SIG SAUER P322: Sweet SIG Goodness

by Kyle Lamb

March 22, 2022



This is the Sig Sauer P322. We have got our hands on one, and here are our thoughts exactly. In this Sig P322 review, we’ll take a deep look at the functionality, ergonomics, and applicability to this handgun.

Disclaimer: I am an instructor for the SIG SAUER Academy. Despite my connection, I believe I gave an honest an impartial review below. At Gun University, we take transparency seriously.

Sig’s newest rimfire pistol in the 300-series: a polymer .22 lr similar to the p365xl.

Check out what we think about the new p322 below in our hands-on review.

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SIG P322 Specs

  • Price TBD
  • Caliber .22LR
  • Capacity 20+1 Rounds
  • Slide length 6.75″
  • Height 5.5″
  • Slide width 0.99″
  • Weight (empty mag) 1.085 lbs
  • Action Semi-Auto
  • Manual Safety? Yes
  • Red-Dot Capable? Yes
  • Firing Mechanism Internal Hammer
  • Sights Fiber Optic Adjustable

Sig P322 Background

It is not an over-statement to say that Sig redefined the standard for a CCW pistol when they came out with the p365.

It is an ergonomic, reliable, and accurate handgun with an amazingly high 9mm capacity. Other manufacturers clearly had to develop and come out with new products just to compete with it.

The p365 expanded to various models, including one of my favorites, the p365xl, which had a longer grip to accept 12 rounds of 9mm in a flush fit magazine, a slightly longer slide, and a flat/straight trigger.

Now Sig has taken the next step and brought us a .22 lr pistol that compliments the popular p365 with a similar appearance, grip, and size.

The new p322 from Sig comes with a 20+1 capacity and we got our hands on one to play with. Want to see what we though of Sig’s 322? Read our review below.

SIG SAUER P322 Features

1 20 Round slightly staggered magazine

High capacity for a rimfire pistol

2 Accepts red dot sights

It is awesome to see manufacturers include this

3 Straight Trigger

Normally only on upgraded models

4 Adjustable high visibility sights

Easy to use and zero

5 Manual safety

A nice addition as this pistol has in internal hammer

6 Standard magazine catch

Easy training familiarity with the p365

7 Light rail

Accepts pistol lights

8 Threaded Barrel

Ready for suppressors

SIG P322 Review

The P322 22 Long Rifle Pistol from Sig Sauer is another nice addition to the P320 line. This pistol is barely bigger than the P365XL so easy shooting was a breeze. Accuracy was also normal for a gun of this type with smaller groups in the 2 inches at the 20-yard range. The long rifle ammunition used was SK Match, Norma Tac 22, and Lapua Center X. I wasn’t surprised when the Lapua was the most accurate.

Kyle Lamb shooting the Sig p322

The fiber optic front and fiber optic adjustable rear sight are perfect for quick accurate shooting. This coupled with almost zero recoil, and you have an extremely fun gun to shoot. I personally spend more time these days shooting 22’s than I have in years. Ammo is cheap and the marksmanship training is perfect.

SIG SAUER p322 and magazines

The rear sight can be removed and replaced with a red dot sight if that fits your needs. It would make this pistol a tac driver.

Trigger pull on the test pistol was sufficient and safe; I especially liked the external safety. It doesn’t have to be used but I would highly recommend it, since this isn’t a striker fired pistol.

The P322 is slightly thicker in the slide area than the P365XL so you are not able to swap guns in the same holster. I was hoping they would have an exact size match just for this purpose. The P322 will retail for around 400-450 dollars.

Sig 322 Ammo Testing

Overall, this is a great little gun. I was surprised at the size to capacity ratio. It is a 22LR that any family member can carry all day, every day. The size will fit everyone, and the 20-round magazine capacity is a sure winner.

Sig p322 magazine speed loader

The included speed-loader, often an overlooked item with new pistols, is a great little tool!

The super high capacity (20+1) of the Sig 322 comes from what I’ll call a semi-double stack magazine wherein the base of the cartridges double stack but the bullets stay more in-line. The speed loader not only makes it fast to load the magazines, it also helps ensure that the cartridges are aligned properly for easy feeding.

Sig P322 Pros and Cons

  • Barely bigger than a SIG P365 XL
  • Same texture as P365
  • Useful speed loader
  • High Capacity
  • Red-dot capable
  • Not compatible with p365xl holsters

Report Card


This little gun is fun to shoot!


.22 pistols can be finicky sometimes but the p322 ran flawlessly with all tested ammo.


With the p365’s excellent ergonomics, it was a pleasure to shoot.


Accuracy was good with all ammo but best with Lapua


Especially if you already have a p365, this is a great option for a 22 trainer.


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About Kyle Lamb

Kyle is a retired special operations Sergeant Major, nationally recognized firearms trainer, author, owner of, and host of the Team VTAC podcast.

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  1. In your report card you said this, “With the p365’s excellent ergonomics, it was a pleasure to shoot.” I think you meant to say P322 instead of P365. I really want to buy the P322, and I have wanted a P365XL (or similar sized double stack) for some time now, so the P322 will finally push me over the edge to buy both pistols.

    1. I think he meant that the p322 has the p365’s ergonomics. Similar to saying someone has their father’s eyes.

      1. The 322 closely mimics it’s big brother the 365XL in size, just not in caliber. It does make a great practice gun. My 322s trigger is not as good as my 365 but highly acceptable. I’d estimate mine being around 5 lbs. The 21 rd total capacity is great for practice however you need to carefully load the magazine one at a time or you may cause a jamb. My gun shoots the cheapest stuff best for some reason. The sights are good daytime sights. I didn’t put an optic on mine but I believe a Shield pattern optic will fit.

  2. Great rimfire pistol. However, as usual with Sig Sauer firearms, it’s a bit expensive. I think that somewhere between $329 to $349 would be a much more reasonable price. It will be getting some serious competition from the Taurus TX 22, and the Kel-Tec P17.

  3. Awesome! I’m anxious to get one myself and see how it compares to my Walther PPQ22. Although it won’t be totally apples to apples, since I have the 5” version, but I’m curious nonetheless. I agree, I wish this P322 would fit my P365 holster, but if that’s the only downside, I’m in! It’ll be great to have 20 rounds instead of the usual 10 to 12 with most .22 pistols.

  4. I wish you and the sig website would just list the price. It’s kind of dumb that I have to go to three different websites just to find out how much it costs.

    1. I wish we had the price and then we’d list it – we’re not purposely hiding the price from you.

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