Night Fision Suppressor Height Sights Review: Reliable Precision in Low Light

by Dave Chesson

January 10, 2024



In the quest for firearm precision, Night Fision’s Suppressor Height Sights have proven to be a dependable addition to my arsenal. While not revolutionary, these sights offer a reliable boost in accuracy, particularly in low-light conditions. Here’s my experience and assessment of their practicality and performance.

Night Fision Suppressor Height Sights Specs

  • Material Steel
  • Tritium? Front and rear
  • Sight Picture 3 dot

Specifications and Background of Night Fision Suppressor Height Sights

Night Fision, a newer player in the sight market, introduces suppressor height sights that balance stature with sleekness. Crafted from stainless steel and featuring the “perfect dot” technology, these sights promise durability and consistent performance in various lighting scenarios.

These sights, coated with black nitride, are designed for compatibility with optics-ready stealth setups and co-witness selectors. They incorporate Swiss Tritium and come with options for dot-over-line (Costaludis) and dot-over-dot (Student of the Gun) styles, offering a range of preferences. Additionally, these sights are equipped with aluminum sleeves and provide choices for rear ring colors, ensuring compatibility with Glock pistols, Springfield Armory models, and ease of installation using the RealAvid Master Sight Pusher for standard height sight installation.

Night Fision Suppressor Height Sights Features

Night Fision Suppressor Height Sights Features
1 Tall

Suppressor height indicates they are taller than standard iron sights so you can see over a suppressor or co-witness with a red dot sight.

2 Sight Picture

Features a standard 3 dot sight picture with tritium lamps and a bright outlined front sight.

3 Bright Front Sight

I like a bright front sight to draw my eye quickly to my front sight for sight alignment.

My Review of Night Fision Suppressor Height Sights 

The standout feature of Night Fision night sights is their unparalleled brightness, especially in low-light scenarios. I recall the stark difference between my previous sights and these luminous tritium-powered vials. The glow emitted in darker settings is nothing short of impressive and provides an invaluable layer of security.

Crafted from high-quality steel and materials akin to bulletproof glass, these sights exude durability. They feel robust, a testament to their resilience, ensuring they can withstand the rigors of frequent use without compromise.

Precision is non-negotiable when it comes to firearm accessories. These Night Fision sights have greatly enhanced my accuracy, particularly when paired with a red dot. The co witness capability maintains clear visibility through the red dot while offering excellent clarity for iron sights when necessary.

I love how they fit seamlessly into various setups. Whether it’s for an optics-ready stealth rig or a co witness selector, these sights just click into place without any fuss.

During daytime shooting, especially with the yellow variants, these sights are not the best. Their real magic lies in low-light conditions, where their tritium-powered glow truly shines, but their performance during the day, especially in well-lit conditions, might not blow you away as much as their nighttime glow.

The dot-over-line and dot-over-dot styles give you choices that suit your shooting style. Plus, the options for rear ring colors and compatibility with different firearm models add that personal touch to your setup.

They don’t just look and feel sturdy; they actually last. I’ve put these sights through some serious shooting sessions, and they’ve held up impressively well without compromising their performance.

They might pack a punch, but they’re not a headache to install. With the right tools and a bit of precision, you can set these sights set up without a hassle. During installation, I followed a process similar to that of Glock sights, requiring precision and specific tools. Utilizing a sight pusher might streamline the installation process, though opting out didn’t significantly impact the overall performance.

The lower third design of these sights struck a balance between providing a clear view through the red dot and maintaining iron sight visibility, a notable advantage during varied shooting conditions.

Let’s be real, these sights aren’t the most budget-friendly. While they’re worth the investment for their performance, they might stretch the wallet a bit for some shooters. Considering their longevity and the security they provide in low-light scenarios, I would say they are a worthy investment but your mileage may vary.

Transitioning from standard sights to these suppressor height ones might take a bit of getting used to, especially for shooters accustomed to different sight profiles.

Night Fision Suppressor Height Sights Pros and Cons 

  • Suppressor Height – If you are running a suppressor, you will need taller sights so you can aim.
  • Bright Front Sight – The bright outline around the front tritium of the front sight attracts your eye.
  • Co-witness – Depending on your optic set up, these may co-witness with your red dot sight.
  • Tall – If you are not using a suppressor, these stick out more and can snag on clothing or gear.

Report Card

Brightness and Visibility

I like the bright front sight for daytime use and the tritium is great for low light shooting.


The sturdy steel alloy wont let you down.


I prefer lower sights for target shooting, but these are not designed for that.

Daytime Performance

The bright orange outlined front sight is my favorite front sight configuration.


You get what you pay for with these sights. If you run suppressed, you need them.

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Final thoughts on Night Fision Suppressor Height Sights

While Night Fision’s Suppressor Height Sights aren’t groundbreaking, they offer a reliable enhancement to firearm precision, especially in low-light scenarios. They provide shooters with a dependable option without drastically altering the shooting experience, so I included in my best night sights for Glocks article. If you are someone who is not too bothered about daytime performance and pricing, they are worth checking out. 

FAQs on Night Fision Suppressor Height Sights

How do these sights perform in low-light conditions?

Night Fision’s suppressor height sights truly shine in low-light scenarios, thanks to their tritium vials. The patented “perfect dot” technology ensures maximum visibility, providing shooters with a reliable option for optimal performance in challenging lighting.

Are these sights compatible with Glock pistols?

Yes, Night Fision suppressor height sights are designed to fit Glock pistols seamlessly, making them a popular choice for Glock enthusiasts looking to enhance their firearm’s precision.

What is the significance of the black nitride coating?

The black nitride coating not only adds a sleek aesthetic but also enhances the durability of these sights. It provides resistance to wear and corrosion, ensuring a longer lifespan and reliable performance over time.

Can you elaborate on the customization options for these sights?

Night Fision offers customization options such as rear ring color choices and various sight styles, including dot-over-line and dot-over-dot. While not exhaustive, these options provide users with a degree of personalization for their firearm setup.


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