Otis All Caliber Elite Range Box Review

by Tom Moore

May 26, 2022



The Otis All Caliber Elite Range Box is a top of the line product that is perfect for those who are looking a great all-round cleaning kit. The box is made out of high quality materials and it features a lockable lid that will keep your bits and pieces safe and secure.

If you’re looking for an all-in-one universal cleaning kit, do yourself a favor, just buy this one and save yourself some time.

Otis All Caliber Elite Specs

  • Case Hard Shell Range Box
  • Brushes Included 16 Bronze Bore
  • Bore Snakes 4 Included (.22/.223, .30-.308, 9mm/.38, 12 GA)
  • Oil and Lube? Yes
  • Patches? Yes

Otis Elite Range Box Review

Use the Otis All Caliber Elite Range Box and get your firearms cleaned quickly, easily and effectively – no matter what caliber you shoot.

In this box you’ll find;

  • 100% cotton 2” & 3” patches, 3 slotted tips & 2 patch savers
  • 4 firearm specific Ripcords for quick one-pass cleaning in the field (.22/.223cal, .30/.308cal, .38cal/9mm & 12ga)
  • 16 bronze bore brushes (.17, .22 limited breech, .22/.223, .243-.260, .270/7mm, .30-06/.300/30-30/.308, .338-.35, .375-38cal/9mm, .40/10mm, .44/.45, .50cal, .410ga, 28ga, 20ga, 16ga, 12/10ga)
  • 8” (2), 12” and 36” aircraft grade Memory-Flex cables and thread connector for proper Breech-to-Muzzle cleaning
  • Small & large obstruction removers knock out mud, snow, stuck casings and double as a t-handle base for included t-handle; small t-handle & stud included for small caliber cleaning
  • .223cal/5.56mm chamber brush, pin punch, end brush, straight pick, locking lug scraper, scraper, short AP brush, male & female rod for more precise cleaning
  • 5.56mm B.O.N.E Tool quickly and easily cleans the bolt, bolt carrier and firing pin
  • Shooter’s Choice chemicals included (0.5oz and 4oz bottle of FP-10 Lubricant Elite, plus 10cc syringe of Grease)

Otis Elite Range Box – Our Take

This is a great choice when it comes to cleaning kits and is a solid option for anyone in the market for a top quality universal cleaning kit. Otis has thought of almost everything with this kit – although it’s not perfect – I’ve been thoroughly impressed with this kit.

Even though this is a great choice, I don’t think that any pre-made kit can be perfect for everyone’s needs and styles.

If there was ever a kit to buy that covers most things, this would be it. I love this kit because it has tons of quality components and one really important thing and that’s room to expand!

You’re eventually going to want room for a general purpose cleaning rag, some more solvents or oils, and I’d add cleaning rods.

Some other items that I add to my cleaning kits is a full length solid cleaning rod. The ripcord barrel cleaners are ok from this kit, but for rifles I prefer full length quality rods. The only time I’m packing multi-piece rods or bore snakes is if I’m wanting something more compact for a hunting trip. Secondly I’m not a fan of the jags that come with these kits, and a good jag can make all the difference when cleaning a gun’s barrel.

In my kit I have replaced the jags with a parker-hale style jag which allows me to wrap a cleaning patch around the brass jag giving me an easier cleaning experience and a better result when cleaning my guns. I don’t know about you, but I find that eyelet jags don’t make good patch contact and can often jam or feel very tight in the barrel.

This gun cleaning kit includes a nice carrying case that may be used to support the firearm while cleaning, as well as Otis ripcord barrel cleaners from another manufacturer (bore snakes). They’re handy for cleaning out a barrel and chamber fast – but they aren’t a substitute for a thorough clean or a decent cleaning rod.

If you’re wanting to see more options when it comes to cleaning kits, be sure to check out are article here, Best Gun Cleaning Kits.

Otis All Caliber Elite Range Box Pros and Cons

  • Comes with Sturdy Range Box
  • Supports Gun while Cleaning
  • Lube and Grease Included
  • 16 Different Bronze Bore Brushes
  • 4 Firearm Specific Ripcords
  • Most Expensive Kit
  • Rods sold separately

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