VTAC Streetfighter Course

The VTAC Streetfighter course, previously only available as a DVD, is now available as an online course!

This means that you can access the training whenever and wherever you have an internet connected device.

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VTAC Streetfighter

This online course walks you through how to effectively shoot from a vehicle. Kyle Lamb teaches vehicle shooting considerations, positions, techniques, and drills.

In this course, you’ll be introduced to (and shown the proper way to perform) these techniques.

Included are:

  • Being Prepared While Driving With Your Pistol
  • Rigging Your Rifle for Vehicle Use
  • Movement From a Vehicle: Pistol Safety
  • Movement From a Vehicle: Rifle Safety
  • Car Shooting Positions
  • Car Doors as Cover: Staying Low
  • Shooting Through Glass
  • One Handed Weapon Manipulation: Pistol
  • One Handed Weapon Manipulation: Rifle
  • Vehicles as Cover: Staying Tight
  • Shooting From a Moving Vehicle
  • Pistol Scrambler
  • Rifle Scrambler

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