Best Gifts for Gun Lovers [2024 – All Budgets]

by Ryan Cleckner

November 13, 2023



So, you’re looking for gift ideas for a gun owner, whether they’re a gun-guy (or gun-gal), and you don’t know what to get. I completely understand. As an avid shooter myself, I’m aware that it is hard to get me a gun-related gift.

That’s why we compiled this list of the best gifts for gun lovers.

Gifts for Gun Lovers

Shooters can be particular about their shooting gear.

Without knowing which gun gift to get, you might get them the wrong thing, or there’s a good chance that they might already have what you’re getting them. Also, if you’ve already been shopping for shooting-related gifts, you might have noticed that some gun gear can be quite expensive.

Well, worry no more!

We’ve compiled some lists of gifts for gun enthusiasts in your life. We’ve also categorized our firearm-related gift recommendations by cost so you can find gifts for men who like guns (and women too) no matter your budget. We’ve also categorized some gifts in this guide by the type of shooting activity.

Also, we only recommend shooting gifts that we’d buy ourselves from reputable companies with great return policies.

Gifts for Gun Lovers by Price:

Gifts for Shooters by Category:

Now FYI, I will be using some affiliate links to various retailers, including Amazon Associate and other links here. If you do decide to use them, it’s not gonna cost you a single dime more. It just helps to keep our ammo cans full so we can keep putting out honest gun reviews for you.

Best Gifts for Gun Lovers Under $25

Gun gear can get expensive, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t find affordable gifts for gun owners.

Here are some great gun owner gift ideas for under $25. Details and links are below.

Gun University Gift Guide

Here’s a shot glass that’s actually a “shot” glass!

This is such a great idea as a gift for a shooter. It will surely be a conversation piece any time it comes out.

This is a handmade glass with a REAL bullet in it.

No, it wasn’t actually shot with a gun (it would’ve shattered). But, the glass has been indented and a real bullet has been glued in place. This is not dishwasher safe. There are over 700 reviews for this on Amazon, and it has a 5-star rating – it seems like a safe bet for a great gift.

Check out this glass, along with other variations, here: Shot Glass.

One truth about gun-guys and gun-gals… they’re ALWAYS thinking about guns and shooting.

Here’s a great gift that will make your gun lover happy that doesn’t actually have to do with shooting.

This set of four firearm patent prints are just nice enough that they might be able to sneak them into other parts of the house, but they are perfect for a gun-room/man-cave.These prints have good reviews and come unframed. We have not personally seen these, but we included them in our list because we thought that they’d be a thoughtful gift: Firearm Patent Prints

Don’t forget to leave enough time to get these framed or pick up your own 8×10 frames to do it yourself.

It seems simple because it is, but trust me. These are a great organizational aid.

Just about every gun owner I know has boxes of different ammunition. Some ammo is in the original box, some is in old military ammo cans, and more boxes still are stored in modern ammunition cases.

These same people usually have loose ammunition in everything from those same cases to sandwich bags.

The problem with all those different storage containers is of course labeling.

Save YOUR gun lover many cumulative hours of popping open those different ammo cans each time they want to go to the range. Get ’em some inexpensive caliber stickers in the most popular flavors: .22LR, 9mm, .45 ACP and all the rest!

Check out the caliber decals right here.

This little multi-tool might be itty-bitty but it will take on a huge variety of tasks.

This is a great gift idea for someone who has a rifle or pistol (or rifles and pistols!) with a red dot sight mounted on it. Or them.

Its light-duty SLIM slotted screwdriver will work on all sorts of things, including weapon accessories from Eotech, Leupold, SIG Sauer, Holosun, and Trijicon.

The fact is, there is only one disadvantage to this micro-tool: it’s micro! If you want to step up in size, the “regular” NANO is a little bigger and can be attached to certain magazines and weapon accessories. You can also just put it on a keychain.

Or whatever.

Photo courtesy of @victory1st

Check out the Nano and Nano Micro here: NANO.


It has a certain “Mad Men” look to it, doesn’t it?

If your shooter likes the classy, gentlemanly look, consider this AR shirt from “Anachrobellum.” It features a dapper, pipe-smoking fellow in a fedora.

This will give ’em something to wear to the range, a training day, or wherever classy guns are welcome. As a bonus, this guy’s hat has a set of Night Vision Goggles mounted — that will appeal to everyone from hog hunters to military veterans.

If the tee shirt doesn’t trip your trigger (see what we did there), they also have a warm, long-sleeve version in the tactical hoodie section. Or go straight to the “Freedom Rifle” version.

There aren’t many things that are more frustrating when shooting than shooting at a target and not being able to tell where you’re hitting.

These Splatterburst Targets make it super easy to see impacts – they can also be a lot more fun to shoot!

The black on the target is like a thick paint that easily flakes off around each bullet hole to reveal the fluorescent green background.Each target also comes with extra black circle stickers that can be used to cover previous hits to get a lot more use out of the target.

These should be part of every shooter’s gear.

Earlier on this list, we showed you a gentlemanly AR15 shirt. This garment is by “Southernly Zen” for lady shooters.

And a lady shooter probably has no need of a knight in shining armor.

Whether she’s a hunter, CCW holder, or competitive shooter, she would probably rock this.

Available in a variety of fabric blends and even styles (from loose fit to shaped), the self-rescuing princess shirt is a great idea for the female gun owner on your gift list.

You might also check out the “tactical” version – you know, for the ladies who wear helmets and combat boots.

Ice cube molds are popular for making unique ice cubes – especially for whiskey drinks.

Let your gun lover show off their style with handgun shaped ice cubes with this pistol-shaped ice cube mold.If the handguns are too complicated of a design for you, there are also ice cube molds available that make bullet shaped ice cubes.

Not sure what tactical gear to get the shooter in your life (even with this mildly awesome gun gift guide)?

Why not let the professionals pick out the gifts for you and let the person you’re shopping for, get a new subscription box every month! Battlbox puts together a box with a different theme each month and includes various pieces of equipment. This subscription is truly a gift that keeps on giving and they have different subscription levels available.

If your gun lover work at a desk, this revolver cylinder pen holder is a very subtle way for them to show of their love of shooting and hold their pens.

To a gun person, it is very obvious that this is the cylinder of a revolver. However, for someone who isn’t very familiar with firearms, they may just think that this is a decorative pen holder. Perfect gift for shooters – especially for a graduation, promotion, or some other professional purpose.

We’re ending this section of the gift guide with a couple gifts that are just cents higher than $25. But the extra 99 cents for these is well worth the investment.

First up: Decibullz. Decibullz custom molded earplugs are the best plugs we’ve tried, hands-down.

It’s a bold claim, we know.

But after wearing countless sets of uncomfortable flanges and disposable foamies, these custom-molded plugs provide quality protection (31 NRR) with a comfort level anyone can appreciate. 

Check out our Best Ear Pro article for more information on what NRR means and how it applies to your hearing protection.

The ETS C.A.M. magazine loader is another one that’s just a smidgen higher than $25, and another one that is more than worth the extra 99cents!

Some people will protest the need for a mag loader or make fun of somebody who uses one. Those people are misinformed.

It’s a magazine loader

This is a great, inexpensive range aid for someone who is doing a lot of training, attending a class, or just gets sore thumbs and wrists with the repetitive reloading.

Check out the review on this: 4.5 stars out of 5 with over 300 people leaving comments.

This is an excellent gift idea.

Gifts for Gun Lovers Under $50

Looking for something a bit nicer as a gift for your gun enthusiast?

Here are some great gun owner gift ideas for under $50. Details and links below.

Ok, don’t tell anyone we said this, but these little replica firearms by Goat Guns are really cool!

First thought: What? A little toy?

Second thought: I’ve got to have one (or more) of these!

Our favorite part about these little replica firearmsisn’t how realistic looking they are, it’s that some assembly is required and the parts actually work/articulate!

No, they don’t shoot anything but they are really fun to play with and assemble.

If you’re on a conference call with any of us, there’s a great chance that we’re playing with one of these while we’re on the phone at our desks?

We pictured the mini AK-47 here but there are many types of firearms available.

If you’d like to learn more about these mini replicas, check out our full Goat Gun Review.

When working on, or cleaning, firearms, it is easy to lose small parts and springs. It is super handy to have a caddy to help hold and organize the small parts for you.

Also, protecting the work surface (kitchen table?) from cleaning chemicals and potnetial dings and nicks from a firearm is nice too.

The Grypmat does all of these things for you AND it has a ton of other uses around the house, too.

Gun lovers need hearing protection!

Even if they have their own favorite set of ear pro, having an extra set in their range bag is SUPER helpful… especially if they ever want to take someone else shooting.

There are many types of hearing protection out there, however, our favorite type of ear pro (especially to give to new shooters who might still be learning) is electronic ear muffs.

And, the BEST electronic earmuffs are also some of the least expensive: Howard Leight Impact Sport Ear Muffs

These allow the wearer to amplify normal sounds (like talking, range instructions, etc.) and they automatically cancel out loud noises like gunfire. I’ve used MANY of the much more expensive sets of these and nothing beats the battery life (they have an automatic shut off feature), volume, and durability of these ear muffs.

With over 7,000 reviews and a 4.5 star rating, others seem to agree with us.

If you’re interested in more options, check out our Best Hearing Protection for Shooting Buyer’s Guide.

Carrying Case

The number one rule for eye and ear pro is to use it… and you can’t use it if you don’t have it with you while you’re at the shooting range!

This carry case makes it easy for your shooter to go to the range without forgetting, nor damaging, their eye and ear protection.

Here’s a great gift for men who like guns.

The Blue Book of Gun Values is a great gun-guy library addition.

Either get them the next edition (this is the 39th) for their collection or start them here and get a new one each year. This book is a comprehensive collection of just about every production firearm available and their relative values. Personally I’m not concerned with the values of guns, but I still love thumbing through this book to see what is available and to daydream about guns.

It’s a safe bet as a gift for a gun enthusiast that might have everything else.

Not sure what to get them? Let some pros pick out the gifts for you!

The BattlBox Advanced subscription sends them a new box EVERY MONTH will cool new stuff for them.

This not only gets them more than one present (of course, it’s a recurring cost every month).It also gives them something to look forward to each month and will remind them of your gift all year long!

There are larger and smaller subscriptions available and we included the next smaller box in the previous list for gun gifts under $25.

If you saw the basic Nerf blaster we listed above for gun gifts under $25, you’ll know that we think Nerf balsters are awesome gifts for gun people.

Basic Nerf blasters are simple good fun.However, if you’re shopping for someone ready to take their Nerf game up a notch, this motorized blaster is the perfect gift!

Super far flying nerf darts from a drum magazine and a MOTORIZED blasters means no need to pump/cock the action between each shot.

This Nerf gun is so awesome, it’s almost like cheating?

If the shooter you’re shopping for likes to tinker with guns, they really should have a torque wrench. Sure, a typical screwdriver or Allen wrench will work for most home-gunsmithing tasks like replacing parts or mounting scopes. However, it really is important for some firearm parts (especially scope rings and bases) to be tightened to the proper torque setting.There’s no way to get the proper torque setting without using a. troque wrench like this one.

If they’ve already got the basics this is a great gift to take their gun cleaning kit and tools to the next level.

Steel targets are the way to go!

I know, it might sound weird to encourage shooting at steel. After all, wouldn’t the bullet ricochet? Nope!

In fact, shooting at steel targets is one of the most rewarding ways to shoot.

Steel gives you instant feedback (sight and sound) and they can last a lifetime!If your gun lover likes to train, especially with a handgun, then please check out these steel targets – they’ll love them!

The guys at Black Rifle Coffee know a thing or two about coffee… and guns!
I’m not sure you can be a red-blooded American gun lover without having at least tried Black Rifle Coffee.

Our suggestion here is for the sampler pack of “K Cups” but there’s regular coffee available at the link below, too.

If you’re a gun owner, you need to have a quality cleaning kit. Your firearms are investments for your security and deserve to be treated with respect. And it’s hard to do that if you fail to properly maintain and clean them.

The Allen Company makes an excellent kit that includes many different brushes, jags, tips, and more that you need to keep your guns at their best. Plus, it’s all packaged in a neat little case that simple to store and tote around.

For more info, check out our best gun cleaning kits article.

Gifts for Gun Lovers Under $100

Ready to step your gift for your gun lover up a notch?

Here are some great gun gift ideas for under $100. Details and links below.

We take firearm safety seriously and you should too.

Your firearm should be safely stored away from children, or other unauthorized users, but it also needs to be quickly accessed in case you need it for self defense.

This is where the VaultTek Electronic Combo Safe comes in. We love this safe as a nightstand safe and also it is PERFECT for traveling.

If you’re looking for different options for safes (mechanical vs electronic, etc) as a gift for your shooter, check out our Best Handgun Safes Guide.

The StopBox is a really cool handgun storage solution.

One important thing to note is that this storage box is NOT a safe – it is made out of plastic.

This handgun box is not meant to keep someone from breaking into it but rather to keep unauthorized hands (kids) away from the gun while still providing super fast and reliable access to the firearm.Seriously, the StopBox is so fast, that a shooter can open the box, retrieve their pistol and engage a target in under 2 seconds! What the Stopbox gives up in security, it MORE than makes up for with speed, mechanical reliability and lightweight portability.

Polymer 80 “Frame”

That’s right, you can get a gift for your gun lover that allows them to build their own handgun…legally!

Check out a similar idea for building their own AR-15 as item #4 in the list above.

The frame of a handgun is legally the part that is considered a firearm. This is the base/frame to which all of the other parts are attached (kind of like the frame of a car).You can purchase a Polymer 80 handgun frame online and have it shipped straight to your home – no FFL needed!

The gun enthusiast gift recipient finishes the “80% receiver” at home with common hand tools and then builds the handgun exactly the way they want. This is perfectly legal for any lawful gun owner under federal law – make sure this is legal under you state laws too!

For more info, please check out our article that covers some of the technicalities/legalities of 80% firearms and it provides an ENTIRE build-list of every part/consideration that the recipient will need in order to build this into a complete firearm.

We break down budget options and our favorites – we even include a video of the finished product of building a Glock at home.

Some versions of this may sneak over $100 – please go check the current prices.

Steel targets are a great way to train.

I know, it might sound weird to encourage shooting at steel. After all, wouldn’t the bullet ricochet? Nope!

In fact, shooting at steel targets is one of the most rewarding ways to shoot.

Steel gives you instant feedback (sight and sound) and they can last a lifetime!If your gun lover likes to train, especially with a handgun, then please check out these steel targets – they’ll love them!

We recommend steel targets in the less expensive category of gifts above, but with a higher budget, you can get a set of steel targets.

Just like the tactical gear box subscriptions recommended in our gun gift guide above, this is the same concept from BattlBox but with even nicer things!

Let your recipient get hand-picked items every month in this pro-level tactical subscription box.

This gift isn’t directly related to guns either, but anyone who carries a gun (and not just to the range) should have a good handheld light with them.

Come to think of it, everyone should carry a good handheld light.

There are many high-power “tactical” everyday carry lights out there, but the easiest to carry and the most valuable for the money is the Wedge.

It’s got a rechargeable battery, and a couple of lighting modes, and it’s really easy to activate. Plus it’s streamlined to make it easy to carry.

Premium Gun Gifts (over $100)

The gifts we covered above fit into certain budgets but we realize that you might be looking to spend little bit more on a “premium gun gift” so we’ve included a few options that almost ANY gun lover would…well, love.

Details and links below.

dry fire training system

The X10 elite training system from Mantis is one of those things that we didn’t realize the value until we used it ourselves.

If you’d like to check out our review on this system, feel free to check out our Mantis X10 review, however, if you want to save some time, we gave it an A+ and strongly recommend it for the shooter in your life.

Why? Simple…. every shooter has room for improvement and training normally costs money for ammo and range fees and requires time packing for and driving to and from the range. With this MantisX system, I save money on every training session and I practice a lot more!

See the rest of the details on Mantis’s website.

Peak cases make some REALLY COOL gun cases that are very discreet.

They make guitar cases, violin cases, and even cases disguised as first aid kits to store your firearms in a way that keeps other people from knowing what you’re carrying.

The first aid kits are great to keep in the trunk of a car as they’re less likely to be stolen than an obvious gun case. 🙂

Vast numbers of long guns (rifles, carbines, shotguns, and the like) are equipped with a red dot sight (RDS) these days. They’re very effective, which is why they are so popular.

They don’t provide any magnification, though. Not like a scope or what they call a “low power variable optic” (LPVO). A magnifier like this can be attached and detached quickly, doesn’t weigh much, and can help not just with identifying what you’re looking at, but it can help determine the range too. Here’s what the reticle looks like (on Amazon).

Best Gifts for Gun Owners that Shoot Rifles

Rifle shooters have some particular gift needs. Most of the gifts that we recommend above are generic to all shooters – here are some gift ideas that are just for the rifle shooting crowd.

Details and links below.

It should be a sin to have a scope on a rifle without scope caps to protect the scope’s lenses!
Lenses get dirty when they are exposed to the elements and cleaning them can scratch the expensive coatings that your rifle shooter paid for. So, what’s the best way for them to clean their scope’s lenses? Don’t let them get dirty in the first place by using scope caps!

The downside to this gift is that you need to get the proper size which means that you may have to measure their scope.

However, if you use the link below to go to Brownells, you can live chat with a support tech that will be able to get you the proper size scope caps even if you only know what kind of scope they have.

You’ll need caps for both the objective and ocular lenses.

The Long Range Shooting Handbook is far and away the most popular precision rifle shooting book. But, I am a little biased because I wrote it.

It has been a #1 Bestseller on Amazon for almost 4 years straight, it has raised tens of thousands of dollars for military charities, it’s sold over 115,000 copies, and it has over 6,700 reviews and carries a 4.9 star rating!

As we’ve recommended a couple of times above, steel targets are a great way to train.

I know, it might sound weird to encourage shooting at steel. After all, wouldn’t the bullet ricochet? Nope!

In fact, shooting at steel targets is one of the most rewarding ways to shoot.

Steel gives you instant feedback (sight and sound) and they can last a lifetime! When you’re getting steel target for a rifle shooter, make sure you’re getting at LEAST 3/8 AR500 steel to be able to withstand the power of rifle rounds. Also, we suggest gongs over smaller targets on taller stands (rifles will knock the latter over).

EVERY rifle should have a sling!

A sling is not just a handy method to carry a rifle over a rifle shooter’s shoulder or back, it is also a shooting tool that can help stabilize the rifle to make more accurate shots.

There’s a good chance that your gun lover has a rifle without a sling on it and here’s your chance to get them one.

Unfortunately, there are too many styles and options for us to recommend anyone sling over another (especially when we don’t know what kind of rifle the recipient has). However, this is why the experts at Brownells are so awesome. Follow the link below, and find a sling in your budget or live chat with their support to find the one you need.

A rifle case protects a rifle but it also can be a handy way to transport the rifle to and from the range.

This VooDoo Tactical soft rifle case is very handy because of the extra pouches and becuase its size allows the case to be used for many different types of rifles.

Also, if you get a big enough hard case, this case can be used inside of the hard case for padding and easy storage.

If your shooter is looking for extra protection for thier rifle, or if htey are going to fly on an airplane with their rifle, they’re going to need a hard rifle case.

Each rifle is a different size and might need a different case. Please use the link below and chat with the pros at Brownells to ensure that you get the correct case!

Our favorites are Pelican and Storm cases, however, they can be pricey.

Most rifles shooters miss a target because of improper trigger control or an unstable platform.

The trigger control is on them (they need to practice) but you can help with the stable platform!

Bipod legs are a great tool to help your rifle shooter and there are plenty of cheaper/knock-off designs but we only recommend the orginal (and best) Harris bipod legs and we’ve included the swivel model which is a nice upgrade.

In line with our #7 recommendation above, stability is key when shooting a rifle!

Whether your shooter uses bipod legs to stabilize the front of their rifle (or they use a bag), having a rear sandsock / rear bag is a SUPER handy tool for shooting accurately.

My favortie rear bag is this bag made by Wiebad. It is simple, strong, and it works really well. If you’ve seen my instructional videos, this is the bag I’m using.

Also, it comes in multiple color options.

Best Gifts for Hunters

Although many (most?) of the gifts above will also work for hunters, we thought that you might like to see some unique gifts for hunters.

Details and links below.

These pop-up hunting blinds are so simple and so effective that we think every hunter should have one!

No, they aren’t perfect for every hunting situtation but they are very handy to set up quickly and sit inside to watch for game.

They are especially handy if a hunter wants to take someone along (like a child) because they block whatever movement might occur from folks that have trouble holding still.

The Sig Kilo 3000 BDX range finding binoculars are a bit more expensive than anything else on this list but they are sure to be an amazing gift that will be talked about for a while!

Up until very recently, hunters needed to carry a set of binoculars and a separate rangefinder in the field. It was never that big of a hassle for us until we realized how handy it was to have both crucial pieces of equipment into one device.Not only is it easier to carry, it is way easier to use! Instead of finding an animal with 10 power binoculars and then trying to re-find the animal with a 1 or 2 power laser rangefinder, your hunter can now range the animal as they find it!

Also, these things use Sig’s BDX technology which means they can give the precise elevation and windage adjustments needed right in your scope.

Sig’s new BDX system is the next evolution of riflescope technology.

These scopes, when paired with a set of BDX range finding binoculars (above) or a much less expensive BDX rangefinder, will display a dot in the scope showing the shooter exactly where to hold for windage and elevation for that particular target. This system takes out all of the guesswork of how much to hold-over!

The technology is awesome, but be warned: these scopes are surprisingly inexpensive.

This is nice for your budget but they will not compare to the quality or clarity of higher-end scopes. For example, they may not adjust as precisely, however, adjustments are needed when changing target distances because of the technology.

The BDX scope and rangefinder can be purchased as a kit here.

We’ll admit it – it took us a while to warm up to this system but now we swear by it! If you’re only going to get your hunter one thing on this list…make sure this is it.

Most of us are a bit of knife snobs – we like high quality knives and we like to sharpen and maintain them. However, when you’re in the field and trying to skin and dress an elk, even the sharpest knife might not last for the whole animal.It is SUPER handy to just pop in a new scalpel-like blade and keep working. But be careful – these are razor sharp.

Again, these look gimmicky but they’re not. They are a must have accessory in any hunter’s pack.

If your hunter has trail cameras, there’s a good chance that they’ll want to be able to check the images and videos on the memory card without having to hike back to wherever they have a computer.

This little card reader allows them to plug it right into their phone to view the images out in the field.

This card reader is a great, and inexpensive, gift.

The MeatEater Fish and Game Cookbook made our list of Gifts for Gun Lovers in the hunter category because it is the go-to book for those that want to not only enjoy their game meat, but also ensure that their loved-ones enjoy it too!

If the hunter you’re buying this gift for loves game meat but you aren’t exactly the biggest fan, then this gift is for you as much as it is for them.

I never knew what Sous Vide cooking was until I was introduced to it BECAUSE of game meat.

Sous Vide is a style of cooking that uses heated water to cook food in a plastic bag. It never gets overcooked, it is super juicy, and it makes game meat taste so amazing, I’ll make you a promise… you’ll never want game meat cooked another way again.You’ll get perfect game meat every time with this gift. I highly recommend searing the meat in a cast iron pan after sous vide cooking.

Best Gifts for Handgun/Pistol Shooters

Honestly, most of the gifts for gun lovers above will work for handgun or pistol shooters but we know that you might want gifts geared specifically for handgun shooters so we made a special list of handgun gifts for you. We did repeat one gift from our list above, though, because we really think the electronic ear muffs are perfect for range time.

Details and links below:

Gun lovers need hearing protection!

Even if they have their own favorite set of ear pro, having an extra set in their range bag is SUPER helpful… especially if they ever want to take someone else shooting.

There are many types of hearing protection out there, however, our favorite type of ear pro (especially to give to new shooters who might still be learning) is electronic ear muffs.

And, the BEST electronic earmuffs are also some of the least expensive: Howard Leight Impact Sport Ear Muffs

These allow the wearer to amplify normal sounds (like talking, range instructions, etc.) and they automatically cancel out loud noises like gunfire. I’ve used MANY of the much more expensive sets of these and nothing beats the battery life (they have an automatic shut off feature), volume, and durability of these ear muffs.

With over 7,000 reviews and a 4.5 star rating, others seem to agree with us.

Whether your pistol shooter just enjoys some time at the range or they like competing, a pistol range bag is a MUST HAVE item!

They’ll be bringing a pistol, magazines, eye and ear protection, ammo, and maybe even targets or a shot timer to the range and this bag will help them keep it all organized.

If they have a LOT of gear, this bigger (giant) range bag might be a better choice.

A quality shot timer is one of those pieces of gun gear that I had no idea I needed until I had one.

If your shooter is looking to get better at shooting (especailly for CCW, defense, or competition) then a shot timer is a great gift.

I use my shot timer for more than just pistol shooting… I use it for my rifle and shotgun shooting as well (although its MOSTLY used for pistol work). And, I even use this at home – you can use it when practicing/dry firing – they don’t have to be at the range.

A holster is a crucial accessory for a handgun. A holster not only holds the gun when the shooter wants their hands free, it is also the safest way to cary a handgun.

There are different holsters for different purposes and we have different recommendations depending on the holster use. For range/tactical/competition use, we love the Safariland 7TS holster.

Just ensure that you know what handgun they have so that you can search for and select the right holster.

If your shooter carries concealed, or they’re thinking about doing so, they’re going to need a quality holster. A quality CCW holster is not only safer for carrying the gun, it is also much more effective to use (and practice with).

There are many good CCW holster options out there but we really like the offerings from Natchez Shooter’s Supply.

Just ensure that you know what handgun they have so that you can search for and select the right holster.

Part of being a shooter is mainating your firearm. Quality gun lube not only helps protect your gun from rust, it also prevents unecessary wear and helps maintain reliability.

For some applications, a regular bottle of oil is best but we’ve found needle-oiler bottles super handy for getting just the right amount og gun oil in the right spot. Also, gun grease is perfect for high pressure/heat applications and for when you want to make sure the lubrication stays put.

This Lucas Oil and Grease Kit includes all three to solve each particular need and/or for your shooter to try them out to see which they like best.

If you’re looking for more options or info, be sure to check out our Best Gun Oil Guide

There’s no excuse for not being able to train. Just because you can’t head to the range doesn’t mean you still can’t work on your skills at home. And no…that doesn’t mean firing ball ammo at your wife’s favorite throw pillow.

Work on your draw, timing, and even how your body reacts through MantisX’s training system. It’s a simple concept. You clip the system onto your firearm and its sensors collect useful data to be examined on their app later.

When we first got a hold of MantisX, we thought it was just some hokey gimmick. But after spending some time with it…It’s the real deal.  To learn more about this incredible at home training tool, check out our full MantisX review on Gun University.

If the person you’re shopping for likes to shoot handguns and wants to work on their speed and accuracy, this bouncing handgun target is a must-have gift.

The target is made out of a very dense rubber that “self-heals” (which means the hole is still there, but it is very small). It will last a LONG time but it will eventually wear out. This target can be tossed on the ground in front of the shooter and each time the target is hit, it will bounce and jump to a new (and further) location which requires quick thinking and speed and accuracy from the shooter.

These are a very simple gift that are a lot of fun.

Best Gifts for Shotgun Shooters

And let’s not forget shotgun shooters. There are plenty of gifts out there that are exclusively for them and make their shooting lives better.

Choke tubes are the perfect gift for any shotgunner. They know just how vital their shot patterns can be when acquiring different targets.

And whether they’re hunting turkeys or simply busting clays, the right choke tubes can make all the difference.

Keeping your scattergun clean is crazy important for maintaining it in top condition. However, the long barrel of a shotgun can be a bit of a pain to fully clean without the proper tools.

Enter the SPIKA Universal Shotgun Cleaning Kit. It’s got everything that you’ll need–oil sold separately–to properly care for your blunderbuss. Want more info on what makes up a superior cleaning kit? Check out our Best Gun Cleaning Kit article!

If you plan on carrying a bunch of shells on your person–if you were skeet shooting for instance–you’ll want to have a neat and organized way to do so. 

This holder can carry a whole box of shells at once. Just clip it on to your belt and insert the entire box. No need to remove the shells either from the original packaging either! 

These drink coasters are a great (and subtle) way to help the gun-lover decorate and protect their wood surfaces from drinks at the same time!

These shotgun shell drink coasters are perfect for poker nights, get-togethers with other gun guys, or just for sitting around your house.Coasters are about 3.5″ in diameter and other outdoor designed coasters are available.

I recently received these as a gift from someone for my birthday, and they’re on my office desk right now.


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