Introduction of Gun Wiki to Gun University

by Dave Chesson

February 21, 2021



The Gun Wiki was started in 2008 as a place for the creation of user based information.  Through that system, users could add data on specific subjects, and the entered information would be curated, and if deemed acceptable, would be published.  Over the years, The Gun Wiki grew in popularity and started to branch out to cover topics on 922(r) compliance, lists of specific builds in regards to compliance, and tools like the Dillon Press Caliber Conversion finder.

However, recently, The Gun Wiki decided to shed it’s domain of The Gun Wiki and instead just take on Gun Wiki as the new title. This presented the opportunity for Gun University to act and add The Gun Wiki to our repertoire.  As you’ll see below, the combination of The Gun Wiki to our system is not only in line with what we are working on, but will also serve as a means in which to build upon our ongoing projects.


As was the case with the Gun Wiki site, Gun University will continue to uphold the efforts in pushing new information on 922(r) compliance.  Along  with writing an extensive guide to understanding 922r, Gun University will also be working to build checklists to help users verify parts builds for things like the Saiga compliance, SKS verified compliance, G3 verification compliance, MP5 compliance, Fal and more.  This sort of effort will go hand in hand as well with other future projects to help users build their own glocks, and other weapons like AR15s.

One other area we look to grow in is to start building tools for users like a Dillon Press Caliber Conversion Finder, Curio and Relic Discounters, and some tables and system to help users of Gun University keep track of their number of foreign parts when augmenting in compliance with 922(r). Building tools like the above is something we’ve been working on already with our upcoming Scope Ring Finder tool schedule to come out later this year.  Expanding Gun University to providing tools and solutions, and not just excellent information, is our goal.

Also, while we will not build out a legal Californian timeline like was the case with the Gun Wiki, we will continue to work to keep up to date with news on California and other state requirements.  This sort of information is very important to us, considering we’re also involved in educating people on getting their FFL.   As potential changes in gun laws are on their way with the Biden administration, and states like California continue to make gun law changes, it will be even more important for users to keep up to date, and also work to get their FFL and thus their rights to buy weapons online and sell them.


At this time, we don’t have the intention to build a wiki on the Gun University site, however, that doesn’t mean that isn’t something we won’t do in the future.  Our goal at Gun University is to educate on weapons, laws and current events, while also building a database of information and tools. Providing a wiki feels like it would be an excellent way to progress this sort of action, however, we do not have the means to integrate it at this time.



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