Guardtech Plus 223/556 Cleaning Kit Review: A 3-Gun Competitor’s Perspective

by Dave Chesson

December 21, 2023



As a seasoned 3-gun competitor and Army veteran, I’ve had my fair share of experiences with various AR cleaning kits. With a multitude of options available, it’s difficult to stand out in the crowded market. However, the Guardtech Plus 223/556 Cleaning Kit caught my attention, prompting me to give it a shot. In this Guardtech Plus 223/556 Cleaning Kit review, I’ll share my first-hand experience with this kit.

This set is a dedicated cleaning kit for your 223/556 rifles in a nice handy package. It includes sturdy brass road with aluminum handle, brass jags, slotted tips, adapters, utility brushes, patches, and more – even a bore rope cleaner.This set is a dedicated cleaning kit for your 223/556 rifles in a nice handy package. It includes sturdy brass road with aluminum handle, brass jags, slotted tips, adapters, utility brushes, patches, and more – even a bore rope cleaner.

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Specifications and Background of Guardtech Plus 223/556 Cleaning Kit

Before delving into the review, let’s take a quick look at the specifications of the Guardtech Plus 223/556 Cleaning Kit. They designed this kit for .223/5.56 calibers and comes in a neatly organized case, available in both Tan and Black. The standout feature is its robust aluminum handle, a departure from the plastic handles commonly found in other kits. The kit boasts a comprehensive set of tools, including a bore snake, wire brushes, chamber cleaning pads, and more. Notably, it does not include oil or solvent, a detail that might be significant for some users. Now, let’s break down the review based on the key components provided.


GuardTech Plus 223556 Cleaning Kit Contents (1)
1 Bore Rope

Great for quick cleaning of the bore

2 Brass Fittings

Brass fittings including a jag, patch loop, and adaptor for the included cleaning patches and chamber pads.

3 Cleaning Patches

Included cleaning patches and chamber pads that work with the included brass fittings.

4 Chamber flag and keychain

The included chamber flag with keychain helps you and other know the gun is safe and clear.

5 Brass Cleaning Rods

The solid brass cleaning rods are sturdy and work great with the included aluminum handle and brass adapters.

6 Brushes

Various brushes that fit onto the cleaning rods for cleaning all aspects of the rifle.

7 Aluminum Handle

The sturdy aluminum handle is a great touch.

My Review of Guardtech Plus 223/556 Cleaning Kit

Guardtech Cleaning Kit 556 Contents

Upon receiving the Guardtech Plus Cleaning Kit, the first thing that caught my eye was the handle. Expecting a standard plastic handle, I was pleasantly surprised to find a sturdy aluminum handle. The weight and build of the handle exuded quality, showcasing the attention to detail put into the construction. This handle is a game-changer, providing a solid grip and durability, making it ideal for 3-gun competitions where equipment quality is paramount.

The inclusion of a bore snake is always a plus for any cleaning kit. Here, the Guardtech Plus kit did not disappoint. It’s evident that the designers considered the practical needs of users. The bore snake, along with the wire brushes and cleaning tools, ensured a thorough cleaning process. As a 3-gun competitor, having a reliable and efficient cleaning kit is crucial to maintain peak firearm performance, and the Guardtech Plus delivered in this aspect.

The packaging of the Guardtech Plus kit deserves a mention. It arrived well-packaged, and the case’s organization is commendable. However, there were minor scuffing issues from the solid rods becoming undone during transit. This is a minor flaw considering the overall presentation, and it’s clear that the designers put effort into making the kit visually appealing. The inclusion of a “Remove before Pew Pew” keychain adds a touch of humor, appealing to gun enthusiasts like myself.

As a veteran, knowing that a company supports veterans adds significant value to a product. The Guardtech Plus Cleaning Kit not only meets the needs of gun owners but also demonstrates a commitment to those who have served. This aspect resonates positively with me and contributes to the overall satisfaction with the product.

While the Guardtech Plus kit provides a comprehensive set of tools, it lacks CLP (Cleaner, Lubricant, Protectant). However, the missing CLP may not be a deal-breaker for everyone. Personally, I prefer keeping CLP separate to prevent leaks, and this aligns with the kit’s focus on simplicity and functionality. It’s essential to note this point, especially for users particular about their cleaning solvents.

Product Pros and Cons 

  • Compact and organized package
  • High quality aluminum handle and brass cleaning rod
  • Easy to attach to a pack with MOLLE
  • No cleaning chemicals included
  • Not much room for expansion of other calibers

Report Card


This kit has a complete set of tools needed for cleaning, other than the cleaning chemicals.


In our use this kit has worked great for cleaning our 5.56 rifles from a deep clean to a quick bore clean.


The aluminum handle and brass guide rod are great quality.


Great value all in one organized package

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Final Thoughts on Guardtech Plus 223/556 Cleaning Kit 

In conclusion, the Guardtech Plus 223/556 Cleaning Kit is a solid choice for gun owners, particularly 3-gun competitors. Its standout features, such as the quality aluminum handle, comprehensive set of tools, and veteran support, make it a reliable and practical option. While the minor scuffing issue in packaging is worth noting, the overall presentation and functionality overshadow this drawback. The Guardtech Plus Cleaning Kit earns high marks for its components, functionality, quality, and value.

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Does the Guardtech Plus 223/556 Cleaning Kit include cleaning solvent?

No, the kit does not include cleaning solvent. They made this design choice to accommodate the preferences of users who may want to keep cleaning solvents separate to prevent leaks.

Can the Guardtech Plus Cleaning Kit be considered a professional-grade gun cleaning kit?

Absolutely, with features like brass jags, quality brass brushes, and a focus on meeting the needs of gun owners and enthusiasts, the Guardtech Plus kit can be regarded as a professional-grade cleaning solution.


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