Oakley Factory Pilot Glove Review: My Trusted Companion in Shooting

by Dave Chesson

December 6, 2023



I’ve spent countless hours on the shooting range, seeking the perfect pair of gloves that marry durability, functionality, and comfort. The Oakley Factory Pilot Gloves have not just met but surpassed my expectations. This Oakley Factory Pilot Glove review dives into my personal experiences with these gloves, dissecting their specifications, performance, and what makes them stand out in the world of shooting gear.

Oakley Factory Pilot Glove Specs

  • Material Goat skin
  • Weight 5.9 oz
  • Season Winter and spring
  • Touch Screen No

Specifications of Oakley Factory Pilot

Before jumping into my review, let’s take a quick look at Oakley’s specifications. 

Oakley’s not just about those stylish sunglasses that make you look like you’re ready for a mission, though those are pretty cool too. They’ve got this complete range of gear that’s designed to fit right into the world of shooters, military operators, and anyone who demands top-notch quality from their equipment. So, let’s talk about how they went about crafting these amazing Oakley Factory Pilot Gloves.

The Oakley Factory Pilot Gloves are a testament to meticulous design and premium materials. Featuring real carbon fiber knuckles and a rugged digital goatskin leather palm, these gloves exude durability and functionality. The inclusion of real carbon fiber knuckles sets these gloves apart. Unlike cheaper alternatives that use mock carbon fiber, these gloves offer genuine, robust knuckle protection.

Then there’s the palm, made of this rugged digital goatskin leather. That and the innovative four-way stretch panels make sure that you don’t really lose any of the movement in your hands. 

The mid-height cuff, adjustable velcro closure, and innovative four-way stretch panels contribute to a snug yet flexible fit, essential for precision in shooting.

Okay, now that’s over, let’s dive straight into my thoughts about this glove. 

Oakley Factory Pilot Gloves Features

Oakley Factory Pilot Glove Features
1 Goatskin

The goatskin material used in these gloves is both durable and provides a great amount of dexterity.

2 Hook and loop closure

The hook and loop closure on the wrist keeps the gloves secure and have extra material to help pull the gloves on.

3 Double seem fingers

The double seem fingers may help with durability but also can hindered finger sensitivity in our usage.

4 Knuckle guards

The knuckle guards provide outstanding protection.

My Review of Oakley Factory Pilot

I really love the material they’ve used in the making of this glove. The goat skin material is a revelation; it strikes the perfect equilibrium between toughness and dexterity, enabling a secure grip without compromising on movement. 

The carbon fiber knuckles offer unparalleled protection, proving their worth in challenging scenarios. Compared to cheaper alternatives with mock carbon fiber, the Oakley gloves stand out with their genuine, robust knuckle protection. Their ability to shield against impacts and abrasions has proven invaluable in challenging situations, making me feel more secure and confident while handling firearms.

The balance between durability and breathability is remarkable. They’re thick enough to brave the winter chill yet offer sufficient airflow, ensuring I’m not uncomfortably sweaty during summer shooting sessions. The goat skin material strikes a perfect balance between toughness and dexterity, allowing for a secure grip without sacrificing movement.

The gloves come equipped with an adjustable Velcro closure system. This feature allows for a personalized fit, catering to individual preferences and hand sizes. The secure closure ensures the gloves stay in place, preventing slippage during handling, and contributing to a seamless shooting experience.

For heavy-duty gloves, the Oakley Factory Pilot Gloves maintain a surprising level of dexterity. I’ve noticed a slight loss of fingertip sensitivity due to the double seam, but the overall flexibility and maneuverability are impressive. The gloves allow me to handle firearms with precision and confidence, making them suitable not just for shooting but also for various other activities. 

The gloves’ mid-height cuff strikes an ideal balance between coverage and comfort. It provides ample protection to the wrist without being overly restrictive. This feature gives me an extra layer of defense without impeding wrist movement, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit during extended shooting sessions.

Another feature that I really like with these gloves is the incorporation of four-way stretch panels. These panels deliver a level of flexibility that’s paramount in shooting scenarios. They let me use my hands without restrictions and facilitate the precise handling of firearms. This is because innovative design element ensures that the gloves move with the hand, providing a level of comfort and precision essential for accurate shooting.

Durability is where these gloves shine brightest. The genuine carbon fiber and double stitching contribute to their exceptional resilience against wear and tear. Even after extensive use, these gloves show minimal signs of aging, making them a worthwhile long-term investment.

The initial price might seem steep, but the Oakley Factory Pilot Gloves offer undeniable value. Their durability and performance justify the cost, especially when compared to cheaper options that compromise on quality. While they lack touchscreen capability, which might be a downside for some, I appreciate their focus on functionality over gadgetry.

These gloves enhance accuracy in shooting scenarios. The snug fit, along with the effective knuckle and hand zone padding, provides the necessary precision for handling firearms. One minor inconvenience I’ve encountered is the lack of touchscreen capability in some versions. While it may not be a deal-breaker for shooting purposes, it’s a feature worth considering for those who seek multi-functional gloves.

I’ve had my share of gloves that promised the world but fell short in crucial aspects. However, the Oakley Factory Pilot Gloves have become my go-to choice for any shooting-related activity. Their breathability strikes the right balance, keeping my hands comfortable in diverse conditions, be it a cold winter day or a hot summer session at the range.

Oakley Factory Pilot Gloves Pros and Cons 

  • Great knuckle protection
  • Goatskin material is excellent
  • Comfortable and breathable
  • No touchscreen capability
  • No palm cushioning

Report Card


We really liked the dexterity and toughness that comes with the goatskin material. The carbon fiber knuckles also provide great protection.


Great dexterity from the goatskin but the double seem fingertip can lead to a slight loss of sensitivity.


The double stitching along with the goatskin and carbon fiber makes this an extremely durable glove.


While not the lowest price glove, the durability and features make this a great value


We felt these gloves could enhance our accuracy in certain shooting scenarios, what more could you want?

Oakley Factory Pilot Glove Final Grade

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Final Thoughts on Oakley Factory Pilot 

The Oakley Factory Pilot Gloves are more than just protective gear; they’re an investment in both safety and performance. Their blend of authentic materials, superior durability, and balanced design make them an indispensable companion for any shooting enthusiast. That’s why I ranked them first in my best shooting gloves article–you can read it here.

From tactical applications to providing a secure grip and protection during various activities, these gloves are a testament to Oakley’s commitment to quality and innovation in tactical gear. If you’re looking for the epitome of shooting gloves that balance protection, dexterity, and longevity, look no further than the Oakley Factory Pilot Gloves. Despite the initial cost, their exceptional build quality and performance make them a staple for serious shooters.


How does the Oakley Factory Pilot Gloves’ knuckle protection compare to other gloves in the market?

The Oakley Factory Pilot Gloves stand out in terms of knuckle protection. Utilizing genuine carbon fiber, they offer unparalleled durability and safeguarding compared to cheaper alternatives with mock carbon fiber. This feature ensures maximum protection in challenging scenarios.

Can the Oakley Factory Pilot Gloves withstand different weather conditions?

Yes, the designers create these gloves to offer all-weather protection. The balance between durability and breathability allows them to perform well in various weather conditions. They are thick enough for winter use while offering sufficient airflow to keep hands comfortable during hot summer shooting sessions.

Do the Oakley Factory Pilot Gloves sacrifice dexterity for durability?

While there might be a slight loss of fingertip sensitivity due to the double seam, the Oakley Factory Pilot Gloves maintain a surprising level of dexterity for heavy-duty gloves. The design, including the four-way stretch panels and goat skin material, allows for flexibility and maneuverability, making them suitable for precise activities like shooting.

How do the Oakley Factory Pilot Gloves compare in terms of durability and longevity?

They built these gloves to last. The combination of genuine carbon fiber, double stitching, and high-quality materials contributes to their exceptional durability. Many users, including myself, have experienced minimal signs of wear and tear even after extensive use, validating their reputation as a long-term investment in hand protection gear.

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