Smith Pivlock Echo Review: A Great go-to Option

by Dave Chesson

November 28, 2023



Finding the perfect pair of shooting glasses is crucial for both performance and eye protection. Over the years, I’ve relied on various eyewear, with Smith Pivlock Echo Elite being a consistent choice. They are one of my favorites and today, I’ll give you a personal review of the Smith Pivlock Echo. 

Smith Pivlock Echo Specs

  • Lens style Wrap-around
  • Lenses included 1
  • Extra lenses available? Yes
  • Lens colors Yellow/Clear/ Grey/Ignitor
  • ANSI safety spec? Yes

Specifications and Background of Smith Pivlock Echo

Before diving into my Smith Pivlock Echo review, let’s go over some key specifications. 

Smith Optics has long been synonymous with cutting-edge eyewear, catering to the needs of outdoor enthusiasts, athletes, and professionals. The Smith Pivlock Echo Elite is one of their best optics yet. 

The Smith Pivlock Echo Elite boasts a revolutionary design with tapered lens technology and adjustable nose pieces. The Pivlock Echo Elite adopts a full eye shield wrap-around design, providing comprehensive coverage without the need for additional side shields. 

The frame style is versatile, and the ChromaPop lens technology promises uncompromising optics. With ANSI Z87 and MIL PRF31013 approval, these glasses ensure superior ballistic impact protection.

Now that’s over, let’s get straight to my review. 

Smith Pivlock Echo Features

Smith Pivlock Echo Features
1 Replaceable lens

Replaceable lenses so you can get the color lenses that work best for you and easily swap when lighting conditions change.

2 Clear field of view

Frameless design provides and unobstructed field of view.

3 Flat temples

The flat temples are much more comfortable when worn under over the ear hearing protection than larger or rounder styles.

My Review of Smith Pivlock Echo

Personally, I find the Smith Pivlock Echo to offer an excellent fit. The wrap around design is pretty great. This design choice not only enhances protection but also contributes to the glasses’ streamlined and cohesive look. The absence of a brow on the frame and the outward-angled lens indeed prevent sweat from becoming an issue during intense shooting sessions. Comfort takes center stage with super rubberized nose pads. These pads not only ensure a secure and snug fit but also provide reassurance in various scenarios, from dynamic physical activities to extended wear periods.

One recurring theme in the customer reviews I encountered was the concern about the size. Some mentioned that the design might be too large for smaller faces. While I prefer larger frames, it’s essential to note that individual preferences and face shapes play a significant role in comfort. 

The interchangeable lenses of the Smith Pivlock Echo are a game-changer. I resonate with the praise for the option to switch lenses based on the shooting conditions. The clear lens is my go-to, but the flexibility to add prescription lenses with an RX insert is a standout feature. It caters to diverse needs, making it suitable for various activities beyond shooting. I also really like that there’s no distortion on the corner. 

The full eye shield wrap-around design adds a layer of protection, eliminating the need for side shields. This design choice, coupled with the ChromaPop technology, significantly enhances color and contrast, providing a clear and vibrant view. The curved design keeps dust and debris at bay, ensuring a focused and uninterrupted shooting experience.

Protection is paramount when it comes to shooting glasses, and the Smith Pivlock Echo doesn’t disappoint. The ANSI Z87 and MIL PRF31013 approval for high impact and ballistic protection instill confidence. The lens technology, coupled with the wrap-around design, provides superior coverage, safeguarding against potential hazards.

Consistency in meeting high standards of protection across various models within the Smith Optics Elite Collection, such as the Rebound sunglasses or the Outside the Wire goggles with turbo fan technology, reflects the brand’s commitment to ensuring user safety.

The Smith Pivlock Echo stands out as an affordable alternative to other high-end brands. While the Pivlock Echo Elite excels as shooting glasses, their versatility extends beyond the firing range. The eyewear’s design and features make it suitable for a range of outdoor activities, including snowboarding, fishing, mountain biking, and more. While I do wish they had a one polarized piece among the interchangeable options, the overall value is undeniable.

The versatility, comfort, and robust protective features contribute to a well-rounded package. When compared to other models within the Smith Optics Elite Collection, such as the Aegis Echo II and Chamber Elite, the Pivlock Echo Elite holds its own, providing an excellent balance of performance and affordability.

Final Thoughts on Smith Pivlock Echo 

The Smith Pivlock Echo has earned its place as a reliable companion for shooters. The comfort, usability, protective features, and overall value make it a standout choice. Now, I did rank this one 3rd in my best shooting glasses article—you can read it here—but the only reason it didn’t rank higher is because the Echo’s lenses are a bit shorter than the Oakleys. Now, I have a big head, so I frequently use the very top section of the lens and the edge of the lens was often in my view compared to the space I got with the Oakleys. 

That said, the Smith Pivlock Echo, with its innovative design and commitment to quality, is a pretty solid shooting glass. Whether you’re a seasoned marksman or a recreational shooter, these glasses offer a blend of style, functionality, and affordability that’s hard to beat.

Smith Pivlock Echo Pros and Cons 

  • Flat temples – Do not interfere with over the ear hearing protection
  • Optical quality – Superior optical quality
  • Lens height – A higher lens heigh can make them better for using with long guns

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FAQs on Smith Pivlock Echo 

What makes the Smith Pivlock Echo stand out in terms of eye protection?

 The Smith Pivlock Echo ensures superior ballistic impact protection, meeting stringent standards for high-impact scenarios. With ANSI Z87 and MIL PRF31013 approval, it guarantees 100% protection, instilling confidence in users across various environments.

Can I use the Smith Pivlock Echo for activities other than shooting? 

Absolutely! The versatile design of the Smith Pivlock Echo extends beyond the shooting range. Whether you’re into snowboarding, fishing, mountain biking, or other outdoor activities, these glasses offer the adaptability and protection you need.

What is the lens technology used in the Smith Pivlock Echo? 

The Smith Pivlock Echo boasts tapered lens technology and ChromaPop lens technology, ensuring uncompromising optics. This combination enhances color and contrast, providing a clear and vibrant visual experience in various lighting conditions.

How does the adjustable nose piece contribute to the comfort of the Smith Pivlock Echo? 

The adjustable nose piece in the Smith Pivlock Echo adds to the overall comfort by allowing users to customize the fit according to their preferences. This feature ensures a secure and snug fit, addressing concerns about pressure points and discomfort.

How does the Smith Pivlock Echo address concerns about eye fatigue during extended wear? 

The Smith Pivlock Echo’s design, including the absence of a brow on the frame and the outward-angled lens, prevents issues related to eye fatigue. This thoughtful design choice contributes to a comfortable and focused experience during prolonged use.

Are there any prescription options available for the Smith Pivlock Echo? 

While the Smith Pivlock Echo doesn’t come with built-in prescription lenses, it offers the flexibility to add prescription lenses with an RX insert. This option caters to users who require corrective eyewear, ensuring optimal vision without compromising on style or protection.


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