Gloryfire Universal Gun Cleaning Kit Review

by Tom Moore

May 26, 2022



Looking for an affordable gun cleaning kit that will take care of all your firearms? Look no further than the Gloryfire Universal Gun Cleaning Kit!

This comprehensive kit includes a good start to the tools you’ll need to clean your guns, from pistols to rifles to shotguns. Whether you’re a seasoned hunter or just like to target shoot on the weekends, keeping your firearms clean is essential for optimal performance and safety.

Read on below for my full review of the Gloryfire Universal Gun Cleaning Kit!

Gloryfire Universal Specs

  • Case Hard Clamshell Style Travel Case
  • Brushes Included 14 Bronze Wire Brushes
  • Bore Snakes None
  • Oil and Lube No
  • Patches Yes

Gloryfire Universal Kit Review

The Gloryfire Universal Gun Cleaning Kit comes with a lot of what you would need to clean your firearms, whether it’s pistols, rifles or shotguns.

The kit includes;

  • 3 solid brass rods for 17-270 caliber rifles
  • 3 solid brass rods for 30 caliber rifles, pistols, shotguns and muzzleloaders
  • 14 brushes
  • 9 mops
  • 12 spear-pointed jags
  • 1 black powder jag
  • 4 slotted patch loops
  • 3 utility brushes
  • 3 muzzle guards
  • 3 accessory adapters
  • 50 3×3″ cleaning patches and 4 polishing clothes.

When it comes to gun cleaning kits, you really do get what you pay for. Cheap kits that come in a plastic case with flimsy tools just aren’t going to cut it when it comes time to give your guns a good scrubbing. I’m happy to report that the Gloryfire Universal Gun Cleaning Kit is made with high quality materials and features durable construction throughout.

Gloryfire Universal Kit – Our Take

Overall, the Gloryfire Universal Gun Cleaning Kit is a great option for those seeking a comprehensive cleaning solution for their firearms collection. Though it’s missing a few key items. If you’re just looking for a set of brushes and rods to suit most firearms, this is a great kit for you.

The choice of a complete cleaning kit on the other hand, this kit is somewhat unsatisfactory. To start with you’ll need another case to keep solvants, oils, rags and any other related items.

To get your cleaning gear setup started this will work fine to help get some initial bits and pieces. You’ll find though, that this sort of case/kit isn’t really a great option for the long run as you’ll eventually want more specialized tools and products, also you’ll soon find that brushes are fairly disposable and won’t last forever. So it probably won’t be too long before you’re buying more in the future and for calibers that you use more often.

Some items that I add to kits like this is a full length solid cleaning rod. Short pistol rods are a must for handguns, but for rifles I prefer full length quality rods. The only time I’m packing these multi-piece rods is if I’m wanting something more compact for a hunting trip. Secondly I’m not a fan of the jags that come with these kits, and a good jag can make all the difference when cleaning a gun’s barrel.

I find that the jags in this kit often won’t hold onto a patch well.  If they’re the eyelet style jag, I wouldn’t even try using them because they don’t work well. In my kit I have replaced the jags with a parker-hale style jag which allows me to wrap a cleaning patch around the brass jag giving me an easier cleaning experience and a better result when cleaning my guns. I don’t know about you, but I find that eyelet jags don’t make good patch contact and can often jam or feel very tight in the barrel.

This kit would make a good gift as it isn’t too expensive and gives a gun person plenty of things to use for cleaning without being an entire kit.

For more options when it comes to cleaning kits, be sure to check out our article on the Best Gun Cleaning Kits.

Gloryfire Universal Cleaning Kit Pros and Cons

  • Affordable
  • Low Profile and Labeled Case
  • 14 Bore Brushes Jags and Loops are Solid Brass
  • Leaves No Room to Expand Kit
  • No Bore Snakes Included
  • No Lube and Oil Included

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