds in we did have a flicker or two, but found that a particle of dust had made its way onto the emitter which is an inherent risk with optics like these.

Now about the pistol. The grip is fairly square in hand and texture slick, a bit akin to holding a wet 1×2 piece of steel tubing but not as heavy. This blank canvas cries out for a stippling job if you’re into that sort of thing but only after trying out the three interchangeable backstraps.

Unlike often found on more expensive options these backstraps are largely and clearly labeled inside as small, medium, and large. The “small” maintains a flat back with a hint of texturing, “medium” adds some arch to the backstrap, and “large” fills in space in the tang of the grip as well as some slight bolsters to the sides of the grip for a fuller feel.

Changing them out is easy using the included tool which looks a lot like a golf tee but does the job wonderfully and is a nice added touch that some of the bigger brands could learn a lesson from.

The trigger has definitive phases as each mechanical safety is disengaged in an easy to read countdown to the wall and a crisp break. While the tactile sensation is nothing to boast about it is a very predictable and learnable trigger which served well on the range. In some ways the trigger’s performance makes for a great overall description of the gun.

Everything about the MC28 says, “No, it’s not fancy or special, but yet it works and quite well.” It’s as if they set out to make a gun for range sharks looking to win some bets. Looking at and even handling the gun is boring, but it’s a solid performer that will make haters bite their tongues after shooting it.

When we conducted our original review of this newer import in November, 2019 we of course included our trademark What’s For Dinner Test™ which consisted of ten different loads from 90gr up to 165gr.

Hollow points, full-metal jackets, and truncated jacket rounds were tested, snub-nosed profile and standard, aluminum, brass, steel, and nickel-plated brass casings. The goal of the test is to see if the gun will feed the round from slide lock, cycle when fired to feed another, and if the slide will lock open after the final round. No malfunctions were documented in that test and none have been encountered since then. The gun runs and runs well. Accuracy testing with Nosler Match Ammunition was also good. Not the best groups we’ve ever shot, but certainly good enough especially considering the low MSRP of the Girsan which makes no claims of being a match pistol.

Video Review of the Girsan MC-28


Girsan MC-28 Pros and Cons

  • Excellent Value
  • Included Optic Performs Well and is Easily Upgraded
  • Great Gun for Sharking the Snobs at the Range
  • Does Not Look Like a Budget Gun
  • Grip is certainly a noun not an adjective with this gun.
  • As with many imports, it may be here, then gone, then back again years later.
  • Current importer doesn’t seem too involved with the survival of this model.

Report Card


No malfunctions experienced.


Theoretically as accurate as any handgun, but human interface (grip and trigger) make it a challenge.


Recoil, controls, and overall handling are a breeze as long as you can keep your grip


Grip texture and shape is marginal.


Depending on pricing at you time of purchase… overall, the gun ranks as a steal under $500 with optic.


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Girsan MC-28 Starter Pack

We wouldn’t hold it against you if you went out and picked out one of these nice, little budget guns. However, we would look at you funny–and probably say something, to be honest–if you didn’t have the right protective gear and basics to go along with it.

  • Magazines: Girsan 17 Rd Mags at EAA Corp
  • Gun Cleaning Kit: Gloryfire Universal Cleaning Kit on Amazon
  • Shooting Glasses: If you ever plan on firing your gun at a range or for practice (which we strongly recommend you do), you’re going to need eye protection. However, with so many different options to choose from, it’s hard to tell which ones are actually right for you. Find out in our Best Shooting Glasses article.
  • Hearing Protection: Guns are loud. And shooting without any ear pro will damage your hearing from the very first shot. Avoid this by selecting the right set of hearing protection for your needs. Our Best Shooting Hearing Protection article tells you everything you need to know in order to make the right choice.
  • Storage: Vaultek Lifepod on Amazon

Just as a heads up, the magazines can be hard to find and are expensive when purchased from EAA. You may be able to find other out of country retailers that ship internationally. Unfortunately, the Girsan MC-28 only comes with a single magazine as well.  

Girsan MC-28 Gun Deals

Finding one of these awesome budget pistols can be pretty tricky nowadays. But it’s not impossible. To help you find one, we’ve assembled a list of online retailers that carry the Girsan.

Disclaimer: These are priced at time of writing. Prices and availability are subject to change.

Upgrades and Accessories for the Girsan MC-28

With it’s low budget price and ability to be easily altered, this gun just screams for some legit upgrades. So we’ve compiled a set of accessories to deck out you Girsan. 

Best Accessories for the Girsan MC28
AccessoryDetailsCheck Price
TALON Grips Material Sheet
  • Add Grip to Your Pistol w/o Extra Thickness
  • Rubberized or Granulated Options
  • Installs in Minutes
Check Price
Birchwood Casey Eze-Scorer 52 Cards
  • Contains All 52 Cards
  • Fun to Play or Create Own Games
  • Black, White, and Red Colorations
Check Price
Competition Electronics Pocket Pro Shot Timer
  • Simple to Use
  • Large Easy to Read Numbers
  • Automatic Power Down after 10 Minutes
Check Price
Crimson Trace Rail Master Universal Light
  • Fits on Short Rail Perfectly
  • Tap On/Tap Off Activation
  • 100 Lumen Output
Check Price
Titan Great Outdoors Spinning Target Set
  • Easy Assembly
  • Steel Pendulum Great for Improving Aim
  • Auto Reset and Tons of Fun
Check Price

Best Ammo for Your Girsan MC-28

One thing that’s really awesome about the Girsan is that’ll eat just about everything. We didn’t experience a single malfunction while firing–and that includes my What’s for Dinner Test. We just recommend that you set aside some cheap ball ammo to go have some fun at the range and something with a bit more efficiency for your working ammo. 

Just remember, you’ll still need to practice with your working ammo in order get a feel for how the gun shoots it. No need to pop your cherry on a particular ammo in an actual emergency situation. 

Range Rounds


MagTech 9mm 115 GR FMJ Ammo

Cost Per Round
Natchez Shooter’s Supply $0.24
Brownells $0.23
Palmetto State Armory $0.34

Working Ammunition

Barnes 9mm 115 GR Ammo

Cost Per Round
Palmetto State Armory $0.92
Natchez Shooter’s Supply $1.15

Another Full Sized Budget Pistol of Its Class to Check Out

There’s just something about Turkey and making quality budget pistols. The favorite budget pistol here at Gun University just so happens to be the Canik TP9SF. 

#1 Canik TP9SF


Check Latest Price

  • Shootability A
  • Reliability A+
  • Ergonmics B+
  • Accuracy A-
  • Value A

Our Grade


Reader’s Grade


Based on 122 Reviews

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After getting our hands on the Canik TP9SF, it was extremely difficult to find enough reasons to dislike the gun. In fact, it’s made such an impression on us, it’s made its way to our best 9mm pistols list! It’s a bare bones duty pistol that…READ MORE

How to Care for Your Girsan MC-28

As an owner of any pistol, you should be intimately familiar with your firearm and know everything you can about it. This means knowing how to takedown and reassemble your gun for cleaning or maintenance purposes. I’ve put together another video on my YouTube channel where I conduct a tabletop review and disassembly of the Girsan MC-28.

Important Links and Manuals for Your Girsan MC-28

Looking for more info on the Girsan MC-28? Here are a few more links to help get you started:


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  1. RE: GIRSAN MC-28
    For me, this is one of the best overall values for the money in my gun safe. For under $500 I purchased a 9mm with a Red Dot, as you said, the trigger is GREAT given the gun’s price and the overall fit-and-finish is comparable to any S&W M&P. I’d recommend this gun for new shooters who looking for an overall easy to shoot gun at a reasonable price, and seasoned shooters who just want something fun to shoot at the range, and don’t want to worry about scratching and wear after sending 500 rounds down-hill.

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