6 Best Reloading Kits 2024 [Reviews + Images]

by Tom Moore

August 25, 2022



If you’re a Gun University regular, you already know most of us (especially Ryan) think the process of hand-loading ammo is an enjoyable and fiscally rewarding hobby. Collecting spent casings and using them for new ammo can save you money and give ya a great excuse to spend more time at your workbench.

Reloading kits are gaining popularity across the firearm industry. Since ammo is only getting more expensive, and the current state of gun laws is becoming increasingly uncertain, now is the best time to buy a reloading kit and participate in this cost-effective process.

Below we’ve listed out our favorite reloading kits. Your mileage may vary!

Best Reloading Kit

Lee Precision Anniversary Challenger Kit
  • Clear, Easy setup
  • Great Price
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RCBS 9354 Rock Chucker Supreme Master Kit
  • Heavy, Sturdy Design
  • Not a bunch of extra pieces
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Lee Precision Classic Turret Press Kit
  • Very consistent
  • Faster than single-stage, slower than progressive
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Hornady Lock-N-Load AP Press Reloader
  • Fast, high-volume reloading
  • Complex set up
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Lyman All American 8 Turret Press Kit
  • Durable cast iron frame
  • Includes straight-line primer feed with large/small primer tubes
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Lee Precision Shotshell Reloading Press
  • Excellent value
  • Slower, but more reliable
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Best Reloading Kit

  1. Lee Precision Anniversary Challenger Kit
  2. RCBS 9354 Rock Chucker Supreme Master Kit
  3. Lee Precision Classic Turret Press Kit
  4. Hornady Lock-N-Load AP Press Reloader
  5. Lyman All American 8 Turret Press Kit
  6. Lee Precision Shotshell Reloading Press

Best Reloading Kit Reviews

Now we’ve had an overview look at our list, let us take the time to individually review each reloading kit. In this section we’ll be revisiting our list, speaking into the product and looking at the pros and cons.

Lee Precision Anniversary Challenger Kit Review

What is the best reloading kit for the money? Considering its price and quality, the Lee Precision Anniversary Challenger single-stage kit is the best reloading kit for the money.

This kit features a quick-change bushing system. This allows for increased efficiency when unloading or reloading dies, meaning it’s no problem if you plan on producing units of different calibers.

Lee’s single-stage press is excellent for beginners or even reloading veterans who want a simpler piece in their arsenal.

Here are all the reloading equipment components:

  • Lee Precision Breech Lock Single-Stage Press
  • 1 breech-lock quick-change bushing system
  • Auto prime XR
  • Auto prime shell holders (8)
  • Value quick trim case trimmer
  • Cutter and lock stud
  • Perfect powder measure
  • Chamfer tool
  • Primer pocket cleaner
  • Safety powder scale
  • Powder funnel
  • 2-oz tube Lee resizing case lube

Lee Precision Anniversary Challenger Kit Pros and Cons

  • Easy Setup
  • Great Price
  • Safety prime system could be better

Lee Precision Anniversary Challenger Kit Deals

RCBS 9354 Rock Chucker Supreme Master Kit Review

Coming in at number two, the RCBS Rock Chucker Supreme might be the answer to your questions if you’re specifically looking for a high-quality single-stage press.

This master reloading kit truly embodies the phrase “buy once, cry once.” Most RCBS products are heavy-duty, sturdy, and long-lasting because they’re made with cast iron. The problem, however, is the price tag.

Listed around $692.99, it is undoubtedly one of the more expensive single-stages you will find. However, there are always deals you can find.

Ideal for both beginners or advanced reloaders, people choose RCBS for their toughness and reliability.

All RCBS kit components include:

  • Rock Chucker Supreme Press
  • M500 mechanical scale
  • Accessory handle — 2 with two case neck brushes
  • Ambidextrous lever
  • Uniflow powder measure
  • Hand priming tool
  • Primer catcher
  • Universal case load block
  • .17-.60 deburring tool
  • Hex key set
  • Case lube kit
  • Powder funnel

RCBS Rock Chucker Pros and Cons

  • Solid Construction
  • Reliable
  • Not a lot of extra pieces

RCBS Rock Chucker Deals

Lee Precision Classic Turret Press Kit Review

This beautiful hunk of cast iron sets you up with solid steel linkage alongside an auto-indexing feature. Lee Precision appears another time on this list with their Classic Turret Press Kit.

If you don’t like/need this feature, this press can easily turn into a single-stage by removing the index rod. There’s no trouble making these modifications since it conveniently comes with a reloading handbook.

Because of its durability, performance, and affordability, this kit produced by Lee Precision is undoubtedly one of the best turret press kits on the market.

Here is the reloading equipment included:

  • Lee Precision Classic Turret Press
  • Precision cutter
  • Lock stud
  • Solid steel linkage
  • Chamfer tool
  • Small and large primer
  • Pocket cleaner
  • Lee case sizing lube
  • Case length gauge
  • Modern Reloading: Second Edition (reloading manual)

Lee Precision Classic Turret Pros and Cons

  • Consistent results
  • Faster than single stage press
  • Slower than progressive options

Lee Precision Classic Deals

Hornady Lock-N-Load AP Press Reloader Review

The Lock-N-Load from Hornady gives all the other progressive kits a run for their money. It can switch dies, precisely measuring powder, checking dies, and making crimps in the dies, all without changing the head.

The AP stands for auto-progressive. This simply refers to the auto-indexing and progressive press included.

With a lifetime warranty, I believe the progressive style press from Hornady has more value than their popular single-stage press, the Hornady Lock-N-Load Classic, contrary to what others may believe.

Here’s what Hornady’s AP press reloader comes with:

  • Hornady Lock-N-Load Auto-Progressive Press
  • 5 Lock-N-Load die bushings
  • 1 large cartridge bin
  • Primer pickup tubes
  • Metering inserts and rotors
  • Lock-N-Load powder measure
  • Case activated powder drop

Hornady Lock-N-Load Pros and Cons

  • High volume reloading
  • Highly reliable progressive reloader
  • Complex setup

Hornady Lock-N-Load Deals

Lyman All American 8 Turret Press Kit Review

Here we have another sturdy reloader made of cast iron. Hosting an 8 station turret, the Lyman All American 8 Turret Press was made for production. This turret feature holds two 4-die sets or up to four 2-die sets.

At $249 MSRP, while it might not have the same components as some of the other options, it is certainly a bargain compared to other turret presses on the market.

Here’s what Lyman’s turret press kit comes with:

  • Lyman cast iron frame and turret kit
  • 1” diameter ram
  • Straight-line primer feed
  • Large and small primer tubes
  • Heavy steel shield, which surrounds primer tubes

Lyman All American 8 Pros and Cons

  • Durable
  • Cast Iron Frame
  • Includes straight-line primer feed with large/small primer tubes
  • Occasionally may have issues with leverage on handle

Lyman All American 8 Deals

Lee Precision Shotshell Reloading Press Review

Although last, Lee Precision’s Shotshell Reloading Press is definitely not least if you’re a fan of skeet. This simple and convenient design from Lee Precision is easy to carry and operate. Made solely for shotgun shells, this press is capable of reloading 200 rounds per hour.

It adjusts from 2¾-inch to 3-inch shells. It can create rounds for 12, 16, and 20 gauge shotguns.

It may not seem like much, but this little kit is all you would need to start reloading your own shotgun shells.

It includes:

  • Lee Precision Shotshell Reloading Press
  • 24 shot and powder bushings

Lee Precision Shotshell Pros and Cons

  • Excellent Value
  • Reliable
  • Slow process

Lee Precision Shotshell Deals

Best Reloading Kit – Buyers Guide

A reloading kit is a press-operated set of tools that allows for ammunition to be refilled and reused.

Usually, a reloading press is a single tool, whereas a reloading press kit is the press plus a bunch of other extras. (Different manufacturers don’t always use the same terminology as competitors.)

Depending on the type of reloading kit and its intended ammo, each can have different uses and components. Generally, each case is refilled with gunpowder, then pressed on top with the bullet, encasing the seal. This is basically how reloaded ammo works, AKA handloading. 

How much is a good reloading kit? – The cost of a good reloading kit is drastically different for each type of press, but you can find one anywhere from $150 to over $1,000 for some of the most advanced presses.

Depending on your selected style of kit and level of expertise, different kits can come with different bushings, dies, calipers, primers, etc. These various combinations of components allow for a unique reloading process (and price-point) for each type of kit.

Warning: Spent primers can be toxic. Make sure you do not reuse spent primers, nor spend a lot of time breathing in fumes around spent primers.

Reloading kits generally come in 3 types of presses:

  1. Single-stage reloading press
  2. Turret press
  3. Progressive reloading press

Each of the types comes with different sets of components and uses for your reloading bench setup. Below, let’s quickly break down the 3 types of presses, from most beginner-friendly to most advanced.

Single-Stage Reloading Press

Simplicity is a blessing and a curse. The single-stage press is no exception.

What type of reloading kit is best for a beginner? – The single-stage press is the best reloading kit for beginners, thanks to its ease of use and lower cost.

These kits have little room for error. They require the least maintenance. Some say they are the most reliable press since they have the least amount of interchangeable components. This is why many use them for rifle cartridges.

The basic design dramatically decreases the amount of maintenance that other presses require. Less maintenance required means more longevity.

There are some downfalls to the very basic designs of these presses. Single-stage kits only conduct a single function on one die each time the lever is pulled. This causes reloading with this press to be the most time-consuming.

For these reasons, I do not advise purchasing these types of presses if your main goal is a high-volume production rate.

If you are dead-set on purchasing a single-stage press and want to know more about this type, check out this article.

Turret Press

A turret press and a single-stage press are similar because they both perform one function on a single die for every pull of the lever. They both have one shell holder.

The main difference is the turret ring found at the top of the turret press. This piece contains multiple dies and allows for quick change between dies and bushings.

Therefore, the turret press’s reloading process is more efficient than that of a single-stage press, where one would have to switch out the reloading dies manually.

A turret reloading press might be suited best for someone who appreciates the simplicity of the single-stage, but desires a faster reloading process — all without breaking the bank.

Progressive Reloading Press

Unlike both the single-stage and turret press, the progressive press can produce an entire round of ammunition with a single pull of the lever. Its process, somewhat similar to the turret press, contains inserts for multiple dies within its structure.

However, instead of using one die at a time, the progressive reloading press can use multiple dies with the addition of a shell plate and several shell holders.

If you plan to purchase a press for your handgun, or want to reload ammo in high volume, you might consider selecting a progressive reloading press.

Although progressive presses allow for greater efficiency, there are a couple drawbacks to these intricately designed kits.

Because it can perform so many tasks within the same action, it requires more frequent maintenance and adjustments, making it more suitable for someone with prior experience. This is something to keep in mind if you are just now learning about the reloading process.

Also, progressive presses are typically the most expensive.

If these benefits are what you’re looking for, and you want to know more about the best progressive kits, read this article.

Benefits of Reloading Kits

Is reloading really worth it? – Investing into a reloading kit is absolutely worth it if you take trips to the range regularly, or if you simply have a desire to make your own ammunition.

There are numerous benefits if a person chooses to reload. Here are the main 2 reasons:

  1. Saving money: If you are an avid shooter, then you’re aware how pricey weekly trips to the range can be. While prices are going up, and availability is going down, the sooner you start, the more money you save.
  2. Piece of mind about the future: As previously stated, ammo availability is going down. The best way to guarantee your protection/hobby will remain intact is to learn how to reload your own ammo sooner rather than later.

Your New Hobby: Reloading Kits

I hope this article has equipped you with the knowledge needed to pick up this cost-effective hobby. These are some of the best reloading kits on the market, hands down.

Wondering why some popular brands such as Dillon, Forster, or Redding weren’t included? Don’t think it’s because they don’t produce quality reloading presses. It’s more due to the value of their available kits. Forster Co-Ax is one of my favorite reloading presses, but it doesn’t come in a kit.

Just because a company can produce a reliable press doesn’t mean their kits come in at the same value.

If you’ve decided you don’t necessarily need an entire kit, and just want to purchase a stand-alone reloading press, check out this list of reloading presses.

New to firearms? Get started with these:


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