Goat Guns Review – Mini Replica Firearms

by Ryan Cleckner

September 21, 2022



I had to write a Goat Guns review because I saw an awesome mini replica AK-47 (that had actual moving parts) that fit in the palm of your hand and knew I had to have one.

You might think I’m crazy but I thought the Goat Guns AK looked awesome! So, I went to their website and realized they made miniature working replicas of many different styles and types of firearms.


Now I can’t stop buying Goat Guns replicas for people as gifts… they’re that cool! Seriously, they’re our #1 pick in the “under $50” section on our Gift Guide for Gun Lovers.

In this Goat Guns review I’m going to cover:

What Are Goat Guns Replica Firearms?

First, let’s cover what Goat Guns are not… they are NOT actual firearms. In no way can these be modified to fire a projectile. Yes, we call them “guns/firearms” but they are simply toys!

From Goat Guns:

Do they shoot? Nope! Just like model cars don’t drive, our miniature guns are meant to build and display.

So, what are Goat Guns? They are 1:3 scale die-cast models of firearms.

The replicas are made of metal and each has parts that articulate/move and some can be operated (bolts move) and magazines removed.

These mini-replica firearms arrive in pieces and the first thing you get to do is assemble these mini firearms.

Goat Guns Review

Goat Guns replicas are awesome!

Yeah, ok, we do kinda’ feel like big kids playing with little toy guns, but, maybe that’s why they are so fun?

These 1:3 scale replica firearms come disassembled in a tray and are ready for you to start putting them together. Trust us, that’s half the fun!

Depending on which model of Goat Gun you get (check out our favorites below), different parts will move or be useable. For example, the bolts on the sniper rifle and the AK-47 move whereas the bolt on the AR-15 does not (but the charging handle does pull back). However, the AR-15 has the advantage of accepting many of the available mini replica accessories (see below).

So, why do we like these tiny toy guns?

Here’s a secret about “gun-guys” (and gals)… we love guns!

That doesn’t just mean shooting guns (although that is the best), it also means that we like to look at guns, handle firearms, operate them, and disassemble them. Unfortunately, we can’t always have an AK-47 on our desk at work – we all can’t work for Gun University. But, we can have a mini replica that sits on our desk and is fun to tinker with while on long conference calls.

The quality of the goat gun replicas is good to decent. There are some areas where we were amazed at the level of detail whereas some other spots were lacking. We don’t think that this takes away from the value because these aren’t supposed to be flawless recreations – they are supposed to be novel little toys that resemble the design and operation of some firearms.

We think that these are fun to buy for yourself but they are PERFECT gifts for gun folks.

The price of each replica varies depending on the model of the firearm.

Goat Gun Replica Assembly/Use

These dainty little firearm replicas are fun to put together and use.

Please note, they are die-cast metal but certain parts can still be fragile! Please take care in handling your minigun.

Each Goat Gun comes with an instruction sheet but it can be a bit lacking – you might have to use some ingenuity and firearms knowledge to get each one to assemble properly.

Accessories for Goat Guns

There are a TON of accessories available for these little Goat Guns.

You can get everything from lights, grips, optics, slings, magazines, and even extra dummy rounds.

Ok, as I type this I realize how much these little replicas are essentially Barbie but for grown men. ????

Although you can buy ammunition or magazines for each model, the AR-15 replica clearly has the most options for accessories.

They even now offer a complete line of attachments to upgrade your replicas – this is especially helpful ul if you have their AR-15.

goat guns cog attachment
goat guns ar barrel
goat guns magpie buttstock

Our Favorite Goat Gun Mini Firearms

Our favorite Goats guns are the AR-15 and the AK-47 followed closely by the Barrett 50 cal and then the sniper rifle and a few more. You can see all that’s available here: ALL MODELS OF GOAT GUNS

1. AR-15 Mini Replica

The AR-15 mini replica Goat Gun might very well be the most popular Goat Gun for the same reason that the real AR-15 is so popular: its modularity and ease of customization

2. AK-47 Mini Replica

While the AR-15 is customizable, the AK-47 is just plain cool. Its simplicity is its key, just like the real AK-47.

Although most folks like the AR-15 above, my favorite is the AK-47.

3. Barrett 50 cal Mini Replica

If we have to explain why the Barrett 50 cal rifle is cool, then you wouldn’t understand. ????

The 50 cal is an iconic rifle that makes for a unique miniature replica. Sure, the other firearms will get noticed on your desk but not quite like this one!

4. Sniper Rifle Mini Replica

Our fourth favorite mini replica is the sniper rifle which is modeled after an Accuracy International AWM Sniper Rifle

Where Barrett 50 is big and bulky, this sniper rifle is lean and sexy. If you’ve got a sniper in your life, you’ve got to get him this rifle for his desk!

5. Barret MRAD Mk22 Replica

Our fifth favorite mini replica is the Barrett MRAD Mk22 – the current SOCOM Sniper Rifle!

We review this rifle, in real life here and we did a video with Warrior Poet Society showing off the Mk22.

6. Sig Sauer MCX w/Suppressor

Our sixth and final favorite mini replica is the Sig Sauer MCX with Suppressor and Folding Stock in “concrete” grey.

It’s cute, right?

We hope that our Goat Gun review was successful in helping you make the decision about whether you want to buy one for yourself or as a gift for someone else. What do you think about these? Let us know in the comments below.


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