VTAC Pistol Drills pt 1


The VTAC Pistol Drills pt. 1 course, previously only available as a DVD, is now available as an online course!

This means that you can access the training whenever and wherever you have an internet connected device.

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VTAC Pistol Drills pt. 1

This online course will walk you through 7 of Kyle’s favorite pistol drills AND it includes 6 lessons on pistol shooting technique!

In this course, you’ll be introduced to (and shown the proper way to perform) these fundamental pistol drills and techniques.

Included drills are:

  • Bill Drill
  • Half and Half Drill
  • 1-5 Drill
  • Reload Drill
  • Triple Threat Drill
  • El Presidente
  • Driving the Gun Drill

Included techniques are:

  • Fighting Stance
  • Pistol Grip
  • Sight Alignment/Trigger Control
  • Pistol Draws
  • Pistol Reloads
  • Driving the Gun

[button link=”https://courses.gununiversity.com/courses/pistol-drills-pt-1-viking-tactics”] Check Out Course[/button]

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  • Jackie Higgins
    Posted December 28, 2018 11:46 am


  • Anonymous
    Posted December 28, 2018 11:56 am


  • pablo casin
    Posted August 18, 2019 8:19 pm

    dear colleagues, i would like to know if i take the course online, it is the same content that in the DVD and the online course, also do you provide digital certificate?

    Thank you very much

    • Ryan Cleckner
      Posted August 18, 2019 8:24 pm

      Yes, it is exactly the same as what is on the DVD. Unfortunately, we do not provide a certificate (nor does the DVD) because there’s know way to know who actually watched the material vs just let it play in their computer. However, we’ll consider a certificate that says the program was watched, but there won’t be much value to it for training purposes.

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