Radians Revelation Glasses Review: High Value Eye Protection

by Dave Chesson

November 28, 2023



Finding the right safety glasses, as a shooter, is crucial because you need to stay protected at all times. As a firearms instructor, Radians Revelation glasses are ones that I always keep as backups in my bag because they are affordable and incredibly functional. Now, while these are not going to be the premium glass of your choice, they are always a great staple and I recommend having them in your collection. In this review, I’ll give you a first-hand account of my experience with these glasses. 

Radians Revelation Glasses Specs

  • Lens style Standard
  • Lenses included 1
  • Extra lenses available? No
  • Lens colors Copper/Dark Smoke/Ice/ Orange/ Vermillion
  • ANSI safety spec? Yes

Specifications of Radians Revelation Glasses

Before delving into my personal experience, let’s take a quick look at the specifications of the Radians Revelation glasses.

The Radians Revelation glasses come equipped with an adjustable frame, allowing for a customized fit that caters to different face shapes and sizes. These glasses are available in several tint options, catering to diverse preferences and specific shooting conditions. Whether you opt for clear, vermillion, or smoke lenses, each variant is designed to enhance visibility and contrast in various lighting environments, making them adaptable for different shooting scenarios.

The lenses boast a wrap-around design, ensuring comprehensive eye protection. It shields the eyes not only from the front but also from the sides, minimizing the risk of stray particles or debris entering the eye area during shooting activities.

They equip the Radians Revelation safety glasses with a soft rubber nose piece. The nose piece adds a layer of cushioning, preventing discomfort and allowing for a secure fit without causing pressure points.

Weighing in as lightweight, these glasses offer a barely noticeable feel during wear. The frame of the Radians Revelation safety glasses features adjustable temple pieces, allowing users to modify both the length and angle of the arms. 

Now that you are familiar with the specifications of these glasses, let’s get right into the review. 

Radians Revelation Features

Radians Revelation Glasses Features (1)
1 Lens Colors

Many lens colors including polarized options and with 99.9% UV protection and meets ASNI Z87.1+ standards.

2 Temple Length Adjustment

4 position temple length adjustment allows you to get the fit just right.

3 Ratchet Position Temples

The 5 position ratcheting temples allows you to fine tune the fit.

My Review of Radians Revelation Glasses

One of the standout features of the Radians Revelation safety glasses is their adjustable design, catering to a variety of face shapes and sizes. Having purchased them in several tints, I can attest to their durability and ability to maintain a tight fit, even on my relatively wide head. The adjustable side pieces allow for a customized fit, ensuring that the glasses stay securely in place without causing discomfort.

As a firearms instructor, I keep multiple pairs of these glasses in my range bag for participants who show up without adequate eye protection. It’s interesting to note that those who borrow these glasses often end up purchasing a pair for themselves, a testament to their comfort and effectiveness.

The Radians Revelation glasses truly shine in their intended use–shooting. Initially a point of uncertainty for me, the curved lenses proved to be remarkably comfortable after just a few minutes of wear. The light weight of the glasses makes them easy to forget you’re wearing, and the adjustable frame ensures they stay put without the need for a strap.

I particularly appreciate the versatility of the light smoke lens, suitable for both daytime and low-light conditions. The clarity provided by these lenses enhances the contrast between targets and between front and rear sights. Additionally, I’ve found them beneficial for night driving, reducing the “halo effect” around streetlights and improving peripheral vision.

Protection is paramount when it comes to shooting glasses, and the Radians Revelation glasses deliver on this front. The lenses wrap around, providing comprehensive protection from both the front and the sides. The lack of distortion is a notable feature, ensuring a clear and unobstructed view of the shooting environment.

I opted for the vermillion color lenses, ideal for shooting skeet and sporting clays. The enhanced visibility of orange clays, especially under halogen flood lighting, makes target acquisition quick and precise. The lenses are also resistant to fogging, thanks to the effective air circulation allowed by the angle adjustment.

In terms of value, the Radians Revelation glasses offer a compelling proposition. While they may not be your primary eyewear, considering the price point, they provide excellent value as backup glasses. The affordability, coupled with the quality and durability, makes them a practical choice for both seasoned shooters and beginners.

Radians Revelation Glasses Pros and Cons 

  • Low cost
  • Simple design
  • Many color options
  • No interchangeable lenses
  • Comfort is lacking

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Final thoughts on Radians Revelation Glasses

These are the safety eyewear I recommend every shooter to get first before they buy their primary eyewear. I strongly feel they are a shooting staple you can keep in your bag in case you need to loan out a pair of shooting glasses to your range buddy or if you forget your primary glasses. 

Now, I rank them 5th in my article on best shooting glasses—you can read it here. That’s because while they are good basic glasses, they don’t offer many extra features. That said, I highly recommend you get a pair for your range bag—you never know when it can come in handy. 

FAQs on Radians Revelation Glasses

How do Radians Revelation glasses contribute to eye protection?

Radians Revelation glasses offer superior eye protection with clear safety lens and smoke lens options. The lenses, available in 16 colors, provide 999 UV/UVA/UVB protection, safeguarding the eyes from harmful UV rays in different working conditions.

What makes the frame of Radians Revelation glasses stand out? 

They designed the frames of Radians Revelation glasses for a superior fit and comfort during extended use. With a black frame option and a protective frame structure, these glasses prioritize both style and safety.

Do Radians Revelation glasses offer any special coatings for enhanced performance? 

Yes, Radians Revelation glasses come with extra fog control, ensuring clear vision even in challenging conditions. This feature is especially beneficial in environments where fogging could impact safety and productivity.

Can we use Radians Revelation glasses with other safety gear?

Absolutely. These glasses complement other safety gear such as coated gloves, hearing protection, and hard hats, providing comprehensive eye protection and face protection in various work settings.

How do Radians Revelation glasses cater to different preferences in lens color?

Radians Revelation glasses offers a choice of 16 lens colors, allowing users to select the most suitable option for their specific safety needs. This customization ensures that individuals can work comfortably while meeting safety standards.

What is the significance of the 5 position ratchet in Radians Revelation glasses? 

The 5 position ratchet in Radians Revelation glasses allows for easy and precise adjustment, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit for different head sizes. This feature enhances the overall usability and adaptability of the glasses.

How does the 4 position telescoping temples contribute to the functionality of Radians Revelation glasses? 

Radians Revelation glasses feature 4 position telescoping temples for customizable comfort. This design ensures that the glasses fit securely, providing an optimal viewing experience in various work environments.

Can I use Radians Revelation glasses in low-light conditions or at night?

While primarily designed for day use, Radians Revelation Glasses do not offer night vision capabilities. For low-light conditions, additional lighting or specific night vision equipment may be necessary.


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