Sig P365 vs P365X: Hands On Comparison

by Stephanie Martz

June 8, 2023



Concealed carriers rejoiced when the SIG P365 came out in 2018. The release spurred on other companies to release their high capacity micro guns, including the Springfield Armory Hellcat and the FN 503. We have already compared the P365 to the Hellcat here. Quick releases being a thing that SIG Sauer isn’t too shy about..

The SIG P365 became THE 9mm carry gun for users everywhere because of its 10+1 round count, or with an extended magazine, 12+1 single stack capacity. The +1 being the round in the chamber. Its popularity also came from it still shooting like a full size gun, even with its compact size. Sporting a stainless slide and slim polymer grip module, it shoots like a dream and is very comfortable to carry. This coming from a 5’2 120 lb female..

Now, like any good company should, SIG Sauer then started releasing variants of the SIG P365. One of those variants being the SIG P365X. The “X” version being called a “hybrid” between the SIG P365 and P365XL because it has an XL version grip module but keeps the original shorter slide. There are also a few upgrades such as it being optics ready and an upgraded trigger.

In this article, we will go over the differences between the SIG P365 and the SIG P365X to help you decide which is right for you. This comparison will be based on multiple different factors such as how the gun will be used, what accessories are wanted, and obviously…the bang for the buck. This is especially important now with the multiple other variants of the 365 released since 2018. There may just be a better option for you instead of the P365 or the P365X.

Spec Comparison

Sig P365 Featured Image

Sig P365

  • Final Grade : A+
  • MSRP : $499.99
Caliber 9mm
Action Striker
Barrel Length (in) 3.1
Grip Module Polymer Original P365 Grip
Overall Height (in) 4.1
Overall Length (in) 5.8
Trigger Curved
Capacity 10+1 (12+1,15+1)
Optics Ready No
Sights X-RAY3 Day/Night Sights
Weight (oz) 17.8
Check Price
Sig P365x Featured Image

Sig P365X

  • MSRP : $599.99
Caliber 9mm
Action Striker
Barrel Length (in) 3.1
Grip Module XSeries P365 Module (XL Grip)
Overall Height (in) 4.8
Overall Length (in) 6
Trigger Flat
Capacity 12+1 (15+1)
Optics Ready Yes
Sights X-RAY3 Day/Night Sights
Weight (oz) 17.8
Check Price

The SIG P365 Original vs SIG P365X

Sig P365 vs Sig P365x Handgun Hero
Size Comparison – From Handgun Hero

The SIG P365 Original is a compact firearm with a larger capacity magazine that shoots like a dream. It comes with a lot of the upgrades that one may hope for right out of the box, such as slide serrations both front and rear, night sights, and undercuts on the trigger guard. However, there are a few downfalls with the original variant. One of those downfalls is the proprietary accessory rail. Anytime you hear the word proprietary in the gun world it can be a little concerning. This can mean that many of the items that will work with that part have to be made from that same company. Here, the SIG proprietary rail means that SIG parts will work on it but not your Surefire or Streamlight weapon mounted light, simply only SIG accessories. Booooo.

Sig P365 with Gunsmith Cut Slide for Holosun 507K

Another downfall is the fact that the original 365 doesn’t come optics ready. Meaning that they do not cut the slide for an optic. To put a red dot on this original variant, you would need to either buy an optics ready slide or send your slide to a gunsmith to mill out for either direct mount to the slide or cut for an optics plate. Fear not, there is now a P365 Optic Ready variant straight from SIG Sauer. It’s showing to be around 50-60 more dollars, but that is cheaper than sending the gun out to get cut or buying a new slide.

The 365 comes with two 10 round magazines. However, both 12 and 15 round magazines can purchased.

Besides all of that, all the guns inside the P365 lineup shoot like full size guns due to their ergonomic grip and conceals easily and comfortably.

See our full review of the Sig P365 here.

So why go SIG P365X?

Well, a lot of 365 consumers like this option even more than the original, for the main reason being a larger grip module. The easiest way to think of the P365X is to understand that there is a P365XL. This is like the 365’s big brother. It has a longer slide/barrel and a larger grip module. Now, take that larger grip module off and throw it on the original 365’s shorter slide/barrel. You now have the 365X with some additional upgrades. A larger grip module allows for greater ability to handle the gun through recoil, with both small and large hands. It also allows for the 12 round magazine to add a more natural feel onto the grip. Instead of adding say a 12 round magazine to the SIG P365 and there being a bit of a gap between the grip and the magazine basepad adding play during recoil.

Sig P365 with 12 and 10 round magazines

The additional upgrades on the P365X are typical of what SIG likes to do with a lot of their “X” variant type guns. First, they made the slide optics ready, meaning you just need an adapter plate for your chosen optic to run a red dot. No need for a gunsmith since the slide is already cut. The gun also comes with the very well appreciated XSeries Flat trigger that is showing about 2 ounces lighter than the factory curved trigger and breaks at 90 degrees with no further travel after the trigger break.

Note: There is an earlier article in the Gun University talking on the Glock19x. The 19x is a hybrid of the Glock 19 and the Glock 17 because the gun has a shorter Glock 19 slide on the larger Glock 17 frame. Consumers are loving it for having the short barrel while still having a large grip. It is a hybrid just like the SIG P365X is with the 365 and the 365XL.

The P365X comes with two 12 round magazines. The 15 round magazine is available for purchase. 10 round magazines will not work inside the P365X on account of the larger XL grip module.

Sig Sauer P365 Variants

Now is the time that questions need to be asked before purchasing. Before doing anything, I strongly recommend that you research the other variants that I have listed above. They list these variants on the SIG Sauer website and have quick and easy run downs of each version. Many of these versions have great upgrades that come straight out of the box such as integral compensators, a picatinny rail, optics ready slides, even more ergonomically friendly controls such as an extended slide catch.

These improvements come with a price tag that may make more sense for you to purchase with the upgrades already on the gun rather than screw with it later on. This is especially true if you already know what features you prefer.

Here are a few variants we think you should check out with links to their full reviews. The Sig P356 SAS has been smoothed out to reduce any snags. The Sig P365XL is the larger format version, with both a larger slide and frame. Finally, the Specter Comp version of the XL has a few extra upgrades, including a hidden, compensated barrel to help you stay on target for faster follow up shots.

What is the Right Purchase?

As far as the P365 and the P365X, the questions that need to be asked is, do I want a larger grip module? What capacity magazines do I want to run? Do I need an optics ready slide? Will I want to be mounting my own light? What kind of trigger do I want out of the box? What is my budget? Will I be concealing it and what do I need to worry about hiding the most as far as body shape and gun size?

Sig P365 Concealability

Going back in time, I wish that I was able to play with concealing the 365X before purchasing the original 365. The 365X version comes optics ready, has a nice trigger, and the larger grip module makes shooting it way more fun. However, the one thing that I would worry about is the larger grip may be poking out and printing under my shirt due to it being about a half an inch longer than the 365, depending on magazine capacity. With my 365, I have an easy time hiding and pushing that grip into my stomach.

Ask yourselves the questions and do the research on people that may have the same needs as you in order to make the right decisions and purchases.

Sig P365 Starter Pack

Regardless of the P365 you choose, there a few things you will want to buy along with your P365.

  • Gun Oil – A little gun oil can, if chosen properly, can go a long way in keeping your firearm running and protected until your next cleaning. Here are our favorite gun oils.
  • Gun Cleaning Kit – You will need to strip and clean your gun form time to time to keep in top shape. You will find some of the best gun cleaning kits here. 
  • Eye Protection – All range and practice sessions needs to include high quality shooting glasses
  • Hearing Protection – Another non negotiable item for your live fire training session is a set of good hearing protection.

Other Single Stack 9mm In Its Class to Check Out

The P365 series is great, maybe our favorite for CCW. However, there are other competitive options out there. Here are a few.

Glock 43x

A single-stack “slimlined” Glock pistol specifically designed for CCW.

Check Latest Price

  • Shootability A+
  • Reliability A+
  • Ergonomics A
  • Accuracy A+
  • Value A+

Our Grade


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Based on 141 Reviews

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S&W Shield EZ 9mm

S&W Shield EZ 9mm

Smith and Wesson’s bold combination of the .380 shield platform in 9mm.

Check Latest Price

  • Shootability B-
  • Reliability C
  • Ergonomics B
  • Accuracy C+
  • Value B

Our Grade


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Below is an in-depth video showing differences in the gun, many that we just talked about, but also showing some differences within shootability between the 365 and 365X.

Happy shooting!


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