Beretta Clash Review: Protective Eyewear from Beretta?

by Dave Chesson

November 28, 2023



As an avid shooter searching for a perfect blend of style and functionality without breaking the bank, I recently stumbled upon the Beretta Clash shooting glasses. Intrigued by the promises of unparalleled protection and innovative features, I decided to give them a try. In this review, I’ll share my personal experience with the Beretta Clash glasses.

Beretta Clash Specs

  • Lens style Standard
  • Lenses included 1
  • Extra lenses available? No
  • Lens colors Many
  • ANSI safety spec? Yes

Specifications and Background of Beretta Clash Glasses

Before diving into my own experience, let’s take a moment to understand the specifications and background of the Beretta Clash shooting glasses. Available in eight different colors, including a striking orange variant, these glasses boast a wraparound frame with the Beretta logo, ensuring a balance of style and functionality. The lenses, designed in collaboration with shooters, prioritize comfort and feature laser-cut holes for ventilation, addressing concerns of fogging and discomfort during extended use.

The glasses also come equipped with adjustable rubber temple tips and an adjustable nose piece, allowing for a personalized fit. 

Now that you know the specifications of these glasses, let’s jump straight into my review. 

Beretta Clash Features

Beretta Clash Shooting Glasses Features
1 Matte black frame

The simple, yet attractive, matte black frame looks great and fits well with over the ear protection.

2 Rubber temple tips

The orange rubber temple tips keep the glasses in place while not interfering with over the ear hearing protection or other PPE.

3 Laser cut lens vents

The laser cut ventilation holes in the lenes will help with air flow and reduce fogging.

4 Adjustable nose piece

The adjustable nose piece is compatible with clip-on insert

My Review of Beretta Clash Glasses

From the first time I put on the Beretta Clash glasses, I appreciated the thoughtful design that prioritizes comfort. The wraparound frame sits snugly on my face without causing any discomfort during shooting. The adjustable rubber temple tips and nose piece allowed me to customize the fit, ensuring a secure feel without any slippage.

The glasses’ lightweight design is noteworthy, as it doesn’t add unnecessary pressure during extended wear. The attention to detail in crafting the shape of the lenses deserves praise, as they don’t touch my face while shooting, contributing to an overall comfortable experience.

I primarily use these glasses for shooting clays in the bright, sunny landscapes of Arizona. The orange rubber temple tips and Beretta logo add a stylish touch, complementing my shooting attire. The glasses effectively reduce glare, allowing me to maintain a clear vision of my targets against brown and green backdrops.

Solid construction is a hallmark of the Beretta Clash glasses. I feel confident recommending them based on their ability to provide exceptional eye protection during shooting activities. The laser-cut holes in the lenses facilitate immediate airflow, preventing fogging even during intense shooting sessions.

I recommend getting a couple of different colors of the glasses as it not only enhances the glasses’ adaptability to different lighting conditions but also ensures extraordinary optical protection. The darker lenses for exceptionally bright days or shooting against brighter backgrounds offer a layer of defense against intense sunlight.

Beretta Clash Color Chart

In terms of value, the Beretta Clash glasses offer a compelling package. Stylish, functional, and affordable, they cater to the needs of both seasoned shooters and those entering the world of shooting sports. The inclusion of an anti-sweat insert, a rigid case, and a microfiber cloth adds practical value to the overall package.

While the glasses may not be the cheapest option on the market, their quality construction and innovative features make them a worthwhile investment for shooters seeking reliable eye protection.

Beretta Clash Pros and Cons 

  • Many great colors
  • Lower price point
  • Simple design
  • No interchangeable lenses

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Final Thoughts on Beretta Clash Glasses

The Beretta Clash shooting glasses have exceeded my expectations. A combination of style, comfort, and functionality makes them a standout choice for any shooter. The adaptability and the attention to detail in design set these glasses apart in the world of shooting eyewear. I ranked them 4th in my best shooting glasses article—you can read it here. The reason for a low ranking is the lack of interchangeable glasses which could’ve really elevated the Clash. 

That said, if you’re in the market for reliable eye protection, that doesn’t compromise on style, the Beretta Clash glasses are a solid choice.

FAQs on Beretta Clash Glasses

Are Beretta Clash glasses suitable for pistol shooters? 

Beretta Clash glasses are specifically designed for pistol shooters, offering unparalleled protection and a comfortable fit. The wraparound frame, adjustable rubber temple tips, and laser-cut holes contribute to a reliable and secure eyewear solution.

Do Beretta Clash glasses provide eye protection against sunlight and glare? 

Yes, Beretta Clash glasses excel in providing eye protection against sunlight and glare. The lenses, developed in collaboration with shooters, offer extraordinary optical protection, and the wraparound frame with an adjustable nose piece minimizes exposure to harmful sunlight.

How effective are the laser-cut holes in preventing fogging during shooting sessions?

The laser-cut holes in the lenses of Beretta Clash glasses play a crucial role in ventilation, preventing fogging during intense shooting sessions. Shooters have praised this feature for ensuring clear vision throughout their activities.

What is the significance of the adjustable rubber temple tips in Beretta Clash glasses? 

The adjustable rubber temple tips in Beretta Clash glasses contribute to a personalized and comfortable fit. This feature ensures that the glasses stay securely in place during shooting, making them ideal for both experienced shooters and those new to the sport.

Can I trust the orange rubber temple tips for a secure grip? 

Yes, the orange rubber temple tips not only add a stylish touch but also provide a secure grip. The Clash Eyeglasses are designed to stay in place, offering confidence to shooters even in dynamic and fast-paced shooting activities.

How do Beretta Clash glasses enhance vision during target shooting? 

Beretta Clash glasses enhance vision during target shooting through their balanced color enhancement. The lenses are designed to optimize light values, ensuring a clear and focused view of the target, as noted in the Beretta Clash review.

Are Beretta Clash glasses suitable for various shooting environments? 

Absolutely. The wraparound frame and adjustable features make Beretta Clash glasses adaptable to various shooting environments. Whether you’re in bright sunlight, low-light conditions, or facing different background colors, these glasses have you covered.

What accessories are included with Beretta Clash glasses? 

Beretta Clash glasses come with a rigid case, a microfiber cloth for cleaning, and an anti-sweat insert for added comfort during extended use. These accessories contribute to the overall value and practicality of the eyewear.


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