Unveiling Excellence: A First-Person Review into the Zero Compromise 527 5-27×56 Optic

by Dave Chesson

February 15, 2024



If you are into long distance shooting, then having a good 1000 yard scope is a must. Now, when I heard about the Zero Compromise Optic (ZCO) 527 5-27×56, I was skeptical. They promised a no compromise performance for a pretty steep price. I bit the bullet, got the optic, and tried it out. 

In this review, I’ll share my firsthand experience with this flagship model, diving deep into its features and performance. Let’s see what this rifle scope is really about. 

Zero Compromise 527 5-27×56 Specs

  • Magnification Range 5-27x
  • Objective Lens Diameter 56 mm
  • Focal Plane First Focal Plane
  • Weight 37.9 oz
  • Length 15.24 in
  • Field of view at 100 yds 21-4.5 ft
  • Illumination Yes
  • Total Elevation Adjustment 120 MOA
  • Tube Diameter 36 mm
  • Zero Stop Yes
  • Parallax Adjustment 25m to infinity
  • Eye Relief >3.5 in

Background and Specifications of  Zero Compromise 527 5-27×56

Before diving into the review, let me break down the specifics of the Zero Compromise 527 5-27×56. Zero Compromise Optics (ZCO) is a relatively young player in the optics industry, but it has quickly made a mark with its commitment to delivering top-notch rifle scopes without compromises. Established in 2018, the company gained attention in 2019 with the release of its first scopes. Based in Austria, near Vienna, ZCO positions itself as a no-nonsense player in the tactical rifle scope category, aiming to address common problems and elevate the standards in the field.

Now, while they are a young company, ZCO is headed by some very experienced folks in the optics community. ZCO’s team, which includes experienced individuals like Jeff from the American side with over 20 years of experience with Nightforce, contributes to the company’s reputation for quality. 

Now, on to the specs. It offers a versatile magnification range from 5x to 27x and boasts a 56mm objective lens with a 36mm main tube for enhanced optical and mechanical performance. With 35 mils of elevation adjustment and a length of around 39 centimeters, it’s a compact and functional choice. 

The parallax adjustment spans from 25 meters to infinity, catering to various shooting scenarios. The Impact 3 reticle on the first focal plane adds sophistication to aiming. Its illumination system, available in red or green, comes with multiple brightness settings, and the Automatic Illumination Management helps conserve battery life. Keep in mind, this German glass optic comes at a price tag of $3,600 or 3,740 euros. It’s an investment, but for those prioritizing precision and clarity, it might be worth considering.

Zero Compromise 527 5-27×56 Features

Zero Compromise 527 5-27x56 Features
1 Glass Quality

The glass on this optic is some of the best, and it should be.

2 Exposed Turret

The textures is great and feel and clicks on the turret rotation is what you expect from an optic of this quality.

3 Parallax and Brightness

The side parallax adjust down to 25 meters and also has the reticle brightness adjustment on the same knob.

4 Magnification Ring

The magnification ring has a small built in throw lever that gives you a good grip on the dial while the rotation is firm and precise.

My Review of  Zero Compromise 527 5-27×56

From the moment I laid eyes on the ZCO 527, its commitment to excellence was evident. The 36mm main tube and 35 mils of elevation adjustment showcased a dedication to maximizing both optical and mechanical performance. Locking turrets add to stability during use. The ZCO team’s emphasis on durability and meticulous design instilled confidence in the optic’s reliability.

During my hands-on experience, the robust build and the scope’s shorter length of 39 centimeters set it apart from competitors. The metal magnification ring, wider and smoother than others, added a touch of sophistication. However, the price point, while justified by the optic’s quality, might be a consideration for some. A minor improvement could be the inclusion of flip-up covers. 

The Zero Compromise Optic zc527’s German glass construction is undeniably its crown jewel. Optical engineers have outdone themselves with the outstanding resolution and light transmission, especially in challenging low-light conditions. The 36mm main tube and innovative design choices eliminated the tunnel effect, setting a new standard in optical performance.

In my tests, the scope’s optical clarity held its ground against high-end competitors. The 5 to 27 magnification range, coupled with smooth adjustments, provided a crystal-clear sight picture. Even at extreme adjustments, the ZCO scope surpassed expectations, showcasing the caliber of its glass construction.

ZCO’s emphasis on user-friendly design was evident in the scope’s ergonomics. The locking diopter and built-in magnification throw lever contributed to a seamless user experience. The generous and forgiving eye box, coupled with tactile and stable turrets, showcased a thoughtful approach to ergonomics.

The ZCO 527 lived up to its reputation. The controls, including the rheostat for illumination adjustments, were strategically placed for easy customization. A shorter overall length, wider magnification ring, and overall design choices added to the optic’s ergonomic appeal. A minor improvement could be the addition of a double turn indicator for enhanced clarity during adjustments.

The ZCO 527’s value proposition is a balance between its exceptional features and the premium price tag. The scope’s unique features, including the 36mm main tube and advanced illumination system, contribute to its overall value. Now I can definitely see the optic’s commitment to zero compromises, showcasing the company’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of rifle scope capabilities, but it is pretty pricey. 

I’d say the optic delivered on its promises, showcasing exceptional optical clarity, intuitive reticle functionality, and user-friendly ergonomics. However, I have to address the elephant in the room—the steep price. There’s no denying that the ZCO 527 sits at the upper echelon of the market in terms of cost. So I completely understand how this one is not for everyone. 

Yet, for those who demand nothing but the absolute best in terms of performance and reliability, the ZCO 527 justifies its premium cost. The German glass, meticulous engineering, and thoughtful design choices contribute to an optic that pushes the boundaries of what’s possible.

 Zero Compromise 527 5-27×56 Pros and Cons 

  • Quality – It is in the name and we found it to be true, top quality.
  • Glass – 1st class glass that is nearly perfect.
  • Reticle Options – 9 reticle options available.
  • Price – Ooof, that’s a lot of money

Report Card


Performed flawlessly in our testing.


Nearly perfect glass.


Many reticles to pick from including Tremor3 and Tremor5


Very friendly ergonomics. Turrets rotate and click while the magnification dial has built in throw lever.


This scope does not come cheap, we feel you get what you pay for with this optic.

Zero Compromise 527 5-27x56 Final Grade

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Final thoughts on  Zero Compromise 527 5-27×56

I personally think that the optic delivers on all counts. The company’s dedication to zero compromises shines through in every detail. It is a great optic but you can’t ignore its steep price, putting it out of the reach of many. That’s the only reason I ranked it as 7th in my best 1000 yard optics article—you can read it here


What sets the Zero Compromise 527 apart from other rifle scopes on the market?

The Zero Compromise 527 stands out with its 36mm main tube, 35 mils of elevation adjustment, and exceptional German glass construction. It’s designed for those seeking the absolute best in optical performance.

Is the Zero Compromise Optic ZC527 suitable for use in thermal applications?

No, the Zero Compromise Optic ZC527 is specifically designed for precision shooting and does not function as a thermal scope. If you are looking for thermal scopes, consider exploring options in the thermal scope category.

Can the Zero Compromise 527 be used for night vision applications?

No, this optic is not equipped for night vision. It excels in providing outstanding light transmission and resolution but does not support night vision functionalities.

Does the Zero Compromise 527 have windage adjustment features?

Yes, the optic comes with windage adjustment capabilities, and the windage turret is designed for precise adjustments. The right windage turret configuration ensures accuracy in windage adjustments.

Can the optic be used for tactical applications, and does it offer tactical mil features?

Absolutely, the Zero Compromise 527 is suitable for tactical use, featuring tactical mil adjustments. The turret type and left windage turret configurations contribute to its tactical precision.


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