6 Best Powder Trickler for Reloading [2024 Reviews + Images]

by Tom Moore

August 29, 2022



If you’re reloading your own ammo, a powder trickler is a luxury that can make your life a lot easier. The highest quality powder trickler on the market is the Frankford Arsenal Powder Trickler.

Not only is Frankford’s trickler a versatile dispenser suited for any reloading scale, but it also has the durability to last a lifetime.

Just because we’ve labeled the powder trickler made by Frankford Arsenal to have the best quality does not mean that there isn’t a tool on this list better suited for your reloading press or all-in-one reloading kit.

Every trickler on this list has its own pros and cons, which is why we have taken the time to evaluate each one. You decide what is best suited to fill your powder charges. Our goal is for you to confidently reload your own ammo with as few errors as possible.

Best Powder Trickler

Frankford Arsenal Powder Trickler
  • Synthetic dust cover included
  • Heavy machined steel construction
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RCBS Powder Trickler
  • Non-skid base
  • Powder tube extension
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Lyman Brass Smith Powder Trickler
  • Static-free die-cast aluminum body
  • Solid steel base with adjustable height
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Lyman E-ZEE Flo Universal Powder Trickler
  • Compatibility with electronic or beam scales
  • Adjustable base and tube extension
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Hornady Lock-N-Load Quick Trickle
  • High and low speeds
  • Hand-operated controls
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Hornady 050100 Powder Trickler
  • Most affordable option
  • No adjustable height feature
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Best Powder Trickler

  1. Frankford Arsenal Powder Trickler
  2. RCBS Powder Trickler
  3. Lyman Brass Smith Powder Trickler
  4. Lyman E-ZEE Flo Universal Powder Trickler
  5. Hornady Lock-N-Load Quick Trickle
  6. Hornady 050100 Powder Trickler

Best Powder Trickler Reviews

Now that we’ve had an overview look at our list, let us take the time to individually review each powder trickler. In this section we’ll be revisiting our list, speaking about the product, and looking at the pros and cons.

Frankford Arsenal Powder Trickler Review

What is the best powder trickler? The heavy-duty Frankford Arsenal Powder Trickler is the most durable and best overall powder trickler on this list.

Our top pick is made of heavy machined steel to prevent tip-overs. Owners of this trickler rave over the great stability of this structure.

Although the base does not feature any sort of adjustable height, it does give you a tube extension and a fine-tuning knob, allowing for accurate measurements with each powder charge.

The Frankford Arsenal Power Trickler is a heavy-duty durability trickler with a stable back and boasts a large capacity for powder – this is a great value option especially compared to other products that are also found on Amazon.

Frankford Arsenal Powder Trickler Pros and Cons

  • Compatibility with any scale, thanks to the adjustable height feature
  • Rubber cap included to increase longevity
  • Heavier than other options (considered a positive for some reloaders)

Frankford Arsenal Powder Trickler Deals

RCBS Powder Trickler Review

The RCBS Powder Trickler is another option when it comes to the best powder tricklers on the market today, thanks to its combined versatility and durability. RCBS is able to maintain its reputation as a brand with a great design for easy reloading.

This trickling dispenser features a non-skid base with adjustable height, so you don’t have to worry about it tipping over or not being compatible with your scale. This trickler will work with both beam scales and electronic scales.

If you prefer a trickler that does not require manual operations, RCBS also offers an electric powder trickler for those who prefer efficiency over precision.

This powder trickler brings some great value for the price.

RCBS Powder Trickler Pros and Cons

  • Non-skid base with adjustable height
  • Fine-tuning knob that allows for 1 or 2 granules to be dispensed at a time
  • Compatibility with both digital and beam scales
  • No dust cover of any kind, reducing durability

RCBS Powder Trickler Deals

Lyman Brass Smith Powder Trickler Review

Along with our top picks from above, the Lyman Brass Smith Powder Trickler is another great consideration for the most durable powder dispensers that are on the market today. It has just about every component that makes a versatile trickler able to accurately dispense granules onto any scale pan.

This bright orange trickler stands out from the rest in more ways than one. It has great stability thanks to its stable base made of steel. The frame is made from cast aluminum and also comes with an aluminum feed tube extension.

With a large, stable base having adjustable height, and accurate control with a fine-tuning knob, the Lyman Brass Smith Powder Trickler is worth the third spot on our list today.

Lyman Brass Smith Powder Trickler Pros and Cons

  • Aluminum feed tube with extension
  • Durable cast aluminum frame
  • Aluminum body that lasts long but can lead to dents

Lyman Brass Smith Powder Trickler Deals

Lyman E-ZEE Flo Universal Powder Trickler Review

Lyman claims that their E-ZEE Flo Universal Powder Trickler is the first powder dispenser to work with electronic scales as well as mechanical beam scales. This is thanks to the combination of both the adjustable base as well as the tube extension.

With this versatile powder trickler, Lyman prides itself in having one of the largest ranges for height adjustment on the market. The quality and features included in this trickler define what a universal powder trickler should be.

The Lyman E-ZEE Flo boasts a universal design that allows for it to be paired with any reloading scale and comes in at an affordable price on Amazon. The main downside is that it isn’t the most durable option on the market and there have been reports that it can tip over more often than competitors. So there are some extra things to consider with this tool.

Lyman E-ZEE Flo Pros and Cons

  • Extension tube and an adjustable base
  • Isn’t the most durable option

Lyman E-ZEE Flo Deals

Hornady Lock-N-Load Quick Trickle Review

The Hornady 0505010 Lock-N-Load Quick Trickle is the only powder trickler on this list with 2 trickling speeds. These 2 speeds allow for quick powder dispensing at the same time as careful precision.

Also included are double-sided, sealed ball bearings that prevent small amounts of powder from affecting the reloading process. Although it may lack durability, its functionality and precision with every granule are what puts this quick trickle on our list.

With the Hornady Lock-N-Load Quick Trickle and its high accuracy with its 2-speed settings and adjustable base, this powder trickler comes in at our second last spot on today’s list.

One Con that I have for this tool is that it can be difficult to clean which might be off-putting for some reloaders.

Hornady Lock-N-Load Quick Trickle Pros and Cons

  • Double-sided, sealed ball bearings
  • 3-to-1 gear ratio
  • No tube extension for dispenser

Hornady Lock-N-Load Quick Trickle Deals

Hornady 050100 Powder Trickler Review

If you’re looking for an accurate trickler with a stable base that won’t break the bank, look no further than the Hornady 050100 Powder Trickler. This dispenser can measure all types of powder with great accuracy.

This powder trickler isn’t the most durable trickler on the market today. Regardless, its ability to precisely measure out small amounts of powder combined with its affordability should make any handgun owner excited about this reloading bench addition.

The Hornady Powder Trickler offers an accurate powder charge and has a lightweight design that can increases portability. The downside of this lightweight design is that decreases durability.

Hornady Powder Trickler Pros and Cons

  • Wide, stable base, reducing chance of tip-over
  • Small powder capacity

Hornady Powder Trickler Deals

Best Powder Trickler – Buyers Guide

A powder trickler is an optional piece of reloading equipment, designed to slowly dispense gunpowder onto a reloading scale in a highly precise manner. Tricklers often dispense gunpowder by a single grain.

The reloading process can very well be completed without one. However, the addition of a trickler does increase accuracy and consistency in your ammo.

What are powder tricklers used for? Powder tricklers are used for dispensing very small amounts of powder at a time onto a scale, which allows for precise measurements to be made for each cartridge.

What are the benefits of a powder trickler? A powder trickler prevents the possibility of any spillage or incorrect measurements to be made while reloading. Although the process can be completed without one, using a trickler vastly shrinks your margin of error.

Although it can be expensive, optional additions to your reloading kit can do wonders to enhance your precision and consistency.

What type of powder measure is used to measure powder in reloading? A powder scale is used to measure powder in reloading.

Digital scales and beam scales are the 2 main types of powder scales used in the reloading process. (I actually prefer manual beam scales to the fancier digital ones.)

What is the best tool to measure powder? The best tool to measure powder is the Hornady G3 1500 Electronic Reloading Scale. It is a digital powder measurer, considered the best overall reloading scale by Gun University.

This digital powder scale could easily be paired with either of the Hornady powder tricklers mentioned on this list.

Benefits of Powder Tricklers

What are the benefits of a powder trickler?

  • More accuracy
  • Increased consistency
  • Reduced possibility of spillage
  • Peace of mind that your reloaded ammo is precise as possible

Downsides of Powder Tricklers

  • Extra cost
  • Only marginally more accuracy
  • More time consumed, for larger ammo
  • Lack of durability and mobility, often

What is the best powder measure for reloading?

The best powder measure on this list for reloading is the Frankford Arsenal Powder Trickler. Although its heavy-duty design may not please everyone, it gets the job done with no fuss. It boasts long-time use, thanks to its great stability and construction.

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