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In this Barrett MRAD review, we’ll explore the key features of this military grade sniper rifle. You’ll learn about the key features found in the MRAD, not to mention the extra information you need to help you decide if this is the right sniper rifle for you.

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Barrett, perhaps best known for their 50 Caliber sniper rifles, developed the MRAD in December of 2009 as their submission to the SOCOM Precision Rifle Contract competition. SOCOM Selected another rifle for the 2009 PSR contract and also for the next SOCOM MSR contract. However, the Barrett MRAD was selected as the winner of the most recent SOCOM Advanced Sniper Rifle contract in 2019.

Interestingly, each subsequent contract/contest by SOCOM for a new sniper rifle system was created because the results of the previous two contest did not provide SOCOM with suitable systems – it may have taken three contests, but SOCOM finally selected the MRAD. Who knows how much money and time could have been saved if the MRAD was selected in the first go-round.


Barrel Length

20 – 27


.300,  .308,  .338


Rail mounted


Bolt Action

Overall Length

42, 4-49, 4

The MRAD, designed by Chris Barrett, was created to meet the needs of the contract specs for SOCOM – this, and Chris Barrett’s imagination, is why the MRAD looks so unique.

Most sniper rifles, even those with changeable barrels and detachable magazines in chassis systems are not much more than a standard rifle action and barrel bolted into a chassis that takes detachable magazines in lieu of a standard rifle stock.

The Barrett MRAD is an entire departure from the status quo. It looks like this ingenuity paid off with this most recent contract win. As with EVERY military contract we’ve ever seen, this will surely cause a significant increase in commercial and foreign military sales for this rifle. Often manufacturers will make little to no money winning an American military contract because every other country’s military will come running for the product and American citizens will want what the military uses.


The Barrett MRAD is a heavy-duty precision bolt-action rifle that can easily change calibers from 6.5 Creedmoor up to 338 Lapua.

Unlike most other barrel change systems on bolt action rifles, the barrels are already headspaced with a barrel extension! This means that the user loosens two torx bolts, slide out the old barrel, slides in the new barrel, changes the bolt face, closes the bolt into the barrel’s extension, and then retightens the torx bolts.

This system is very similar to an AR-15’s barrel/bolt system wherein head-space is already set and the rifle is merely assembled instead of requiring gunsmith assistance or chamber gauges to ensure the correct tolerances.

Other notable features of the MRAD are the folding stock with adjustable comb (cheek piece), the adjustable trigger pack that can easily be removed and replaced, and a feature that contributes a lot to the MRAD’s unique look, a bolt that travels inside the upper receiver (again, much like an AR-15).

1 Folding and Adjustable Buttstock

Helps to make the rifle shorter for easy storage and maneuverability and allows shooter to have a precise fit to their body size/position.

2 Changeable Barrels/Calibers

Users can easily change barrels and calibers by losing two Torx screws. Headpsace is already built in to barrel/bolt combinations.

3 Detachable Magazine

10 round, drop-free, polymer magazines make it easy to keep the gun up and running in whichever caliber you’re shooting: special magazines for different calibers (e.g. 308 Win vs 338 Lapua Mag).



I’ll admit, it took me a while to warm up to it. Maybe I just wasn’t ready for what Chris Barrett is quoted as saying will be how future sniper rifles look.

Why? Well, it looked different. It was more of a Hummer than a Porchse. It seemed clunky, boxy, and the opposite of precision.

I was wrong.

I’ve now spent years shooting an MRAD and it is my go-to rifle. Heck, I took it on a successful elk hunt in the mountains of New Mexico.

Why? Well, I love the new 300 PRC cartridge and the MRAD was the only rifle that came in that caliber because the Navy got tired of waiting for the MRAD to win this latest contract and just outright purchased their MRADs in 300 PRC. I think they also see the superiority of 300 PRC over the contract’s required 300 Norma and 338 Norma.

I’ve long been claiming that the MRAD was the shoe-in for this recent SOCOM contract. That’s partly because I’ve finally realized the superiority of the design and partly because I have specific knowledge of how the other rifles failed to meet SOCOM’s needs and the MRAD fixes all of those problems.


The MRAD’s accuracy is better than you’d expect out of a tank of a rifle (it’s a tank!). Even after sliding in a new barrel and tightening some bolts, you can easily shoot sub-MOA groups. It shouldn’t work that way but it does.

The old method of accuracy involved gunsmithing, lathes, tailoring loads, and lots of custom work. The MRAD is plug and play – insert new barrel, hit target!

The New Zealand military recently tested their MRADs and achieved sub MOA groups at 600 yards for 30 separate rifles! That’s insane out of a production switch barrel rifle and factory ammo.

Changing Calibers/Barrels

The MRAD makes it stupid easy to change barrels and calibers (video coming soon).

You can get conversion kits for your MRAD so that you don’t have to invest in a completely separate rifle and scope to shoot another caliber.


It took some getting used to, but now I love how the bolt runs on the MRAD – it is very smooth partly due to the plastic sleeve that guides the bolt and also keeps debris out of the action. Again, it looks big and clunky, but you can easily “run” this gun!

If you like the safety on the right (I do), then all you do is press the safety out and switch it around – too easy. Don’t like the grip? change it. Want accessories? Easy – add them to the full length rail/handguard.


If you want one rifle to do it all, and don’t mind the heft/size, the MRAD is a true professional grade work-horse of a rifle that you won’t regret. Check out all of the MRAD configurations (caliber, barrel length, etc.) below.


  • Obscenely Accurate
  • Easy to change between Multiple Calibers/Lengths
  • Adjustable and Quick-change Trigger
  • Folding Buttstock
  • Adjustable Comb
  • Integrated 20 MOA Base
  • Full Length Rail
  • Heavy
  • Pricey
  • Long Bolt Throw for Short Calibers



Neither my MRAD, nor any other MRAD I’ve shot, has ever given me reliability problems.


Stupid accurate. Kinda’ takes the challenge out of shooting.


Have a 6.5 Creedmoor and want to change it to a 338 Lapua Mag? Easy, swap out the barrel!


I have a personal preference for standard rifle stocks over pistol grip chassis. Despite my personal opinion, this gun is easy to run and comfortable to shoot.

A -

It’s pricey, but you really are getting what you pay for. A custom precision rifle can be this much and more and you don’t get all of the robustness/reliability of the MRAD. This is a true pro-grade, go to war rifle that can EASILY change barrels and calibers.




The MRAD is available in 8 calibers (6.5 Creedmoor through 338 Lapua), 4 colors (Black, Grey, Tan, OD Green), and various barrel lengths.

We’ve collected every MRAD variation and listed it below in this table for you so that you can quickly see which calibers the MRAD comes in as well as many other MRAD features – sort and filter away!

MRAD Calibers and Barrel Lengths
CaliberColorOverall LengthBarrel LengthTwistBarrelWeightRifle RangeLatest Price
.260 RemTan47.4"24"1:8Fluted13.25lbs$4,500-4,999See Latest Price
.260 RemGrey47.4"24"1:8Fluted13.25lbs$4,500-4,999See Latest Price
.260 RemGrey47.4"24"1:8Heavy13.6lbs$4,500-4,999See Latest Price
.300 Win MagTan46.9"24"1:10Fluted13.25lbs$5,500-5,999See Latest Price
.300 Win MagGrey46.9"24"1:10Fluted13.25lbs$5,500-5,999See Latest Price
.300 Win MagBlack46.9"24"1:10Fluted13.25lbs$5,500-5,999See Latest Price
.300 Win MagOD Green46.9"24"1:10Fluted13.25lbs$5,500-5,999See Latest Price
.300 Win MagTan46.9"24"1:10Heavy13.6lbs$5,500-5,999See Latest Price
.300 Win MagOD Green46.9"24"1:10Heavy13.6lbs$5,500-5,999See Latest Price
.300 Win MagGrey46.9"24"1:10Heavy13.6lbs$5,500-5,999See Latest Price
.308 WinGrey45.4"22"1:10Carbon Fiber12.05lbs$5,500-5,999See Latest Price
.308 WinBlack39.9"17"1:10Heavy11.7lbs$4,500-4,999See Latest Price
.308 WinOD Green39.9"17"1:10Heavy11.7lbs$4,500-4,999See Latest Price
.308 WinTan39.9"17"1:10Heavy11.7lbs$5,500-5,999See Latest Price
.308 WinGrey39.9"17"1:10Heavy11.7lbs$5,500-5,999See Latest Price
.308 WinTan44.9"22"1:10Fluted12.55lbs$5,500-5,999See Latest Price
.308 WinBrown44.9"22"1:10Fluted12.55lbs$4,500-4,999See Latest Price
.308 WinBlack44.9"22"1:10Fluted12.55lbs$5,500-5,999See Latest Price
.308 WinOD Green44.9"22"1:10Fluted12.55lbs$4,500-4,999See Latest Price
.308 WinGrey44.9"22"1:10Fluted12.55lbs$5,500-5,999See Latest Price
.338 Lapua MagBlack42.4"20"1:9.35Fluted12.85lbs$5,500-5,999See Latest Price
.338 Lapua MagTan42.4"20"1:9.35Fluted12.85lbs$5,500-5,999See Latest Price
.338 Lapua MagGrey42.4"20"1:9.35Fluted12.85lbs$5,500-5,999See Latest Price
.338 Lapua MagBrown42.4"20"1:9.35Fluted12.85lbs$4,500-4,999See Latest Price
.338 Lapua MagOD Green42.4"20"1:9.35Fluted12.85lbs$5,000-5,499See Latest Price
.338 Lapua MagBlack42.4"20"1:9.35Heavy13.2lbs$4,500-4,999See Latest Price
.338 Lapua MagBrown42.4"20"1:9.35Heavy13.2lbs$5,000-5,499See Latest Price
.338 Lapua MagTan42.4"20"1:9.35Heavy13.2lbs$5,500-5,999See Latest Price
.338 Lapua MagGrey42.4"20"1:9.35Heavy13.2lbs$5,500-5,999See Latest Price
.338 Lapua MagOD Green42.4"20"1:9.35Heavy13.2lbs$5,000-5,499See Latest Price
.338 Lapua MagBlack46.9"24"1:9.35Fluted13.65lbs$5,500-5,999See Latest Price
.338 Lapua MagTan46.9"24"1:9.35Fluted13.65lbs$5,500-5,999See Latest Price
.338 Lapua MagGrey46.9"24"1:9.35Fluted13.65lbs$5,500-5,999See Latest Price
.338 Lapua MagBlack46.9"24"1:9.35Heavy14.0lbs$5,500-5,999See Latest Price
.338 Lapua MagTan46.9"24"1:9.35Heavy14.0lbs$5,500-5,999See Latest Price
.338 Lapua MagGrey46.9"24"1:9.35Heavy14.0lbs$5,500-5,999See Latest Price
.338 Lapua MagTan49.4"26"1:9.35Fluted14.05lbs$5,500-5,999See Latest Price
.338 Lapua MagGrey49.4"26"1:9.35Fluted14.05lbs$5,500-5,999See Latest Price
.338 Lapua MagBlack49.4"26"1:9.35Fluted14.05lbs$5,500-5,999See Latest Price
.338 Lapua MagOD Green49.4"26"1:9.35Fluted14.05lbs$5,000-5,499See Latest Price
.338 Lapua MagBlack49.4"26"1:9.35Heavy14.4lbs$5,500-5,999See Latest Price
.338 Lapua MagTan49.4"26"1:9.35Heavy14.4lbs$5,500-5,999See Latest Price
.338 Lapua MagGrey49.4"26"1:9.35Heavy14.4lbs$5,500-5,999See Latest Price
.338 Lapua MagGrey47.4"24"1:9.35Carbon Fiber12.2lbs$6,500-6,999See Latest Price
6.5 CreedmoorBlack42.4"24"1:8Carbon Fiber12.2lbs$5,500-5,999See Latest Price
6.5 CreedmoorGrey42.4"24"1:8Carbon Fiber12.2lbs$5,500-5,999See Latest Price
6.5 CreedmoorOD Green42.4"24"1:8Carbon Fiber12.2lbs$5,500-5,999See Latest Price
6.5 CreedmoorTan42.4"24"1:8Carbon Fiber12.2lbs$5,500-5,999See Latest Price
6.5 CreedmoorBlack47.4"24"1:8Fluted13.25lbs$5,500-5,999See Latest Price
6.5 CreedmoorGrey47.4"24"1:8Fluted13.25lbs$5,500-5,999See Latest Price
6.5 CreedmoorFlat Dark Earth47.4"24"1:8Fluted13.25lbs$5,500-5,999See Latest Price
6.5 CreedmoorBlack47.4"24"1:8Heavy13.6lbs$5,500-5,999See Latest Price
6.5 CreedmoorGrey47.4"24"1:8Heavy13.6lbs$5,500-5,999See Latest Price
6.5 CreedmoorFlat Dark Earth47.4"24"1:8Heavy13.6lbs$5,500-5,999See Latest Price
7mm Rem MagGrey47.4"24"1:8.5Heavy13.6lbs$4,500-4,999See Latest Price


One of the great things about the Barrett MRAD is the ability to easily change barrels to different lengths and calibers.

Barrett sells conversion kits that include a new barrel, a new bolt, and a magazine for your MRAD. See the table below for all of the conversion kits available (all MRAD calibers and barrel lengths).

Here are some examples of conversion kits available for the MRAD:


$ 1,338

.338 LAPUA

$ 1,338

.308 WIN (CF)

$ 2,037

Here’s a full breakdown/list of every conversion kit available for the Barrett MRAD rifle. You can filter this table by MRAD conversion kit caliber, barrel length and barrel type and you can also sort the results in the table. Enjoy!

Barrett MRAD Caliber Conversion Kits (Barrels, Bolts, Magazines)
CaliberBarrel LengthTwistBarrelConversion KitKit Range
.308 Win17"1:10Heavy14206$1,000-1,499
.308 Win17"1:10Carbon Fiber15157$2,000-2,499
.338 Lapua Mag20"1:9.35Fluted14272$1,000-1,499
.338 Lapua Mag20"1:9.35Heavy14273$1,000-1,499
.308 Win22"1:10Fluted13261$1,000-1,499
.308 Win22"1:10Carbon Fiber15156$2,000-2,499
.338 Lapua Mag24"1:9.35Carbon Fiber15154$2,000-2,499
.338 Lapua Mag24"1:9.35Fluted14274$1,000-1,499
.338 Lapua Mag24"1:9.35Heavy14275$1,000-1,499
.338 Norma Mag24"1:9.4Fluted14278$1,000-1,499
.338 Norma Mag24"1:9.4Heavy14279$1,000-1,499
.300 Norma Mag24"1:10Fluted14280$1,000-1,499
.300 Norma Mag24"1:10Heavy14281$1,000-1,499
.300 Win Mag24"1:10Fluted14282$1,000-1,499
.300 Win Mag24"1:10Heavy14283$1,000-1,499
.260 Rem24"1:8Fluted14286$1,000-1,499
.260 Rem24"1:8Heavy14287$1,000-1,499
6.5 Creedmoor24"1:8Fluted14288$1,000-1,499
6.5 Creedmoor24"1:8Heavy14289$1,000-1,499
.300 Win Mag24"1:10Carbon Fiber15155$2,000-2,499
.260 Rem24"1:8Carbon Fiber15158$2,000-2,499
6.5 Creedmoor24"1:8Carbon Fiber15159$2,000-2,499
7mm Rem Mag24"1:8.5Heavy15473$1,000-1,499
7mm Rem Mag24"1:8.5Fluted15474$1,000-1,499
.338 Lapua Mag26"1:9.35Fluted14276$1,000-1,499
.338 Lapua Mag26":1:9.35Heavy14277$1,000-1,499
.300 PRC26"1:8FlutedComing SoonComing Soon


Now that you know the full Gun University take on the Barrett MRAD sniper rifle, it’s time to delve deeper and check out some extra resources.

If you’re still interested in the MRAD at this point, we’re ready to provide you with the extra information you need to decide if the Barrett MRAD is the right sniper rifle for you.

No need to venture back and forth across the internet looking for the information you need. Therefore, we’ve taken the time to gather together and provide for you:

  • The official owner’s manual from Barrett for the MRAD. Contains all the technical information you need about the Barrett MRAD to help you decide if it’s right for you.
  • A full video showing the maintenance process for the Barrett MRAD. Watching this is the best way to decide whether the ownership experience of the Barrett MRAD is right for you.
  • Answers to the most frequently asked questions we hear at Gun University about the Barrett MRAD.

Let’s check it out!

Has the Barrett MRAD been designed for customizability?

Yes, Barrett have explicitly designed this sniper rifle to be adaptable to your particular requirements. This is shown by the inclusion of the top Picatinny rail, not to mention the extra rails which can be mounted in the 3, 6, or 9 o clock position.

Does the Barrett MRAD have any military endorsement?

Yes, the MRAD has been designed specifically with military requirements in mind. Therefore, you can be sure that you are purchasing a military rifle with nothing but the best quality in terms of components, materials, and design. The Israeli special forces have chosen the Barrett MRAD as their sniper rifle of choice, and the US Military are in the process of purchasing a special order of the MRAD for their long range sniper needs.

Can a regular gun owner customize their Barrett MRAD, or does this need to be carried out by a specialist, professional gunsmith?

The Barrett MRAD is customizable by anyone. How? Barrett have made sure you can adapt different barrel lengths and calibers without any specialist outside intervention or help. In order to make adjustments to the Barrett MRAD, you only need a standard Torx wrench. There is no need for extra, expensive help to customize your Barrett MRAD.

What calibers are available for the Barrett MRAD?

The Barrett MRAD sniper rifle is available in multiple calibers. You can purchase this particular sniper rifle in the following calibers, or adapt your existing firearm for suitability with the following calibers:

  • 338 Lapua
  • 338 Norma
  • 300 Norma
  • 300 Win
  • 308 Win
  • 7MM Rem Mag
  • 260 Rem
  • 6.5 Creedmoor

See the table above for a full breakdown of every option available.

What are the key features Barrett had in mind when designing the MRAD?

Barrett have stated in their owner’s manual for the Barrett MRAD that they had 3 key hallmarks in mind when designing the Barrett M4. These are:

  1. Complete system modularity
  2. Reduced logistical and operational burden
  3. Maximum operator-level sustainability

Therefore, the design of the MRAD sniper rifle and all of the components included have been chosen with these three objectives in mind.

Best Scopes for the Barrett MRAD

When I made the decision, and the  purchase, of the Barrett MRAD, I knew that was just the beginning of my journey with this extremely capable firearm.  I learned very quickly that my rifle is only as good as the scope I have on it.  Even with the stellar firepower of the MRAD, you can only do so much with iron sights.  So to maximize this caliber of rifle I wanted to make sure I had the absolute best scope I could get on it.  Below are some of my recommendations for scopes that I would consider getting for this type of firearm.

NightForce Scope MRAD Gun University Editors Choice

Nightforce Optics 5.5-22x56 NXS Riflescope

WIth the 100 M.O.A. of internal adjustment, exceptional optical integrity, and highest grade aircraft material used this scope is an easy pick for my Editors Choice.  This has fantastic clarity out to 800 yards and beyond and with the zeo stop I couldn’t ask for more.  Check Amazon Price

Burris started in optics back in the early 90’s with binoculars and eventually grew into scopes very quickly.  They are a long leader in creating excellent optics and are worth every penny on the quality you would come to expect.  There is nothing that would hold me back from highly recommending this scope to you for your Barrett MRAD or any other rife for that matter.  CHECK AMAZON PRICE


How To Care For Your BARRETT MRAD

The MRAD is generally regarded as one of–if not, THE–most reliable rifles available on the market today.  But reliability is only as good as the care you take with your firearm.  It can quickly degrade due to improper maintenance and negligence. Alans Firearms does a magnificent job at showing you exactly how to break down this gun, clean and lubricate it, and put it back together safely.


There’s so many Glock models out there. In order to get you some more info on the G48, check out our list of recommended reading. 


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