Afloia Mini Gun Safe Dehumidifier Review: Hands On Tested!

by Dave Chesson

July 27, 2022



When it comes to gun safe dehumidifiers, I’ve had a bit of a love-hate relationship. Some felt as though they had tremendous upside, and then a glaring negative. Whether that be being plugged in, or low surface area and thus lower results.

So, I was a bit happy to test out something that might be a middle ground on some of my previous misgivings.

In this article, I’m going to do an Afloia Gun Safe Dehumidifier review and see whether or not it is worth the price.

Afloia Mini Specs

  • Power Supply American standard plug, AC100-120V 50/60Hz
  • Dehumidifier Rate 4oz/100ml per cycle
  • Heating Base Weight 3.05oz/0.37kg
  • Capacity of each dehumidifier box 100ml/cycle

Afloia Mini Gun Safe Dehumidifier Review

The concept of the Afloia Dehumidifier is that you can put the cylindrical part of the dehumidifier in a gun safe.  Then when the beads turn green (which you can see through a top window), you can put them on a charging station that dries out the silica beads (when they turn orange). 

Because of this, you have a reusable generally good-looking gun safe dehumidifier.  No need for electrical cords to run in and out of your safe or the like.  Furthermore, you should have enough for this to last a really long time (I haven’t had it long enough to give a definite response, but they have a warranty), and the time to charge is about 2 hours.  

It’s a simple concept and easy to put together and seems to be of good material.  But this begs the question: Is it worth the money for a ‘rechargeable’ gun safe dehumidifier?  

Our Take on this Dehumidifier

Afloia Mini Gun Safe Dehumidifier Top

I like the concept of this.  I’ve generally noticed that the electric ones were not only more reliable, but usually had better results with regards to removing moisture.  However, these required me to plug them in – which is a bit ridiculous.  With the case of the Afloia, all I need to do is check to see if it is still good (based on the color of the beads), and then put it on the charger when it needs to remove the collected moisture and viola, I’m good to go again.  Granted, this also means that I need to check the beads from time to time.  

I also like the idea of these not being disposable.  In the past, I’ve had a couple of disposable ones, and quite frankly, I’ve felt they were not as effective, or also not appealing.  

I also think this looks really good as well.  Now, I know. That sounds very uppity…but hear me out.  With my gun safe, I’ve arranged my safe so that things look good and everything is in its place. With some of the other designs, and disposables though, they just don’t look good or stick out too much – whether it be their coloration or their general look – they are an eye sore.  Plus with disposables, you have a random couple of bags just littering the sides?  Nah…whereas with the Afloia, it actually looks fine and not too out of place.  It stands up well in a corner, and the colors are neutral, so as to not stick out.    

Afloia Mini Gun Safe Dehumidifier Front

Furthermore, I love its 360-degree circular dehumidification design, meaning that all areas of the tube contribute to pulling moisture.  Some of the other dehumidifiers I’ve had only had a small section in which it pulled in.  While this one is pretty wide open, and thus is a factor as to why it performs really well.  

So, what about the price?  I got the 2-pack for about 50 dollars.  There are definitely much cheaper options out there but I do think this is a fair price.  As I said, it’s well crafted, and I don’t have to worry about stocking up or plugging something in.  It looks good and performs well.  But, if you’re on a budget then be sure to look at some of the cheaper disposable ones.  

One issue I do have though is that it is a bit large (think the size of a large ballpark brat and bun).  Its diameter precludes it from going into some of my smaller handgun/bedside safes and instead really only fits in larger safes.  I’d love for an even smaller version to have a unit in all of my safes and just schedule a check of the beads on a bi-monthly basis – thinking of it as planned general upkeep.  

In the end, I will be adding it to my list of the best gun safe dehumidifiers.  I’m also going to keep this updated in case anything breaks down or I have any changes in the integrity of the material.  Although, so far, I don’t see any problems and it’s been working like a charm. Also, there is currently a 20% off deal: Promo Code:  UA97ZRT4 (20% off)

Afloia Mini Pros and Cons

  • Rechargeable
  • No need for plugging in during use
  • Lots of surface area
  • Only fits in larger safes
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