GuardTech Gun Cleaning Kit Review [Is It Worth It?]

by Dave Chesson

July 5, 2022



Just recently, I got my hands on the GuardTech Upgraded gun cleaning kit. It’s an all-in-one universal kit that is reasonably priced and is quickly becoming one of the hottest selling gun cleaning kits on Amazon. 

So, this leaves the question of whether or not it is worth it.  So, in this GuardTech universal gun cleaning kit review, I’m going to take a look at what it comes with, pricing, and how it compares to others in the industry.

GuardTech Specs

  • Dimensions 15.31 x 10.63 x 2.17 inches
  • Weight 1.56Kgs (55.03 oz)
  • Warrenty ‎5 Year Warranty
  • Components 130-piece set

GuardTech Gun Cleaning Kit

A while ago, I got the GloryFire Universal Kit and did a review of it.  In that review, there were some things I liked about it, and some things I didn’t.  But ultimately, based on the price and what is included, I made it my #2 recommended gun cleaning kit

Then a couple of weeks after posting that article, the owners of GuardTech sent me an email asking if I would take a look at their universal gun cleaning kit.  

At first, I responded that they were the same thing – clearly made by the same company but with different packaging.  But then the response I got back gave me pause.  They said that there were three main differences that I should note before passing on them. First, they were an American company which is important.  Second, their bits and components actually fit well in the case – something I didn’t like about the GloryFire.  And finally, theirs comes with a bore snake – which is something I personally love using.  

Guardtech Cleaning Kit

So, with that, I said I’d give it a look and see if it is better than the GloryFire and whether or not it should become the new #1.  

The Kit Includes

  • Brass Jags – .17, .22, .243, .25, .270, 30, .338, .35, 9mm, .40, .44, .45, .50
  • Brushes – .17, .20, .22, .243, .270, .30, 9mm, .40, 410, .45, .50, .54, 20Ga, 12Ga
  • Cotton Mops – .17, .22, .30, 9mm, .45, .50, 410, 20Ga, 12Ga
  • Patch Loops
  • 357 / 38 / 9 mm rope snake cleaner
  • Cotton swabs
  • Adapters
  • Utility brushes
  • Patches
  • and more…

Our Take on this Cleaning Kit

Overall, the GuardTech is a complete package – especially with the bore snake included.  The components seem sturdy and not second-hand knock-offs.  To further this point, the jags are made out of brass on the GuardTech, whereas the jags on the GloryFire were plastic.

brass attachments

Speaking of the brass jags, these also fit perfectly in the case.  Whereas the GloryFire jags did not in the case.  At first, I thought it was just me fat-fingering the jags, but it turns out others had the same issue.  So, I’m glad GuardTech fixed this and made them fit perfectly in their respective spots.  

Finally, one of the major differences between the two is that the GuardTech comes with a Bore-snake.  Now, I understand that many of you don’t think this is necessary.  Well, so are many of the tools in this set.  However, I personally love using a bore snake and so with the Guard Tech coming with one, that is one less gun cleaning kit piece I have to buy outside of the set.  

guardtech bore snake

So, this leads to the price?  Well, they are about the same.  I say this because when I was responding to GuardTech’s email, they were a couple of dollars more expensive, and then at the time of writing this, they are actually cheaper than GuardTech.  So, on average, they are about the same price give or take a couple of dollars.  

So because the GuardTech kit has better components that also fit, it’s run by an American company and is about the same price, I am going to give this my #1 ranking for the best universal kit.  

GuardTech Cleaning Kit Pros and Cons

  • Affordable
  • Comes with organized Case
  • Includes Bore Snake
  • Bits fit in case
  • Leaves no room for expansion
  • No Lube or Oil
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