When it comes to Bird’s Head Grip  firearms, Remington has two in its arsenal.  And this is the semi-automatic version, the V3 Tac-13.  It follows a common trend of semi-auto “shorty shotties” that are being released now such as the Charles Daly Defense Honcho or Black Aces Shotgun Semi.

But what makes the V3 Tac-13 so different is through the incorporation of Remington’s Versaport Gas System.  This system is designed to allow for smoother recycling and minimized recoil. 

Let’s see if the Versaport system really is the right choice for this Non-NFA firearm.

Remington V3 Tac-13


Reliability: A+
Customization: B
Accuracy: C
Ergonomics: B
Shootability: C
Value: C

Final Grade: C

Remington V3 Action

With guns like these, pump action is normally the way to go because semi-autos usually need a buttstock for the operating spring.  So how can this be a semi-auto?

Well, the Remington V3 uses a unique configuration of two operating springs in the receiver – therefore, a buttstock isn’t needed for this semi-auto to work!

This is what makes the Remington V3 action a perfect candidate for a shockwave-style firearm.


GUN Specs

Operating System Versaport Gas System
Guage/Bore 12 Guage
Weight 5.94 lbs
Overall Length 26.5″
Barrel Length 13″

V3 TAC-13 Versaport Gas System

Often, short barreled semi-auto gas-operated shotguns have troubles with reliability.  This is because the gas ports are near the end of the barrel and there’s not much time to redirect the gases required to operate the system.

The Remington V3 system, on the other hand, is just about perfect for a short barreled firearm.  This is achieved by utilizing Remington’s Versaport Gas System.  For those of you familiar with Remington’s line of Versamax shotguns, you’ll understand exactly what’s going on here.

Remington Versa PortBut for you guys (and gals) out of the loop, let me explain. The Versaport Gas system is a pretty neat innovation that Remington uses for some of its shotgun platforms.  The ports are right at the front of the chamber and the amount of gas delivered to the action is dependent upon the size of the shotgun shell.

There are a total of 7 different ports used to channel gas into the system.  The more ports open, the more gas that enters the system for operation.  When using 3″ shells, 4 gas ports are covered.  But with 2 3/4″ shells, all 8 ports are uncovered to allow for proper recycling of the gun.

It’s a novel self-regulating solution that doesn’t need more than a few inches of barrel length to work.

Remington TAC-13 Features

1. Bird’s Head Grip
This unique pistol grip provides a more ergonomic hold and entertaining experience for the shooter. 

2. Versaport Gas Operated System
This is a self-regulating gas system which allows for reliable feeding of different forms of ammunition.  It also helps to cut down on the recoil normally associated with this type of gun.

3. 5 Round Capacity 
This firearm comes equipped with a 5-shell capacity that can fire anything from light field loads to slugs.

4. Hand Strap
Adjustable hand strap to allow for the operator to better control muzzle flip.

Remington V3 TAC-13 – Our Take


If you’re new to these new non-shotgun firearms with the shockwave bird’s-head grip, please check out our Mossberg Shockwave and Remington TAC-14 reviews to get some general background on our thoughts on this type of platform.

We can give you a very simple summary now: If you like this style of firearm and you’d like it to be semi-auto (instead of pump action), then the Remington V3 Tac-13 is the gun for you!  However, if you want to shoot mini shells or don’t want to pay for semi-auto, you should get the Mossberg Shockwave instead.

What we liked: This is such a great application of the Remington VersaPort system and the V3 action that we like this firearm configuration better than the full-size V3 shotgun.

Although we are familiar with pump action shotguns, there is something very handy about using this as a semi-auto so that you don’t have to worry about pumping the shotgun between each shot.  Also, the semi-auto action helps remove some of the felt recoil…. that’s a plus!

What we didn’t like: Although the Versa Port system is awesome (and we really like in the full-size bigger brother to the V3, the VersaMac shotgun), Remington made a poor engineering/design choice with the V3 handguard – the exhaust gasses from the Versa Ports empty into the handguard, and because of this absurd design, the V3 handguards direct the gasses towards the back and out of the handguard.

On this V3 Tac-13, this just means that your clothes and firing hand may  get peppered with some debris and gases. However, on the full-size V3 shotgun, your face (yes, your face) gets peppered with debris!

I have finished shooting a box of shells from a V3 action and you could see an outline of where my safety glasses were from the little specs of debris that hit me in the face.  It’s bad enough that I’ve watched someone shoot one 3″ shell from a V3 action and then immediately hand the shotgun off while covering their eyes and saying “hell no, I don’t want one of those!”

Also, just like the Remington TAC-14 (the version of this firearm based off of a Remingotn 870 action), the controls are in less than ideal locations and you can not shoot minishells like you can with the Mossberg Shockwave.

Yes, the gun is reliable and it can be fun to shoot.  However, especially with the price considered, we recommend the Mossberg Shockwave instead.


Remington V3 TAC-13 Pros and Cons

Softer recoil

Easier to operate than a pump

Novel action and gas system

Poor exhaust gas design


Lower capacity than the Mossberg Shockwave

Poor locations for controls

Can’t shoot minishells

Report card

Reliability Excellent reliability with 2-3/4″ shells


Accuracy A bit hard to aim/shoot


Customization Not much to customize.


Shootability Lower recoil and faster to shoot, however, shoots gasses rearward


Ergonomics Controls in less than ideal locations


Value Much more expensive than the pump-action alternatives and no minishell capability


Final Grade: C+

Performance Review of the Rem V3 TAC-13

Looking for an excellent in-depth review of the Remington V3 Tac-13?  Honest Outlaw put together an amazing YouTube video explaining the capabilities of this firearm.

Our Top Upgrade Picks for the Remington V3 TAC-13

So how can you make one of the world’s best shotguns even better?  Accessories.  You want to make sure that your gun is an extension of yourself, and the best way to do that is with some sweet upgrades.  Check out our top picks for the Benelli M4.

Best Low Recoil Ammo for the Remington V3 TAC-13

Fiocchi Ultra Low Recoil Ammo – The Tac-13 makes recoil a little bit better due to its Versaport gas system. However, it still packs quite a kick.  Get a hold of some these Fiocchis and further minimize your recoil.

Best Stock Adapter for the Remington V3 TAC-13

Ergo Grips Remington Tac-13 Stock Adapter – This is an AR-style stock and pistol grip upgrade for TAC-13 if you’re looking to take a break from the Shockwave grip.

Best Scabbard for the Remington TAC-14

Voodoo Tactical Breacher’s Shotgun Scabbard – This scabbard remains our top pick for all short shotguns.  They’re well made and definitely ensure protection from unnecessary dings on your TAC-13.

The Semi Auto Bird’s Head Shotgun Craze

One of the newest trends hitting the shotgun world is the use of Shockwave’s Raptor grip. Remington, Mossberg, Black Aces, and Charles Daly Defense have all jumped on the bandwagon.

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