Magpul Technical Gloves Review: A Comprehensive Assessment

by Dave Chesson

December 6, 2023



As an avid shooter and outdoor enthusiast, finding the perfect pair of gloves that strike a balance between dexterity, durability, and comfort is a quest. For the past four months, I’ve put the Magpul Technical Glove through their paces, examining every aspect of their performance in various scenarios, from target shooting sessions to everyday tasks. In this Magpul Technical Gloves review, I’ll take you through my experience with them. But before that, let’s take a quick look at the specifications.  

Magpul Technical Gloves Specs

  • Material Nylon and suede
  • Weight 2 oz
  • Season Spring and summer
  • Touch Screen Yes

The Specifications of Magpul Technical Gloves 

Let’s delve into the specifics of this shooting glove. 

Magpul, known for its innovative designs in firearm accessories and gear, brings its expertise to the realm of tactical gloves. The Technical Glove is a testament to the brand’s commitment to quality and functionality, drawing on their experience in crafting gear tailored for active outdoor pursuits.

Constructed with corded nylon on the backing and synthetic suede on the palms, these gloves boast a compressive neoprene cuff and reinforced pull tab, highlighting high-quality stitching and thoughtful design. The compression-molded neoprene cuff serves the dual purpose of securing the gloves firmly while providing a degree of wrist support. The reinforced pull tab, meticulously stitched, enhances ease of wearing and removal without compromising on durability.

The inclusion of three-finger touchscreen capability—a feature I found intriguing yet somewhat nuanced—adds to their versatility. Padded knuckles offer protection without impeding movement, and different materials on the thumb and other sections cater to specific needs, such as fog wiping for safety glasses.

Magpul Technical Gloves Features

Magpul Technical Gloves Features
1 Breathable

Corded nylon back of hand is stretchy and breathable to aid in dexterity and comfort.

2 Neoprene Cuff

Compression molded neoprene cuff feels great and keeps gloves secure on your wrist while a reinforced suede pull tab helps you get the glove on.

3 Suede Palm

The suede palm provides abrasion resistance and a good grip, even when slick.

4 Touchscreen Compatability

Ambidextrous three-finger  touchscreen capability is a nice feature.

My Review of Magpul Technical Gloves 

The first thing I noticed about these gloves was their exceptional form-fitting design. Like a second skin, they offer both strength and suppleness, allowing unrestricted movement. The stitching, a vital component often overlooked, is top-notch—sleek, simple, and devoid of apparent weak points.

Wearing these gloves while target shooting felt like an extension of my hands. The medium size suited my relatively small hands perfectly, offering a snug fit without hindering movement or firearm handling. The glove’s material, strong yet pliable, allowed for seamless manipulation without any bothersome seams getting in the way.

Finding gloves that strike the delicate balance between snugness and comfort can be a challenge. However, the Magpul Technical Glove hit the mark. Initially snug, they gradually mold to your hand, offering improved comfort without compromising dexterity—a rarity in shooting gloves. The corded nylon backing provides resilience and allows for breathability, crucial for extended wear in various environments. Complemented by synthetic suede on the palms and crucial contact points, the tactical glove strike a balance between toughness and tactility.

The three-finger touchscreen capability was a standout feature. While the index and middle finger responded excellently, the suede backed thumbs required precision to activate. However, the absence of touchscreen functionality on the ring finger and pinky was a slight downside. The synthetic suede thumbs’ fog-wiping feature, although thoughtful, had limited practicality in preventing interior fogging. However, this technological addition caters to contemporary needs, allowing me to operate electronic devices without having to remove their gloves

Durability is crucial, especially for gloves used in active, rugged settings. These gloves, despite their lightweight construction, prove to be remarkably sturdy. The synthetic suede palms and reinforced elements hold up well, providing a reliable grip without compromising on wear and tear.

Transitioning from hunting to range activities, these gloves proved versatile. Their slim profile didn’t add unnecessary bulk, providing a comfortable grip for both rifles and handguns. The synthetic suede palms offered a secure hold without compromising precision or becoming slippery.

If you have large hands, the elastic band around the wrist, while meant for a secure fit, can feel a bit tight, especially during initial use. While it may stretch slightly over time, individuals with larger wrists or those sensitive to snugness in this area might find it uncomfortable. I’ve also heard that the glove is not the best for extreme conditions, so take note if you are planning to use them in extreme heat or cold. 

In conclusion, the Magpul Technical Gloves lived up to their claims of being lightweight, dexterous, and touchscreen compatible. While they are no Oakley Factory Pilot Glove, these gloves excel in performance and versatility. Their functionality spanned tasks from handling firearms with precision to efficiently managing everyday activities involving smartphones and tools.

Magpul Technical Gloves Pros and Cons 

  • Breathable – Breathable back of hand material.
  • High dexterity – Feels like second layer of skin.
  • Touchscreen – Touchscreen compatibility is a nice touch, although not critical for a shooting glove.
  • Reinforcement – No thumb to finger extra material reinforcement.

Report Card


The blend of synthetic material with sued palms ensures a balance between durability, protection, and dexterity.


These gloves will gradually mold to your hand, improving dexterity overtime.


The Magpul Technical gloves proved to be rather durable despite their lightweight construction.


The price point and dexterity along with the durability make this a high value glove.

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Final Thoughts on Magpul Technical Gloves 

When it comes to tactical gloves, the Magpul Technical Gloves undoubtedly stand out as a commendable choice, providing a blend of functionality and comfort that is truly impressive. But while it is a solid option, I do think it’s not rugged as the Oakley Factory Pilot Glove, so I ranked it second in my article for the best shooting gloves

That said, if you are looking for a shooting glove that can support touchscreens as well, the Magpul Technical Gloves are definitely worth a try. 


Can these gloves protect against impacts or provide knuckle protection?

While they offer some knuckle protection, they might not provide the same level of hard knuckle protection as specialized gloves designed for high-impact scenarios.

Can I use touchscreen devices while wearing these gloves?

Yes, the Magpul Technical Gloves incorporate touchscreen capability on specific fingers, enabling interaction with devices without compromising their second-skin fit or compromising the tactile experience.

Are these gloves suitable for work environments requiring fine control and better grip?

Absolutely. Their synthetic construction and minimalistic design make them ideal for work situations where better control, abrasion protection, and enhanced grip are essential.

What materials are used in the construction of these gloves?

The gloves feature a durable synthetic construction with tough suede palms and specific areas reinforced with suede. This blend of materials ensures a balance between durability, protection, and dexterity.

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