Adam Arms AA-19 Review: Glock Knock-Off

by Travis Pike

March 14, 2022



Back in my day, we had to take our Glocks out and insert all the expensive custom parts ourselves! These days the kids are all spoiled with their factory-produced Gucci Glocks! Speaking of, today we got our hands on one of these whippersnappers’ high-end fancy factory pistols. Today in this Adams Arms AA-19 Review we are seeing what all the hype is about. 

This performance driven, compact 9x19mm handgun features our profiled VS19 slide.

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AA-19 Specs

  • Barrel Length 4.25 inches
  • Overall Length 7.75 inches
  • Weight 25.12 ounces
  • Caliber 9mm

The Adams Arms Glock 

When I say Adams Arms, you likely picture ARs, specifically well-made piston-driven ARs. If you’re me, you picture fellow Floridians. Adams Arms is a small American company, and this is their first step into the world of traditional pistols with the AA19. They took a look at the Glock series of guns and decided it was good but could be better. 

They didn’t purchase a Glock 19 and customize it and resell it to you. No, they just used the Glock 19 as inspiration and built a gun based on the same platform. The frame uses a grip angle much more akin to a 1911 than a Glock, and that means the grip is much straighter and curved less rearward. The grip’s outfitted with an aggressive texture and a much more aggressive beavertail. 

The slide comes optic’s ready, the barrel is threaded, and a rail makes the AA19 perfectly suited to be outfitted with all the modern accessories and parts and pieces you could ever want on a modern sidearm. Adams Arms equipped this thing with tons and tons of features. 

Lots of people get a Glock and instantly outfit it with a ton of accessories to increase its performance. Adams Arms removes a step from that process and just equips you with a Glock chock full of accessories, features, and improvements that save you both time and money. 

AA-19 Features

AA19 Features
1 Optics Ready
2 Threaded Barrel 
3 Lightened Slide 
4 Defoor Ameriglo Sights 
5 Picatinny Rail 


The AA19 comes optic ready but also includes a set of Defoor EDC sights by Ameriglo. Defoor benign Kyle Defoor, former Navy SEAL and current firearm instructor. These sights are all metal, none of that crappy Glock plastic sights BS. The all-metal, all-black iron sights are interesting and new to me. I tend to like something that contrasts better. That being said, I had zero issues hitting my targets and doing so quickly. 

The thin front sight lands between the big square-shaped slot quickly, and I can find it quickly and easily. A thin front sight makes it easy to hit targets at longer ranges and makes it easier to center the sight between the rear sight and get on target fast. I moved blazingly fast through a number of drills, as well as target transitions and making long-range shots. 

Out to 35 yards, I went 10 for 10 on a ten-inch gong in about 12 seconds. I was aiming for a ten-second par time but just couldn’t get my time down and my accuracy percentage high enough to do so. It’s more on me than the gun. 

Trigger wise we aren’t getting some dingus-equipped trigger that’s average at best. Instead, we get a Tango Down Vickers trigger that’s flat-faced and extremely smooth. It breaks at 90 degrees and travels smoothly, but not super light. It’s not a competition trigger, but one aimed at concealed carry and duty use. 

The Ergos and the AA19 

Okay, so Glock ergonomics are nowhere near as bad as Glock haters make them out to be. However, they can be improved, and the AA19 does it right. I prefer the grip angle Adams Arms outfitted the AA19 with. Grip angle is subjective, but I prefer it to the classic Glock grip. It’s more than just a good grip angle, though. 

Adams Arms outfitted the trigger guard with a serious undercut that pairs it with a slight beavertail at the end of the gun. That trigger undercut is actually a pair of undercuts, and a second cut allows for an excellent high grip with the support hand as well. 

My biggest complaint with Glocks is the slide bite they give me. That’s not a problem here. Even with my super high grip, my hand remains untouched by the slide. That aggressive grip texture digs and holds your hand as tight as your hand holds it. 

AA19 tossed on an extended magazine release that makes engagement quicker and reloads faster. The grip is just a hair longer than a standard Glock 19, and this allows for quicker reloads without sacrificing compatibility with Glock 19 mags. At least for me, it does. On a traditional Glock 19, my hand is just hair too big and overhangs the bottom of the grip. The slightly longer grip allows the mag to drop free and insert without pinching me. 

Banging Steel 

The ability to get a high grip on the gun really helps you manage and fight recoil between shots. The lack of slide bite ensures the weapon’s always comfortable to fire, and I toss hundreds of rounds down range without wearing myself out or developing a flinch. The gun handles exceptionally well. 

The excellent ergonomics make the gun easy to control and allow me to keep the weapon on target shot after shot. Sure it works well with 115-grain FMJs, but it also has no problems with 124-grain +P loads either, and that’s what’s important. The ability to maintain control over powerful +P defensive loads makes the weapon more capable for combat. 

Chewing Through 

The AA19 chewed through a ton of ammo without so much as a stutter. It took plenty of those aforementioned 115-grain FMJs through the pipes. I also sent a few SIG, Speer, and Atlanta Ammo 124 grain +Ps through it and some Ranger 115-grain JHPs. Nothing stopped it, choked it, or slowed it down. 

A lot of people might see the price tag and frown. A 999 dollar Glock 19 seems expensive. It’s certainly more expensive than a stock Gen 5 Glock 19. However, once you price out all the upgrades and accessories, the weapon’s price gets a fair bit more understandable. With all the add ons priced out, the gun cost well above a grand. 

AA19 Pros and Cons 

  • Excellent Ergonomics
  • Glock Compatibility 
  • Optics Ready 
  • Feature Filled 
  • Uses the older Gen 3 platform 

Report Card


Recoil is plenty controllable, and the weapon remains comfortable even with more powerful self-defense loads. It’s plenty shootable and comfortable. 


The gun went through a variety of loads with a variety of magazines and ate each one up. It never tapped out or slowed down throughout all of my shooting. 


It might not fit in my hand like a CZ 75, but the AA19 is a genuine improvement over the standard Glock 19. My only complaint is the stock slide lock gets pinned down with an aggressive forward thumbs grip. 


Accuracy wise the AA19 delivers. The excellent trigger paired with the Defoor sights gives you a wonderful experience. You can shoot both straight and fast with the AA19, and that’s what matters. 


That’s a tough one. It’s expensive for sure but also priced fairly when you consider the upgrades attached to it. It’s not for everyone, but if you want to avoid the shopping, the installation, and the possibility of improperly installing the parts and pieces, then the AA19 has you covered. 

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AA-19 Gun Deals

9mm Ammo for your AA-19

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