Sig P365XL Spectre Comp Review

by Joel Wise

June 13, 2022



The Sig P365XL Spectre Comp, because you know, identifying a gun with a simple number like seventeen, nineteen, or a strong animal name isn’t good enough. Sig has to be different, and in this example, it’s a very good thing!

P365XL Spectre Comp Specs

  • Caliber 9mm
  • Capacity 12 round
  • Length 6.6″
  • Width 1.1″
  • Height 4.8″
  • Barrel Length 3.1″ (Carbon Steel)
  • Trigger X Series flat gold

Spectre Comp Background 

The first pistol Sig introduced in this line-up was the P365. I believe the intent at the time was to make a sub-compact concealed carry gun with a larger capacity, a great trigger, and one that would actually fit in the hands of a greater percentage of consumers.  They knocked it out of the park in my opinion.  

With the next iteration, the P365XL, Sig lengthened the barrel and the grip slightly.  This placed the gun in more of the “compact” category instead of the sub-compact.  The “Spectre” delineation was next and came from the factory with some custom features added to the popular P365XL pistol.  They added a gold-colored nitride finish on the barrel and trigger. They also added the ability to run a red dot optic.  Speaking of the trigger, this became a flat shoe and was polished for a smooth break. 

Now we have the P365XL Spectre Comp which had all the previous features but added a built-in compensator to the slide.

Sig P365XL Spectre Comp Features

1 The Compensator
2 Grip Engraving
3 Optics Ready
4 X Series Flat Gold Trigger

Sig P365 Gun Models

Sig P365XL Spectre Comp – Our Take

I like to visit public ranges on rainy days because it’s safer.  If that doesn’t make perfect sense then you might be one of the people I don’t like to find at said public ranges.  

I headed out to a new public range about a week ago, in the rain, to test out the new Sig P365XL Spectre Comp. I had the place to myself and fortunately, the range had covered firing positions. 

I have been carrying on a daily basis, the Sig P365 since it was first released. It replaced my Glock 19 as my EDC pistol – I’ll let that sink in for a minute.  I’m the guy who previously would have been telling people that there’s literally no good reason, in the universe, to choose anything other than a Glock as a personal defense weapon.  The P365 is the first pistol to change my mind.  

So now I’m a Sig fan apparently.  Not only that but thanks to the P365XL Spectre Comp, I’m a flat trigger and red dot optics on a pistol fan as well. 

I have a reliability test that I perform on every new pistol I get.  That is if I intend to conceal and carry said pistol.  I will fire 200 rounds or more through the gun as quickly as I can, in one outing, to see if the pistol malfunctions.  If I get any malfunctions, that are the fault of the firearm, I will sell that gun immediately.  Why?  Because it can’t be trusted to protect my life or the lives of others. Love it or hate it, that’s my test.  The Sig P365XL Spectre Comp passed this test. 

In full transparency, the slide failed to lock open one time and I deduced that it was because of my large thumbs riding on top of the slide stop.  I modified my thumb position from that point on and had no further issues.  I also had a failure to fire with one single round.  It was not a light strike.  The round simply didn’t go bang.  I ruled that it was the fault of that particular round and not the gun as it never happened with any of the other rounds fired. 

Ergonomics is one of the most important aspects of any firearm in my opinion.  Simply put, if it doesn’t fit your hand or body well, you won’t shoot it as well as you probably could.  On a one to five scale of hand size, with five being Andre The Giant hands, I have a 3.65-sized paw.  The Sig P365XL Spectre Comp fits my hand perfectly.  The grip circumference is just right for me to get a full purchase on the pistol.  The length is such that I can get my entire hand on the grip and my pinky finger doesn’t fall off the bottom.  I think this alone is one of the most important benefits for weapon control and retention.

My accuracy test was a bit lacking in-depth and detail.  I first zeroed the Holosun red dot on the Spectre Comp at 25 yards and then I never moved closer to the target that day.  Reference the rain from the beginning of the article.  I was shooting at a pre-used paper plate, standing offhand, slow fire.  The 12-shot group measured approximately 4-5 inches with the exception of one called flier that would have made the group approximately 12 inches. I think the pistol will shoot better than that with quality rounds and a supported position.  I was pleased with the results for a compact defensive pistol and my old eyes.  

Shootability is a term roughly translated as “how does it feel?”  In short, it feels good.  The compensator makes a noticeable difference in felt recoil versus the standard P365.  I brought both pistols along so that I could test this very thing.  I’ve been seeing a percentage of recoil reduction being thrown around on the internet with regards to this compensated version.  People are claiming a 25-35% reduction in recoil with the compensator versus any previous model without the compensator.  I have no way of calculating that for you, but I can confidently agree that there is a noticeable softening of the recoil.  I was able to get back on target faster and thereby shoot faster with the Spectre Comp. 

I also want to note that the laser engraved grip stippling is aggressive, but not so much that it threatens to tear up your hands.  It is an improvement over the standard Sig P365 first generation. 

The slide serrations are deep enough to be effective and well placed in my opinion.  Nothing further to report there. 

Additionally, the levers and buttons are all intuitive and nothing stood out as a negative in that regard. 

Value can be somewhat subjective based on each person’s budget and the features they think are most important.  I’m not a poor man, but I think the Spectre Comp is a touch over-priced. I gladly paid it because I wanted the shiny new thing with the red dot, but if I’m being forced to find a negative, it’s the price.

I think sub one thousand dollars would have been the perfect price point for this pistol.  I’m basing that statement on comparisons of full-sized, customized, competition-ready guns like the CZ Shadow 2 which can be found for roughly the same price as the Sig.  Bottom line, if you want a compact CCW pistol with a custom trigger, cool looks, optics ready, and a compensator, the price might be worth it to you. 

If you’re on a somewhat strict budget for a CCW pistol, you might look at the standard Sig P365 in the $500 to $600 range.  

Sig P365XL Spectre Comp Pros and Cons

  • Compensator provides a noticeable recoil reduction
  • Custom trigger – flat shoe allows for optimal finger placement
  • Optics ready is a no brainer these days
  • The laser engraved grip stippling is just right
  • The price
  • The compensator picks up a lot of carbon and deposits it firmly on the outside of the barrel

Report Card


It simply felt nice to shoot.  Not too snappy like some compact pistols.


Passed my 200 round initial torture test with zero malfunctions.


Everything fits me just right with the exception of that one time my thumb position kept the slide from engaging the slide stop on an empty mag.


Basing this on prior knowledge of other similarly priced pistols.


I do think it’s over-priced by about $400.00. You can get similar features for less in other pistols.  


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Sig P365XL Spectre Comp Ammo

Range Rounds


MagTech 9mm 115 GR FMJ Ammo

Cost Per Round
Natchez Shooter’s Supply $0.24
Brownells $0.23
Palmetto State Armory $0.34

Best Defense Rounds

Box of Hornady 9mm pistol ammunition

Hornady Critical Defense 115 GR

Cost Per Round
Cabela’s $1.24
Midway USA $1.24

Sig P365XL Spectre Comp Starter Pack

So, you’re planning on picking up a Sig P365XL Spectre Comp? If so, you’re going to need more than just the gun to make it safely go bang. You’re going to need proper protections, extra mags, and something to clean it with at the end of a long day at the range. Here are our recommendations:

  • Gun Cleaning Kit: Otis All Caliber Elite Range Box on Amazon or build your own personalized cleaning kit with premium components.
  • Shooting Glasses: All it takes is one piece of rogue hot brass, and you’ll learn the importance of shooting glasses. But not all glasses are built the same. See our recommendations for the Best Shooting Glasses.
  • Hearing Protection: Firing a gun without wearing proper ear pro can be very dangerous and detrimental to your hearing. Find out the best hearing protection for you in our full-length review.
  • Storage: Check out our article on the Best Biometric Gun Safes
  • Targets – If you’re wanting a great resource for shooting practice or zeroing your optics on your optics rifle or pistol, download our FREE Sighting in Targets below.

Sig P365XL Spectre Comp Upgrades and Accessories

There are some options available to accessorize the Sig P365XL Spectre Comp. However, if we had to choose only a few options… Here are our picks.

Sig P365XL Spectre Comp Accessories

Sig Sauer FOXTROT365 Tactical White Light
  • Rail mounted flashlight
  • Dual, finger actuated tact switches
  • Either continuous or momentary mode
Check Amazon
Holosun 507K
  • Favorite for Subcompact Handguns
  • Lightweight
  • Multiple Reticle Options between versions
Check Amazon
Sig Sauer P365XL 9mm 10round Magazine
  • High-tensile steel spring
  • Heat-treated, anti-tilt polymer follower
  • Compatible with P365X and P365XL models
Check Price

Sig P365XL Spectre Comp Review Video

Below is a hands-on review of the Sig P365XL Spectre Comp on Joel’s YouTube Channel – Precision Rifle Network. Joel puts the Spectre Comp through its paces, and you get his first thoughts in the video.

Looking for more info on the Sig Sauer P365XL Spectre Comp? Or did you lose your manual? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered. Check out our links below:


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  1. Well designed for that Sig Sauer customer looking for all the bells and whistles. This Spectre Comp performs well with the compensator reducing some recoil. In particular, the optic plate permits mounting red dot optics, a trend for the future. Everyone wishes to improve accuracy and coupling with the Sig training classes on PMO 102 and 103, twenty-four hours on classroom and shooting practice, the shooter’s abilities are a few steps towards perfection. There is also a Sig Rail for a light or laser. Last, the Sig Sauer Spectre Comp is like a Porsche, it looks beautiful.

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