Glock OEM Night Sights Review: Illuminating the Night

by Dave Chesson

January 10, 2024



With sights, especially night sights, I’m always on the lookout for a combination of durability, brightness, and, of course, affordability. The Glock OEM Night Sight caught my attention for all the right reasons—simple, reliable, and stamped with the Glock seal of quality. In this review, I’ll share my personal experiences and thoughts on these night sights, exploring their brightness and visibility, durability, accuracy, daytime performance, and overall value.

Product Specs

  • Material Metal
  • Tritium? Front and rear
  • Sight Picture 3 dot

Specifications and Background of Glock OEM Night Sights

Before diving into my own experiences, let’s take a moment to appreciate the background of these Glock OEM Night Sights. 

The Glock OEM Night Sight is a robust and reliable addition to Glock pistols, designed with durable metal and tritium inserts. Its construction ensures lasting performance in various shooting conditions. The Tritium inserts offer low-light visibility without relying on external light sources. Specifically crafted for Glock pistols, it boasts a three-dot configuration for easy aiming, contributing to improved accuracy and target acquisition. This sight, with its standard factory finish and compatibility with various Glock models, offers users a dependable and accessible option.

Now that you know about the specs, here’s my review of these sights. 

Glock OEM Night Sights Features

Glock OEM Night Sight Features
1 3 Dot sight picture

These sights deviate from the typical Glock ball in cup sight picture in favor of the more common 3 dot style sight picture.

2 Glock OEM

Some people are hesitant to put aftermarket products on their guns. With these being straight form Glock, no reason to worry about that.

3 Metal Construction

The metal construction is a big improvement over the stock polymer Glock sights.

My Review of Glock OEM Night Sights

One of the primary reasons I opted for the Glock sight was their dedication to design specifically for Glock pistols. Now, there are a whole bunch of Glock compatible sights out there, but getting one from the company itself felt like a wise choice. The three-dot Tritium setup shines brightly in conditions that demand night sights, providing ample brightness for low-light scenarios. An accidental discovery I made was the positive impact of a touch of gun oil on the sight dot. Buffing it off enhanced the clarity of the lenses, making the green glow even more pronounced. A neat trick for maximizing visibility!

Having both the G26 and G27, I compared the Glock OEM night sights to Truglo night sights. While Truglo may offer brighter night sights, I found myself leaning towards the Glock OEM sights for their overall preference and, notably, their durability. The battle-worn look that improves over time adds character, and despite being compared to Mepro or Trijicon, the Glock OEM sights maintain their solid quality at a much more wallet-friendly price.

Accuracy is a crucial factor with night sights, and the Glock OEM Night Sights hold their ground. While some users may find them slightly dim in comparison to other brands, the battle-proven design and the accuracy they provide make them a worthwhile investment. Comparing them to other premium brands, such as Trijicons or Ameriglos, the slight difference in brightness doesn’t justify the significantly higher price.

The sight picture on these Glock OEM Night Sights is like having a set of trusty guides when aiming. I mean, you’ve got these three dots – two at the back and one up front – that practically yell, “Here’s where to aim!” The cool thing? They light up in the dark, thanks to tritium. It’s like having a tiny constellation on your gun that helps you lock onto targets, even when it’s pitch black.

The dots contrast against the white outline, making them pop. This contrast is pretty nifty, especially when you’re aiming in low-light situations. It’s like a beacon guiding your eyes to where you need to aim. I find it super handy, especially if I’m in a hurry and need to line up a shot quickly. The setup just makes aiming feel natural and helps you stay focused on where you want your bullet to land.

In terms of daytime performance, these sights excel. The contrasting white background against the Tritium dots ensures clear visibility even in well-lit conditions. The OEM sights fit perfectly on my G19.3, providing a seamless transition from daylight to low-light scenarios without compromising performance.

The value proposition of Glock OEM Night Sights is hard to beat. Priced significantly lower than some of the premium alternatives like Trijicon HD and the Defoor Sights, this night sight delivers on quality, functionality, and reliability. They are battle-proven, standard on law enforcement and military-issued weapons, further reinforcing their trustworthiness.

While the Glock OEM Night Sights have their strengths, they do come with a few cons that might impact certain preferences or expectations. One notable drawback is their brightness in comparison to other premium night sights like Trijicon or Meprolight. I find the brightness of the Tritium elements to be slightly dimmer, especially in highly competitive lighting conditions. This can affect sight visibility for some shooters who prioritize extremely bright sights for quicker target acquisition.

Another aspect is that the initial impression of these sights being slightly fuzzy or less defined compared to higher-end options. This could be because of the tritium illumination not being as crisp or sharp as the others, impacting sight definition, particularly in low-light situations.

Additionally, although these Glock sights are durable and robust, the finish on the Glock OEM Night Sights may wear off around high-contact areas with prolonged use. The surface near the ejection port might show signs of abrasion, which, while not affecting functionality, could impact the aesthetics for those seeking a pristine appearance.

Overall, these cons are subjective and dependent on individual preferences and specific shooting conditions. I definitely like them better than something like the Night Fision but your mileage may vary. While they may not be the brightest or crispest sights available, their affordability, durability, and reliable performance make them a solid choice for many Glock owners.

Glock OEM Night Sights Pros and Cons 

  • Glock OEM – No worries about adding aftermarket products to your firearm, if that is a concern of your.
  • 3 dot sight picture – Many will like the return to the standard 3 dot sight picture over the classic Glock ball in cup sight picture.
  • Metal! – The polymer sights on Glocks are disappointing. These fix that!
  • Brightness – The tritium in these sights is not as bight as some of the other sights we tested.

Report Card

Brightness and Visibility

The tritium is not as bright as some of the other night sights we have tested.


These metal sights are much more durable than the stock polymer sights.


These sights should be as accurate as your standard Glock sights.

Daytime Performance

In the day, these will look just like a standard 3 dot sight.


At less than $100, they are a good deal.

Glock OEM Night Sight Final Grade

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Final Thoughts on Glock OEM Night Sights

In conclusion, the Glock OEM Night Sights offer a winning combination of durability, brightness, and value. Their all-metal construction and battle-proven design make them a reliable choice for both day and night use. While some folks may seek slightly brighter options, the Glock OEM sights provide a practical and budget-friendly solution without compromising performance. That’s why it made it onto my best Glock Night Sights article–you can read it here

If you’re looking for night sights that stand up to everyday wear, maintain brightness, and won’t break the bank, these Glock OEM Night Sights might just be the ideal choice.

FAQs on Glock OEM Night Sights

Are Glock OEM Night Sights compatible with all Glock models?

Yes, these sights are specifically designed for Glock pistols and are compatible with various Glock models.

How many dots does the sight have, and do they glow in the dark?

The Glock OEM Night Sights feature three dots – two at the rear and one at the front. These dots are equipped with Tritium, providing illumination in low-light conditions.

Can I use a Glock front sight tool for installation?

Yes, a Glock front sight tool is recommended for installation. You can also use a sight pusher along with it. It ensures a secure and precise fit, optimizing the performance of the sights.


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