The Remington 700 is the most popular platform for precision rifles.  Look around at precision rifle matches/long range shooting competitions or in tactical shooting circles (military sniper rifles and police sharpshooters’ rifles) and you’ll notice that most of the rifle actions are either Remington 700 actions or 700-clones.

There’s a good reason for the popularity of the Remington 700 platform – it is simple, reliable, and affordable. Because of its popularity due its design and cost, the Remington 700 also now has the best availability of aftermarket upgrade parts. Which, of course, makes the Remington 700 even more popular for precision rifles.

The two best upgrades available for Remington 700 rifles are the trigger and the stock.

In this article, we’re going to explore an excellent Remington 700 upgrade stock, the Magpul 700 Pro Chassis.


Pistol-Grip Chassis for Rifles

I’ll admit, at first I wasn’t a fan of the Magpul Pro 700 chassis, but it has grown on me.

If you’ve read the Long Range Shooting Handbook, you know that I don’t think that pistol-grip chassis are always the best option for precision rifles.

This is because the rifle is the most accurate part of the system – you are the least accurate. Any rifle in a vice will shoot better on its own (or at least as good as you). One of the keys to shooting a rifle accurately is disturbing the rifle as little as possible while shooting.

A pistol-grip on a firearm helps the shooter control the rifle – think pistol-grips on AR-15 or AK-47 style rifles.  To me, adding a “more shooter control” feature on a precision rifle when less control can be better always seemed odd.

However, I’ve grown to start liking them.

Yes, when shooting groups in the prone position, a standard rifle stock can be better. However, alternate shooting positions are more realistic and when shooting from a kneeling position or when resting the rifle on another object, the pistol-grip can allow for a better wrist angle.

And, when actually running and gunning, more control can be BETTER. It’s not always about shooting pretty little groups, after all.

It wasn’t until I really started checking out the Magpul Pro 700 Chassis that I noticed what I was missing about pistol-grip chassis for long-range shooting.

Biggest thing that changed my mind? The vertical pistol-grip!

The awkward wrist-angle goes away!


Magpul 700 Pro Rifle Chassis

The Magpul 700 Pro Chassis is an amazing upgrade stock for a Remington 700 (or clone actions).

Popular features that many shooters look for in an upgrade stock:

  • Aluminum chassis/bedding block
  • Adjustable comb (cheek rest)
  • Adjustable length of pull (stock length)
  • Free-floated barrel channel
  • Pistol-grip (maybe)
  • Modular attachment points (QD sling swivels, M-Lok, etc.)
  • Detachable magazine
  • Folding stock

If you’re paying attention to that list…the Magpul 700 Pro chassis has all of those features.




The Magpul 700 Pro Chassis is made very well and seems pro-grade/durable.

I’m a fan of Magpul products, but, they are often the “budget” options for aftermarket firearm parts. In this case, this is one of the best rifle chassis systems available.

One of the only downsides that I can come up with is the Magpul magazine system.

Don’t get me wrong – Magpul magazines are awesome. But, because of their design, they don’t allow as long of cartridges as AICS-style steel magazines.

For those of you shooting factory ammunition, this won’t be a problem. However, if you reload, you might be limited by the overall length that will fit within a Magpul magazine. Of course, you could just purchase and use the AICS-style metal magazines – but, that’s not part of the product and therefore not part of this review.

My takeaway?

If this is the style of stock/chassis that you are looking for, you won’t go wrong with the Magpul 700 Pro Chassis.

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From Magpul:

The Magpul® Pro 700 rifle chassis is an uncompromising, full featured precision rifle chassis for short action Remington® 700 actions and other Remington® 700 footprint actions. The Pro 700 combines innovative engineering, precision machining, Mil-Spec quality finishes, and an extensive list of purposeful design features with complete adjustability to provide demanding end users with the most comprehensive available precision rifle platform solution for true out of the box performance.

Based on a full billet aluminum skeleton and clad in Magpul polymer for environmental comfort, noise mitigation, and ergonomics, the Pro 700 is also fully ambidextrous. Capable of fitting both right and left-handed actions with the simple swap of a bolt retainer plate, and with a reversible cheek riser and reversible hinge on the folding version, “lefties” haven’t been “left out.”



  • Type III hard anodized machined 6061-T6 billet aluminum V-bedding block, body, adjustment knobs and forend with high strength injection molded polymer body covers
  • Ambidextrous bedding block can be changed by swapping the QD sling swivel plate and bolt cut out plate for left or right hand actions using a 1/8” hex wrench
  • Folding stock with push-button activated durable steel hinge with Melonite® finish is reversible for left or right folding capability with the use of a 5/32” hex wrench. A fixed stock adapter is available for a non-folding stock solution
  • Folding stock is also designed to avoid interference with the bolt handle when folded and is compatible with a large variety of aftermarket bolt knobs and handles
  • Optional inline mount for clip-on night vision and thermal imaging devices
  • Overall LOP adjustment range is 13.25” – 15.125”
  • Butt pad height can be adjusted up 1.33” and down .90” and is adjustable left or right 5 degrees
  • Comb height adjustment has a 1” range with a secondary locking knob to eliminate movement in the cheek riser
  • Cheek riser features a 3-position fore/aft adjustment of +.375”, 0” and -.375” which can also be changed for left or right side usage
  • Injection molded polymer grip with 5 degree forward edge sweep and enlarged palm swell with 7 degree aft edge sweep, with a .75” fore/aft trigger reach adjustment
  • Additional grip option included with a more aggressive forward sweep (8 degree forward / 20 degree aft edge sweep)
  • Durable steel rotation limited QD sling swivel mounts with Melonite® finish fits up to 1.5” push button swivels
  • M-LOK® slots for accessory mounting on the forend (left-6/right-6/bottom-7) and the stock (bottom-2)
  • Integrated AICS pattern magazine well optimized for PMAG® 5 & PMAG® 10 7.62 AC™ magazines as well as most other AICS pattern short action magazines
  • Large trigger guard allows for use with gloves and accepts most factory and aftermarket curved or flat triggers
  • Low-profile, anti-snag ambidextrous magazine release is made of Melonite® treated steel for wear and corrosion resistance
  • Ambidextrous thumb shelf for firing hand thumb placement
  • Two ¼-28×1/2” Socket Head Cap Screws are included for use as action screws


Magpul 700 Pro