CANIK TP9SF REVIEW [One Series-2020]


After shooting the Canik TP9SF, it’s hard to find a reason to truly dislike this gun. It’s a quality handgun that fires great and is fun to shoot. The TP9SF comes with some high-grade features–most notably its trigger–and a reliability factor you would come to expect for a conceal carry firearm.

Not only that…But the Canik is perfect for those on a budget! This isn’t just one of those budget guns that cuts backs on its quality or safety for pricing sakes. (If you’re looking for one of those, just go ahead and grab a Hi-Point.)

I used the One Series when it came to this review.

The One Series is the exact same gun as the standard TP9SF. It just comes with less accessories out the box but with an even more attractive price.

Either way, I absolutely love this gun and would definitely recommend this to those looking for the best bang for their buck.

Canid TP9SF Gun University

Canik TP9SF


What is the CANIK TP9SF

In my opinion, the Canik TP9SF is an amazing firearm–both in value and quality. However, let’s go ahead and address the elephant in the room. This is a Turkish made handgun, and has become the standard sidearm of the Turkish army.

Now, many of you diehards and politically-charged owners may scoff at this. But don’t let this dissuade you. The Canik is an incredible pistol–especially for those on a budget.

The TP9SF is also just one member of Canik’s TP9 family. The selections go to include the TP9EC, TP9SA, TP9SF Elite, and TP9SFx. There are slight variations between each of these guns, but all still carry the same quality and value.


Host Platform





Mec Gar


1.78 lbs

Barrel Length



16 + 1

Canid TP9SF Features Review

1 Striker Indicator

When the gun is ready to fire, a red bulb indicator is shown that the striker is in the ready position.

2 Canik’s Infamous Single Action Trigger

This single action trigger is one of the best triggers you will find on any handgun.

3 MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny Rail

With this Picatinny attached to the front end of the weapon, there is definite room for attachments and customizations.

4 Warren Tactical Sights

The TP9SF comes stock with Warren Tactical sights with a front dot sight.

CANIK TP9SF Review: Our Take

This handgun is AWESOME! The Canik TP9SF is our budget-gun recommendation. Want to know a budget handgun that didn’t make the grade? Check out our SCCY 9mm Review.

No, I don’t think it can replace higher-end duty-level guns. But… for a budget firearm, the Canik TP9SF can serve as a great option and it punches way above its class.

This means that if I have a choice for a duty gun, I’ll personally pick a Glock, Sig, CZ, or H&K over the Canik. However, if I’m working with a budget or I want a gun that I don’t want to be too worried about abusing (ranch gun, truck gun, etc.) or if someone’s is looking for a first gun to just get started and they aren’t quite sure which gun that they’d really like to end up with, then the Canik is it!

The TP9 pistol from Canik is a polymer striker-fired gun. It is comfortable enough, the controls work, and it is SUPER reliable. However, where the Canik really shines is its awesome trigger!

The trigger on the TP9SF is so good, I think it is better than options available on higher-end guns. Seriously, out of the box, I think the trigger is as good as, or better than, stock H&K, CZ, and Glock triggers!

One gripe… the bore-height is a bit tall. The Warren sights are a nice touch but the skinny rear sight makes the slide appear taller (leaner).

CANIK TP9SF Review: Pros and Cons

  • Very Reliable
  • Awesome Trigger
  • Affordable
  • Ergonomic
  • A bit tall in the hand
  • One Series only has one magazine, grip module
  • Ugly


Canik TP9SF Top Upgrades & Accessories

While there may not be as many available upgrades–as compared to a Glock or S&W–there are still some sweet add-ons available. Here are our top picks:

Best Holster for the Canik TP9SF

V3 Ultra Conceal OWB Holster– This holster this completely adjustable, convertible to IWB, and comes with a bumper to bumper lifetime warranty.

Best Magazine Extension for the Canik TP9SF

Canik Plus Four Basepad– This extension allows for your Canik TP9SF to carry 22+1 rounds and works with the stock magazine spring.

Best Threaded Barrel for the Canik TP9SF

Canik TP9SF Threaded Barrel– If you’re looking to attach a suppressor to your Canik TP9SF, this is the barrel to do it with. *As a side note, this barrel only fits the TP9SF.

V3 Ultra Conceal OWB Holster
Canik Holster Gun University

Completely adjustable, convertible to IWB

Canik Plus Four Basepad
Canik TP9SF Gun University

Carry 22+1 rounds and works with the stock magazine spring

Canik TP9SF Threaded Barrel
Canid TP9SF Gun University

Attach a suppressor to your Canik TP9SF, only  barrel to use

Canik TP9SF Elite vs Elite-S

As we mentioned earlier, the TP9 family has a wide variety of members. And the TP9SF Elite actually comes in two versions: the Elite and the Elite-S. This video by Sootch00 does an excellent job in breaking down the differences in the two.

What it really boils down to is this… How do you feel about the trigger lock? If you have a need for that extra level of safety precaution, the Elite-S model may be the better of the two options for you.

Whats The Bottom line on the Canik TP9SF?

The Canik TP9SF (and the rest of the TP9 series) and its wonderful value isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon. It’s an amazing handgun for shooters of all experience with or without its affordable price point.

Check out these two articles for extra resources on the Canik TP9SF:

Canid TP9SF vs. SCCY CPX-2

There will always be debate on which is the best budget gun available. We did a review on another just recently–the SCCY CPX-2. Now while these two guns have a similar price point, they are worlds apart in terms of quality. Long story short, Canik TP9SF FTW. But if you’re interested in seeing just how the SCCY fared, check out our Sccy 9mm review!

caniktp9sf Gun University

Completely adjustable, convertible to IWB

SCCY 9mm Gun University

Attach a suppressor to your Canik TP9SF, only  barrel to use


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