SCCY 9MM Review [VIDEO]: Read this before buying

by Ryan Cleckner

January 1, 2021



Chances are if you’re new to guns — particularly handguns — a budget 9mm seems like a good place to start. And this SCCY 9MM is just that. A budget handgun that is. Budget in every way. Read our SCCY 9mm review and learn what we mean.

Is the SCCY a good place to start? Find out below whether the SCCY CPX is a good representative of what a 9MM pistol should be.

Let’s look into a full review to see whether the SCCY meets my seal of approval. 


  • Firing Mechanism Double Action Only
  • Caliber 9mm
  • Weight 15 oz
  • Barrel Length 3.1″
  • Sights 3 Dot Sights

SCCY CPX-2 9mm: A Pistol Under Fire

At first glance, the SCCY CPX-2 handgun looks like it could be a strong candidate for those looking for a cheaper option when it comes to handguns.

It’s a sleek-looking pistol that seems to have improved from the major design complaint (the manual safety) of its predecessor–the SCCY CPX-1. The SCCY weighs in at right around 15 oz. and measures out to just above 5″ making it relatively comfortable as a carry gun.

But… that doesn’t necessarily mean that SCCY CPX pistols hit the bullseye as you’ll see later on.

A horrible trigger and serious reliability issues make this gun less than optimal. At any price point, a gun should not sacrifice its basic purpose: to provide the shooter with a safe and and reliable way to fire a gun.

SCCY CPX-2 Key Features and Changes

1 Double Action Trigger

The trigger pull of the SCCY CPX is around 9lb and although long and heavy, it is relatively smooth.

2 Removal of Manual Safety

The Manual Safety was removed from CPX-2 after complaints against the previous model’s safety placement.

3 Internal Hammer Firing System

The SCCY CPX is equipped with a double action firing system. The hammer is a semi-internal component coupled with an inertial firing pin to prevent accidental discharge in the event of dropping.

SCCY CPX 9mm Pistol – Our Take

Here’s a quick summary: Based on our testing, we do NOT recommend the SCCY CPX 9mm pistol. If you’d like to see a review of a budget pistol that we liked, check out our Canik TP9SF Review.
What we liked about it: We loved the idea of a budget handgun. Despite what you might see/read online, not everyone needs the best handgun for ccw, home defense, or range use. Sure, a nicer handgun is better (to a point) but not everyone can afford $500’ish and up for a handgun.

So, we purchased and tested a SCCY CPX in 9mm hoping that it would be a great budget option. More on this below.

We also liked the color options – we purchased a bright orange frame with a stainless steel slide because we thought that the CPX, as a budget gun, might be a great gun to pack away in an emergency kit and the high visibility and corrosion resistance might come in handy.

Believe it or not, the gun was decently accurate.

What we didn’t like: This is the worst trigger we’ve shot on a handgun – especially one that is supposed to be for ccw/defensive shooting. Sure, a long and heavy double action trigger isn’t normally desirable but we were willing to overlook these qualities because there are other good pistols with these features and because of the price point of the gun. Also, the SCCY seems to be for new shooters so the heavy trigger might (repeat, might) be a little safer for those that haven’t had proper training.

Our big problem with the SCCY 9mm trigger was the reset. It is super easy to “short stroke” this trigger by not allowing it to return all the way forward. This is because it has to go so far to reset, because there is NO audible nor tactile reset indication, and because the return spring is so weak that the trigger doesn’t easily jump back to its reset position – more than once we had merely contact pressure on the trigger and that was enough to keep it from resetting. The only way we could get the trigger to reset was to completely remove our finger from the trigger after every shot. And, because it is so weak, we could easily see a bit fo dirt/grime giving enough resistance to prevent the weak trigger return spring from doing its job.

Despite the bad trigger, there is another major problem with the SCCY pistol we tested: it wouldn’t function for more than a couple rounds in a row! That’s right, we had more than one malfunction for every magazine we fired using factory 9mm Magtech ammunition that we use in every other gun we test without a problem.

Ergonomics – the gun looks ergonomic but it was uncomfortable to shoot.

Finish – Simply taking the gun out of the box on delivery to inspect it and then opening the box one week later on range day resulted in rust on the “stainless” slide. This is unacceptable for a pistol. We’re not sure if it is actually stainless steel or if it is just a color.

We really wanted to like this gun as a budget option for those that can’t afford something nicer. If we didn’t have any hope for it, we wouldn’t have purchased it.

However, after our testing of the SCCY CPX pistol, here’s our advice: stay away. We understand that you might be tempted by the price point but a gun that doesn’t work reliably is dangerous.

If you’re looking for a budget firearm, take a look at the Canik instead – it is the same/similar price and it is a great firearm.

SCCY CPX-2 Pros and Cons

  • Inexpensive
  • Comes Available in Many Colors
  • Trigger Reset
  • Doesn’t work!

Report Card


It can’t even make it through one magazine. It can’t even make it through one magazine.


Decently accurate for a pocket pistol


Not much you can change.


Horrible – it actually hurt to shoot.


Horrible. It’s cheap, but it doesn’t work.


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Better CCW’s in its Class to Check Out

As you know we were not fans of the SCCY CPX! We are not trying to be mean or vindictive, however when you are talking about a firearm (even a budget gun) that you want to carry and use for self defense…that firearm MUST be reliable in every sense of the word. The SCCY was not reliable, as you could tell from our review and videos. So below, we have some better options for you to review. The guns we have below have MUCH better grades and we feel much more confident in recommending.

#1 Glock 43x

Glock 43x

A single-stack “slimlined” Glock pistol specifically designed for CCW.

Check Latest Price

  • Shootability A+
  • Reliability A+
  • Ergonomics A
  • Accuracy A+
  • Value A+

Our Grade


Reviewed by Ryan Cleckner

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Based on 92 Reviews

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The Glock 43X is way above the SCCY CPX in our opinion It is a mixture of the Glock 48 and Glock 43. We don’t like that it has a smaller capacity compared to the P365 but we did love its accuracy amongst other things You can see more by READING HERE.

#2 Sig P365

SIG P365

Sig P365

The Sig 365 set a new definition for what a great concealed carry handgun can be – it quickly became the go-to 9mm for many shooters.

Check Latest Price

  • Shootability A
  • Reliability A+
  • Ergonomics A+
  • Accuracy A+
  • Value A+

Our Grade


Reviewed by Ryan Cleckner

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Based on 123 Reviews

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Here’s what I can tell you, for sure… this handgun is the absolute best concealed carry option for me. But, you can read MORE HERE.

If you own the SCCY CPX or are looking to get one, here would be some minimum upgrade options that you could get with your gun. You most likely own some of these items already, but if not, it would be worth grabbing some of them for yourself.

Also, I am giving you some possible options to upgrade your SCCY CPX 9mm. These suggestions are specific to the SCCY:

Best Holster for the SCCY CPX

If your getting a CCW or any handgun, a holster is most likely needed. Keep in mind some tips when choosing a proper holster. First, you don’t need anything fancy, just practical. Get something you don’t mind wearing around and you can easily draw your firearm. Next, you need to be sure it will fully conceal your firearm. When it comes to my CCW, I think practical and ease of use first, before any other factors.

EDITORS CHOICE: I am a fan of Kydex made holsters because they are well made and are known to hold your firearm perfectly. This holster is perfect for the SCCY, you will get great use out it. Check Amazon Price

Best Gun Laser for the SCCY CPX

Ok, I am going, to be honest…I am not a personal fan of lasers on my firearm.

However, they give some people a level of comfort to see what they’re aiming at. 

EDITORS CHOICE: You have multiple colors to choose from with this attachment. (Personal note: not a fan of the pink!) It easily attaches to your SCCY. Check Amazon Price

How to Care for Your SCCY CPX

The most important thing I can do for my firearm is to keep it clean and maintain it. The SCCY CPX or any firearm needs to be taken care of in order to keep it operational. By keeping up with the maintenance, it helps extend the life of the firearm! To help you do this, here is a video on field stripping and cleaning the SCCY CPX.

To start cleaning your gun right away, here is the recommended cleaning kit for the SCCY CPX:


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About Ryan Cleckner

Ryan is a former special operations sniper (1/75 Ranger) and current firearms attorney, firearms industry executive, university lecturer, and bestselling author of the Long Range Shooting Handbook.

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  1. I read all of the reviews I could find of this gun before buying a copy. Nearly everyone hates it. A few say it is mostly reliable (?) if properly treated. I have put about 500 rounds through my CPX-2 Gen3, and now trust it as a carry gun. It did not start out that way. On to my assessment of this gun.
    When I got home with it, I had to try the trigger first, ‘cuz most reviews moan and groan about the LOOOONNNNNGGGGGG trigger pull and near-release reset. My response to both complaints. Jeez, LouEEZ! Not every gun has a 2# single action or a 3# striker trigger pull. Get over yourself. I pulled the trigger on this gun and was way impressed! Long? Yes. Heavy? Yes. To all the critics of this trigger: ever shoot a wheel-gun? C’mon. This trigger is silky smooth – no grit anywhere, no stacking AT ALL, and best of all, it is rock-steady consistent from shot to shot. In their wheel-gun heyday, most manufacturers would have loved to field a trigger this good. The trigger on the CPX-2 Gen 3 is NOT a problem, it is a safety feature. If you can’t shoot a DAO trigger, practice, don’t whine.
    On to the range. First outing: what a POS! FTF, FTE, double feeds, nosedive, stovepipes, you name it. 200 rounds and not one full mag w/o an ‘event’. Adding to my shooting pleasure, no slide lock on any of the 20 magazines of factory 115gr ball ammo I fired. I took it home, hugely dissappointed.
    After a thorough cleaning and magnifying glass inspection, I found: Mag lips with rough edges. I filed and sanded them smooth. Magazines with some really gritty manufacturing crud on the inside. I cleaned them. Magazine followers with injection burrs EVERYWHERE. I used an emery board to and 200grit sand paper to clean them up. I worked with filing the mag lips until I got consistent feeds manually racking the slide. I worked with the followers until I got slide-lock every time after manually cycling live rounds. After all that, I generously lube all contact surfaces of the gun, and lightly lubed the followers and the inside of the magazines. Back to the range.
    My second outing was with a different gun. It worked. I put about 150 rounds of PNC 115gr ball through it w/o a fatal jam. (My term, ‘fatal’: a jam requiring me to stop firing for more than 2 seconds in order to clear). I did have 1 stove-pipe, and 1 failure to return to battery. Those are not fatal jams. A good shooter can recognize either/both and clear them in less than a second and stay in the fight. No problem; $2,000 race guns have those kinds of jams. Deal with them. No whining.
    On to the real stuff. I stoked my magazines with Federal 147gr HST for my ‘can I carry this gun?’ test. The test was 160 rounds, evenly divided between my 4 mags, so 40 each. I am happy to report no jams, of any kind, I did have 2 failures to go completely into battery immediately, after only a very brief hiccup, the gun locked up and would fire. Those two failures were not consecutive, and not with the same magazine. My POS is now a fine carry gun.
    A few more comments on the trigger, if you please. I do all my range work at 7 yards, just so you know. The BEST way to fire a DAO trigger is one quick, consistent, smooth pull to the rear until the gun goes off. I’ve been shooting DAO triggers for 50 years. This is a good one, and it works well. With slow, deliberate fire, I have no trouble keeping 10 rounds in a 3″ circle. If you take the modern ‘stage’ the trigger advice, you will struggle to shoot DAO accurately. Logic dictates that if you need to fire the damn gun, pull the damn trigger. Staging is a miserable attempt to make a single action trigger out of a DAO. It doesn’t work, it will make you flinch, it will slow you down, it will make you miss. Worst of all, it can HUGELY contribute to a NEGLIGENT DISCHARGE. Pull the damn trigger and the bullet will go where your sights are. In rapid, defensive-type fire, I have no problem keeping most rounds in a 6″ circle. That is certainly well within the “please stop threatening me or I will shoot you again” target area.
    Conclusion. I really like the SCCY CPX-2 Gen 3 9mm pistol. The trigger is better than good, it is a useful safety feature that works well. The gun is way more than accurate enough to garner a bad guy’s attention if the need arises. I am confident in my decision to carry mine, daily. SCCY really needs to work on supplying these guns with functioning magazines. I had no problems with the gun, after I adequately tuned the magazines.

  2. Wish I had seen this review and comments before purchase. I purchased a SCCY 2 with red dot. Feels good in the hand and is surprisingly accurate after adjusting the riton red dot.

    However. I cannot get thru one mag without stovepiping, jamming, or incorrect feed I to the chamber. I’ve sent it back to SCCY twice now. Their customer service is terrible. Because they cannot reproduce it they are treating g me like I’m an idiot.

    I sent SCCY 7 videos of the problems. 70 rounds and 2 in 10 jam or stovepipe. I have a $355 paperweight. They won’t replace it.

    I’ll never do business with sccy again. Yeah everyone can make a lemon. It’s what you do as a company when the product is proven defective. Sccy is not interested in making this right.

      1. Ryan, from what I gather, their customer service department IS top notch. Although I’ve not had any issues with my CPX-2 (which I’ve had for years), a friend of mine had issues with the magazines for his. He called SCCY customer service, was amazed that he was connected after one ring, explained the situation, and had two new mags in two days. Since then he’s had no issues with his pistol.

  3. I have not had any issues stated above. Has not jammed once for me. Their is a loud audible click when the trigger resets as well as you can feel it in your finger. Not sure I’d there are different generations but mine is the opposite of what is stated above. Weak wrist and weak fingers must be the issue for some.

  4. My wife purchased one a few months ago and it has become her warm up gun at the range. She really likes the long trigger pull. She says she can’t accidentally fire it. (Which is no joke). She shoots between 10 and 15 years and is extremely accurate and this seems to be as good as anything else for her. Additionally, she has not had one malfunction of any kind in about 1,000 rounds fired.
    The down side is that the slide is extremely stiff to rack still. And, my daughter hates it. She usually uses a Taurus TX22 with a halo ring and compensator with subsonic rounds. Trying to fire the SCCY after that is like getting punched in the face.
    I am not sure I would buy another one, but this one has been what we expected for the money and my wife seems to love it.

  5. I have bought several CPX 2 pistols. (6) They are very inexpensive. They all had magazine issues. They all had failure to feed, stove pipe and just plain jamming problems. They are a close quarters self defense pistol. It is no target or range pistol. If it was all I had I would be glad I had it, however, for the money, there are a lot of better choices. In terms of accuracy and reliability I give it very low marks. I have seen them explode using “limited basis +p ammo”. It says in its owners literature, +p ammo is ok for “Limited Basis” use. My gut tells me NEVER use +p ammo with a SCCY pistol! It really is a bummer its such a crappy pistol. It looks cool and it has a great feel. The quality of workmanship is premium. It just functions like crap. There is no other way to say that. I would not trust a SCCY CPX 2 for everyday carry. If you have had good luck with this pistol, well, More Power to you! But I have bought 6, hoping to get a good one. SCCY has sent me replacement magazines, that has seemed to help. The MCARBO spring kits seem to make matters worse. Again, they are a very nice looking pistol, and they fit very nice into my hands. Good luck everyone who owns one.

    1. Don’t do it, the Sccy pistol is worse than anything you can buy in China. I’d rather have a Chinese firearm any day over this piece of junk, sadly… You get what you pay for. It’s more dangerous to ones self than others. Their warranty is garbage too. Their CSR manager Dennis is gross too. Go get a Glock or SIG and you won’t put yourself in a grave danger, quite literally

    2. Excuse me, David, but you’ve bought SIX hoping for a good one? I’ve never had a problem with my one but, Six? I think we’re dealing with a slow learning curve here.

  6. I like this gun as a carry gun, because of the double action only, with safe transfer bar. I can carry with one down the tube, ready fire. Just pull the trigger. As far as it being accurate. Don’t plan on long range shooting. Close contact self defense. Pull out of holster and shoot. As far as being reliable, have shot nearly 500 rounds so far without a problem. Bought it on a Black Friday sale $189 so don’t think it can be beat.

  7. I have the cpx2 and love it. Very good gun. ever a problem with it. I like the heavy trigger vary safe gun to carry

  8. The gun didn’t malfunction. You did. I have owned a keltec p11 for years(same gun) as well as several sccy pistols. The heavy trigger takes practice. When it malfunctions, it’s almost always due to limp writing because of trigger anticipation. It’s not sccy’s fault, you don’t understand, that any tool has a learning curve.

  9. I use my CPX-2 as everyday carry. Have not had any issues. I have big hands but have no issue holding or firing the gun. No jams at all,its performed flawlessly.

  10. I own the CPX 1 and I have to say it misses the mark in the one area that it has to perform. It is totally unreliable. If it was reliable, I would carry it every day. I could overlook many of the guns issues, but for a carry gun, it has to go bang when you pull the trigger. This gun would probably lead to your demise if you got into a firefight.Rich

  11. I took my SCCY 9mm to the range yesterday for the first (and probably last) time. I’m new to handguns and it just wasn’t comfortable or easy for me to manage. I’m will to sell dirt cheap.

  12. Fired approximately 15-20 rounds at first shooting of new pistol. Then magazine wouldn’t seat. Dropped magazine and the magazine release fell out of the well. Took it back to store. They sent it back to factory and factory sent a brand new one to me. Shot it 3 days ago for first time. This one as the first one has a Riton optics MPRD 2 red dot on it. Red dot had me putting shots pretty close to bull at about 15-20 feet then next few shots
    didn’t hit the paper. Started adjusting red dot and shooting. No luck then red dot disappeared. On close examination class in red dot had become dislodged and was sitting at an angle in the frame. Going back to the store and ask for my money back. Granted this is an optic problem but still makes me real leery about the quality control at this company. Don’t buy this pistol.

  13. Nice reading your comment sir. I also have the SCCY cpx2. The first time shooting it, I clipped off over 100 rounds and it jammed only once. The next time, the slide jammed and i can’t get it unmanned. BUT, I have a feeling it might be the ammo I am using. I used Federals the first time and then put Winchester FMJ with steel shellcase. At first I thought the used shell jammed the gun, but after removing the clip, it wasn’t the case. Now there’s no bullet in the gun and the slide is jammed. I am looking for any credited suggestions? Thank you sir

  14. All gun mfgrs will and do have the one that doesn’t work like it should. While I’m not a “gun reviewer” I have made reccomendations, provided training, etc., to buyers of both sexes about chosing a weapon. When possible I’ve made different brands and types available to try.

    My gun ownership over the years included the normal range of hunting weapons, most military issues from many countries and beltfeds dating back to cloth belt 303’s and Brownings from WWI to German 15’s 34’s & 42’s to HK21’s, M60’s,M2’s and even a Mini.

    So, If I were doing what you do for a living or ego gratification and experienced the problems you did, I would go back to the manufacturer first to either get a fix or replacement before tearing them a new one publicly.

    I’m also a serious QA & Inspection engineer working with large companies in the US and Overseas. As what’s called a FAT (Final Acceptance Test) Inspector I am the last word for the buyer on a wide range of technical equipment, processes & performance before shipping. My work also includes mfgr audits, reviews, investigations and expedite on delayed production and deliverys. I also do this work for a number of foreign governments who rely on a comprehensive review before things are released for shipment.

    In closing everyone builds a bad one, sometimes too often but not everyone needs a high end sig, walther or custom Kimber etc., and I think you should due two things; 1. Talk to the mfgr before going off on a product. 2. Use multiple brands and types of ammo in your tests
    Best from here Bob

  15. Big mistake. Was not like the one I tried in the store. Take all I have to pull back the slide.The trigger pull feels more like 15 lb. pull them 9 1/2. Selling it as soon as I can.
    Nothing like my Body Guard or Body Shield.

    1. Agree trigger is horrible. Absolutely hates 124 grain bullets. Never had one malfunction with 115
      Grains. Got a cpx2 for 150 off Facebook before the censorship and as long as 115 grain bullets I’d trust it. Just got three pro mags yet to try them out loaded them full too sit prob end shooting them tomorrow lol

  16. Interesting reads on valuations the CPX series. First purchased the cpx-1 on 2013 and had some of the same issues that others are commenting about (ftf, fte, trigger etc) and decided to do a super cleaning of the firearm. Back to the range and some fte remained. Had a range master fire a couple of mags and he had not issues. Realized then that my grip was part of the problem as well as a break-in period to seat the parts. I have since acquired a CPX-2 in 2017 and a CPX-3 in 2019. No complaints on any of them. Would encourage anyone considering a CPX series to find one for rent at the range or a friend who has one.

  17. I bought a CPX1 about 8 or 9 years ago. I thought it might be a piece of crap, but wanted to give a new USA Co a chance. I ike the external safety, prior military I’m used to them. We used every low grade, cheap piece of ammo (sometimes I was a bit cautious of) in it. We ran better than 200 rounds through it as fast as we could load it. I ran over it with my full size Bronco, left in the Tn mud for a week, cleaned it and it fired like new. No rust or corrosion. We fired the firearm often and I made it my primary carry weapon. Therefore, I fired box after box of ammo. After all this time, it finally quit on me, I believe that weak spring finally quit. I will send it back to SCCY probably for the repair. Everyone here just says, “it’s not worth fixing, buy something reliable”? I thing this did a pretty good job.

  18. Nice till they blow up in your hand, range instructor was teaching a young lady when her new Sccy 9mm blew apart. Photo shows the tòp half of the barrel gone.

  19. My new cpx2 had a similar problem. The culprit is the trigger bar. With some small adjustments both the reset and release issues have been resolved. I’m not sure how much manufacturing variance they have. The first issue I had was failure to reset. A YT video showed to address that by shaving a hair off the trigger bar. Did that, but then it would not fire.
    I wound up changing the angle of the ledge on the trigger bar that engages the trigger. One that was done, both the reset and release issues were completely resolved, and I’ve had several magazines through it with no issues, including third party 15rd mags.
    It’s still an uncomfortable gun to practice with. Next step is to see if some tennis racquet grip tape will make it a bit more comfortable to hold.
    Mine came with a red dot, and after zeroing, the little beast has been very accurate.
    As a 3 or four shot carry gun I think it’s going to be great. But for a 200 round afternoon at the range not so much. Too hard on the hands and the trigger finger.

    1. Ok let be fair you purchased one gun out of millions that have been manufactured.
      Personally I like the sccy, you were biased from the start insinuating that you are giving a free review.

      I purchased my sccy in 2012 as a matter of fact it was so enjoyable I purchased two others immediately after I have multiple handguns and this one has performed flawlessly as all the others.

      I have never experienced a failure to feed or failure to eject.

      It feels very secure in the hand and it’s very accurate.

      Yes the double action trigger is long, just as any double action revolver the trigger is long hence no safety.

      Your review shows that you were negative from the beginning and prefer the canik or the Glock perhaps you’re being paid too push these but let’s be honest if that’s all someone can afford it’s a great gun..

      Myself I have multiple guns multiple I have carried the sky since 2012 thousands of rounds put through it again never any issues. But I trust his skin yes I would I also carried as a EDC.
      But thank you for your review I didn’t find it enlightening at all I found it very biased from the start.

      Again you need to understand everybody doesn’t have a pocketful of money to buy the brand name expensive weapons.

      Regardless the price or the name if you pull that trigger and that weapon does it intended purpose it’s a great weapon.

      1. But, if you watch the video, you can clearly see that the gun he purchased with his own money malfunctioned constantly. Plus, you can see no edits to the video. So, are you saying that all reviewers should buy 5 or 10 of the same gun before making a review?

  20. Had my SCCY 2 9mm since December of 2016. The first couple of mags fired well. After that it started jamming. The shells wouldn’t feed smoothly into the chamber resulting in the slide not returning to firing position. I had to tap it hard with the heel of my hand in order to feed the shell into the chamber. This happened on two to three shots of every magazine no matter what type of ammo I used. Before trading it in, I took it to a gunsmith for one last shot at fixing it. He said the entry to the chamber area seemed a little rough and polished it down with an electric drill/polisher. Took it back to the range and went through two full clips and didn’t have any problems at all. I know two clips isn’t much of a test but I can’t replace the ammunition I shoot due to the nationwide ammunition shortage. It’s not going to do me any good to have a home defense gun if I don’t have the ammunition for it so I won’t be able to do a real test until 9mm comes back onto the store shelves. But that could be another year if not longer. I’m probably going to keep the gun until I can really test it out but in the meantime, will get a Ruger EC9s or splurge on a full size Glock 17, even though that expensive a gun would be a little bit of a hardship for me. That’s why the Ruger EC9s interests me, as well as the fact I have the Ruger SR22. That is almost the same style gun and it has served me well.

  21. About to trade my Sccy CPX-1 for something better! Anything better! This gun is horrible. My husband and I both have one and BOTH of them jam up every single time we target shoot. We have gotten new magazines numerous times believing that was the issue and it’s not. We’ve had them for over a year and have put quite a bit of ammo through them and we’ve experienced the exact same problems as the guy who wrote this did. The trigger is horrible as well. We sent our guns in to get checked out and fixed because of the jamming issue and they sent them back and said it was fixed. WRONG. I wouldn’t recommend this gun to anyone. For those of you who have no problems out of yours then great. But for my husband and me, this gun would not be reliable in an emergency situation.

  22. I picked up my second generation CPX by driving up to Daytona and giving them my first model that had a safety that would come on about every other shot. Since then I have had zero problems with either FTF or FTE. It has consumed thousands of my reloads, proven to be very reliable. On the other hand you are correct about the weighty trigger and the looong reset, you do get points for that.
    You should give yours back to SCCY and they will tell you what is wrong with it. It should not jam.

  23. Spot on. I would make 2 points though. Load the magazines and let them set when new. Something about them makes the spring too tight. Once mine were broke in and I ran Fiocchi and Federal it ran real well. I just bought it as a lark to have a 9mm. If you seriously want to carry something get something else.

  24. My SCCY CPX2 works quite well. I had one magazine not working properly but have 5 mags that work fine so assuming it’s that magazine. I haven’t inspected it close up under magnification yet to see if it’s something obvious. Gun does kick quite abit for sure because of weight. Over 2000 rounds of Sellier& Bellot, 115 grain FMJ through it so far. Short stroke is biggest fault to me. Looking into parts to remedy that.

    Like pretty much everything these days, there’s good ones and bad ones. It’s man made so it’s gonna break sooner or later. Guess I got one of the better ones . . . OH, SCCY will replace your gun for free if it’s faulty, just gotta send it back.

  25. Geeziz, stop using “price point”. It’s an internal term used by marketing teams to indicate where they would like the “price” of an item to end up in retail.

  26. I have had my cpx1 for a year or so now.
    And have also burned through tons of ammo.i can honestly say I haven’t had and problems.i use the extra finger extensions for better grip. I have had problems with auto loading with some magazines though..over all this little guy is a great backup pistol ..

  27. The absolute WORST firearm I’ve ever owned! 8-9 lbs trigger, and would not reset until I pushed it forward with my finger. Every mag jammed with various ammo. STAY AWAY from this one!

    1. mcarbo have a solution. Spring kit available to reduce in about 50 percent the trigger pull

        1. Awesome – we’ll look into this upgrade. Was your gun experiencing the same malfunctions ours was prior to installing the aftermarket parts?

          1. What did you ever figure out with your Sccy Ryan? I wish I had seen your video prior to buying one. I received one just like your, identical malfunctions. I sent it into Sccy twice and twice they said the magazines are the issue but they gave me new magazines and said those corrected the problem… Talked to Dennis, she was useless. It’s an utter joke, clearly get what you pay for.

        2. I have had 3 9mm pistols from sccy..i havent checked out the newest one..i found no issues regarding misfires until i tried aluminum cased shells.with brass cases i have only had one misfire…and it was about the time i had shot almost 1500 rounds..personally i like the gun.

    2. And you have owned how many? Several hundred? If everyone gave a bad rating to 1 product they bought and had problems with, nothing g we own would be worth a crap. I don’t care what brand any one owns. It just amazes me to see 1 gun out of however many thousand are made, be judged as all of them are no good.

      1. That wasn’t our intent. Our intent is to give honest reviews of firearms. Does it equally bother you that we only tested one of a certain product, had a good result, and left a positive review?

        Here’s what we can do – test something and tell you what happened for us. If it’s good, great. If it’s bad, well, it was bad.

        If an honest review of our experience is not good enough for you, we’re not for you.

        1. Hello sir. I do agree with Mr. McLaughlin though. As a static researcher, it is very discrediting to any company to judge quality based on one sample. A fair test would rather be gotten by reviewing, say, 100 samples. That being said, I can’t expect you to gather up 100 samples for such testing. So you judged what you had in hand. Perhaps footnoting your article by asking for other people’s experiences with this gun might have more receptive to readers. Thank you for your honesty sir.

          1. Thanks for the feedback, Tim. We’ve just implemented a new tool wherein readers can give their grade as well. I hope that this accomplishes a bit of what you mention.

        2. Fresh out of the box, lubed it up put two magazines through it before the magazine release catch broke. Couldn’t be more disappointed but you get what you pay for.

      2. Yes..thank you..seems like they don’t take 4-5 to the range of each get a lemon sometimes with everything..just ask my ex

    3. I have never once had a problem with mine. I carry it every day and at 25 yard’s kept it in the middle of the target.

    4. I bought the cpx2 for my wife. The underside of the “ lips” of the magazines it came with were rough and the bullets would drag on a bit when feeding. I called Sccy and they sent me two more at no charge. I then filed the undersides of the ones it came with and no more feed issues. Also I use ‘Oneshot’ gun cleaner/ lube . It likes this over the cheap gun oils . I ran 115 and 124 reloads,new,cheap,and expensive rounds. No feed or jam issues now. My wife however has ftf’s and some that get stuck but she has much weaker wrists than mine. But she has the same issues with Glock, canik, and my sig and HK. Let’s face it, if you have soft wrists, your going to noodle arm any firearm . If you have weaker wrists maybe a revolver is a better choice. Hope this helps. The new CPX2 is just not having issues with the 6 of them that my buddies have. It’s a very affordable little piece to stow in my pack . Hope this helps.

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