In Defense of the 2nd Amendment Book Review

by Dave Chesson

March 29, 2023



The book “In Defense of the 2nd Amendment,” released in early 2023 has been nothing short of a major success.  It garnered the ire of left wing pundits, and hit major sales marks, keeping it as a bestseller on different markets. 

Designed to be a tome on how to discuss the need for the second amendment, it goes through chapter by chapter explaining some of the arguments the left will make in trying to reduce or remove your right to bear, and instead gives you the counter argument so as to help further the cause. 

In Defense of the Second Amendment Book Review

If you’ve ever found yourself in a social media argument or presented with this important question in person, and you want to step up your game? Then this book will absolutely help.  Using facts, and sourceable data, you can truly reveal all the right points and provide counter-counter arguments.  Now, will this actually cause someone on social media to change their minds?  Probably not.  Not sure that will ever happen. But if someone else, who might be on the fence, is reading the exchange, a well thought out argument for the 2a might do the trick.  

It is for this reason that I strongly recommend “In Defense of the 2nd Amendment.”  The more well-educated advocates for the Second Amendment there are, the better we will be.     

However, it’s the story of how this book came about that warrants some attention as well.  

Many of you might know the author, Larry Correia, for his award winning science fiction books and his “Monster Hunter” series.  In the Monster Hunter world, the government pays a bounty for the hunting of the standard type of monsters such as zombies, werewolves, vampires and more. 

So, what drove a science fiction writer to take up his first nonfiction book and release “In Defense of the 2nd Amendment”?

Larry has been a firearms enthusiast, a former gun shop owner and is a concealed-carry instructor.  However, recently, he has come under attack by those with a strong leftist view. Because of his views and him not backing down, this has caused him some issues in sales and even events he can attend.  In one particular case, Correia was up for a prestigious scifi writing award, and someone contacted the award program to say they felt ‘unsafe’ with him being there.  The award program asked for him not to attend.  

Because of this constant barrage, Larry decided it was time to formally create a book on all the arguments he’s heard in the past, and develop a strong counter argument to each.  If more people could better understand why the Second Amendment is so important, there would be more advocates and less problems.  

My only issue with the book is that while it is an excellent read for someone who is staunchly on the side of the Second Amendment and wants to learn more, it is not a book you could hand to someone on the fence about it.  It wasn’t written for them.

This is a bit of a shame because I would have loved to have given it to some of my friends who own a pistol for protection, but comment from time to time that they think more regulations and restrictions on guns would be a good thing.  However, because I not only read but studied the book, I guess I can have that conversation with them.  

“In Defense of the Second Amendment” is available in Amazon, Audible, B&N and other markets.  I personally purchased the hard cover and have loads of highlights and notes in it.  In case I’m ever in a position where someone wants to have a genuine discussion on gun control, I’ll be ready with factual statistics and points that should help the cause. 


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