Allen Company Ultimate Universal Cleaning Kit Review

by Tom Moore

May 26, 2022



The Allen Company Ultimate Universal Cleaning Kit is a great way to keep your firearms clean. It is easy to use and comes with everything you need to get the job done right. This is a good affordable kit and would be a great starting point for anyone who’s starting out and wants to keep their firearms in top condition.

Allen Company Ultimate Universal Kit Specs

  • Case Hard Shell Toolbox
  • Brushes Included 14 Bronze Bore Brushes
  • Bore Snakes None
  • Oil and Lube? No
  • Patches? Yes

Allen Universal Cleaning Kit Review

One of the things I like about this kit is that it is a large case which will allow me to add extra components as needed. Although it already has a log of components to get you started, I tend to add a few extra pieces to make these kits suited to my needs.

With the lower price point compared to some other kits out there, comes lower quality components and not many extras.

You’re going to need a good gun solvent and gun oil before this kit can really work as your universal gun cleaning kit.

If you’ve read any of my other reviews on cleaning kits, you’ll know that I like to add some extras, specifically the jags that I like and a good quality full length solid cleaning rod. Typically the only time I’m packing multi-piece rods or bore snakes is if I’m wanting something more compact for a hunting trip. Secondly I’m not a fan of the jags that come with these kits, and a good jag can make all the difference when cleaning a gun’s barrel.

In my kit I have replaced the jags with a parker-hale style jag which allows me to wrap a cleaning patch around the brass jag giving me an easier cleaning experience and a better result when cleaning my guns. I don’t know about you, but I find that eyelet jags don’t make good patch contact and can often jam or feel very tight in the barrel.

Some of the components you’ll find in this kit is;

  • Components For Standard Rifle/Pistol Calibers Plus 12 Gauge, 20 Gauge, and 410 Bore Shotguns
  • Bronze Brushes, Brass Jags, Cotton Swabs, Brass Slotted Tips, Brass Adapters, Muzzle Guards, Cleaning Rods, Pick, Cleaning Brushes, and Cotton Patches.

If you’re wanting to see more options when it comes to cleaning kits, be sure to check out are article here, Best Gun Cleaning Kits.

Allen Ultimate Cleaning Kit Pros and Cons

  • Great Value
  • Nice Organized Toolbox
  • Plenty of Bore Brushes
  • No Bore Snakes Included
  • No Oil and Lube Included

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