Gun and Gear Giveaways [Best List – 2020]

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Welcome to the best list of gun giveaways and firearm gear contests online!

It’s free to enter any of the giveaways for guns or gear below, just click on the title of the gun contest to enter.

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Gun Giveaway List:

Contest (Click to Enter)ValueAddedEnds
USCCA's 1 Gun Per Day Giveaway$6504/2/204/2/20
Sportsman Alliance 52 Gun Giveaway (Raffle)$200-8004/10/195/25/20
Guns & Gold Giveaway$100,0003/29/196/15/20
NRA 44-Gun Grand Prize Giveaway (751 Winners)$141,95011/14/196/15/20
EDC Starter Kit TAC-19 Giveaway$2,0012/7/204/15/20
Springfield Armory - 10 Guns. 10 Winners.$9,5082/10/204/10/20
2 Custom Magnum Desert Eagle 50 Cal Pistols Giveaway$4,6162/11/204/6/20
Aero Precision M4E1 Rifle Builder Set + Eotech Sight$2,0002/16/204/15/20
Beretta A300 Outlander Sporting Shotgun Giveaway$1,2002/19/204/18/20
Polymer80 Glock 19 Complete Build Kit Giveaway$1,5913/2/206/1/20
FN FDE Scar 17S Rifle Package Giveaway$4,8773/4/206/1/20
Spring Fever Savage Arms Turkey Shotgun Package Giveaway$1,9303/4/204/10/20
Spring Into Gear Diamondback AR-15 Package Giveaway$2,8873/6/204/15/20
Home Defense Walther PPQ Pistol Package Giveaway$1,6013/7/204/6/20
Ruger SR22 Pistol, PC Carbine & Rimfire Rifle Package Giveaway$1,7003/8/208/22/20
New Mexico Antelope Hunt / 7mm Rem Rifle / Canyon Coolers (7 winners)$8,8503/10/207/13/20
SIG BDX Cross Rifle Sweepstakes (20 winners)$29,9803/10/206/30/20
Browning Shotgun Sweepstakes (4 choices)$1,5293/10/208/22/20
Remington 700 6.5 Creedmoor Rifle + Scope & Bipod$1,8253/12/204/13/20
Walther CCP M2 Pistol Giveaway$4503/13/204/12/20
IWI Jericho Pistol + 500 Ammo Rounds Giveaway$7483/15/205/15/20
On Target Gen 5 Glock 19 Package Giveaway$2,1013/17/204/13/20
Coda Evolution & Fenix Ammo Package Giveaway$1,1513/18/204/12/20
Ruger 57 Pistol Giveaway$7993/23/204/15/20
Icon 1911 Pistol Giveaway$4,9953/23/207/4/20
Springfield Armory Hellcat Pistol Giveaway$4993/23/204/4/20
FN 503 Slim 9mm Package Giveaway (3 winners)$1,5493/25/204/17/20
100 Magpul AR-15 Pmags Giveaway$1,3003/25/204/15/20
North American Arms 3-Gun Giveaway (Pug, Guardian & Ranger II) + Ammo$1,4583/25/205/4/20
Lockdown Gear + 16" AR-15 Upper Giveaway (3 winners)$2,0613/25/204/3/20
$100 Prepper Gun Shop Giftcards (4 winners)$4003/25/204/5/20
IWI Zion-15 Rifle + Scope + Silencer Giveaway$2,5973/25/205/10/20
IWI Online Store Gift Cards + Swag Packs (3 winners)$4503/26/204/15/20
Lockdown / Crimson Trace / Caldwell Gun Gear Giveaway (130 Winners)$4,4363/30/204/30/20
Armalite M-15 Tactical Carbine Giveaway$1,0003/30/204/30/20
223 First Responder AR-15 Rifle Giveaway$4004/1/204/12/20


Gun AND GEAR Giveaways – What They Are

Gun and gear giveaways are FREE online contests for firearms and shooting accessories and equipment.

These gun and gear contests are often run by firearm retailers or manufacturers in an effort to raise awareness about a new product or to grow their mailing lists.

Typically, to enter a contest for firearms or shooting gear, you need to enter your email address to join a newsletter. Some contests will also offer extra entries for completing certain tasks online like watching a video, visiting a certain webpage, or even sharing the contest with friends on social media.

If you win a gun giveaway, you’ll be notified via the email address you used when signing up for the contest. If you win a firearm, you’ll need to have the firearm shipped to a local FFL (gun store) where you can then go in and have the firearm transferred to you. If you’d rather get your own Federal Firearm License (FFL) so that you can have guns shipped straight to your home, here’s how to get an FFL.

If you win shooting gear in the contest, then you can have that shipped straight to your home.

Be careful… it is up to you to know whether the firearm or shooting equipment is legal in your area. Just because a certain gun or accessory is legal under federal law doesn’t mean that is is allowed where you live.

Because you are joining a new email list every time you enter a gun contest, some people choose to use an email address that they don’t mind receiving promotional emails at.


Gun and Gear Giveaway FAQ

Q: What are gun giveaways?
A: Gun Giveaways are online contests that require no purchase to win firearms.

Q: Is it legal to win a firearm online?
A: Yes, it is perfectly legal to win a firearm online under federal law. It is even legal to purchase firearms online.

Q: How do I enter gun and gear contests?
A: You enter gun contests typically by entering your email address and subscribing to a newsletter. Sometimes you can also complete extra tasks online for more entries into the gun contest.

Q: If I win, how do I receive my gun?
A: After winning, your gun must be shipped to local gun shop (FFL) for transfer.

Q: Can I sell a gun I win in a gun giveaway contest?
A: Yes, if you win a gun and later decide that you don’t want it, it is perfectly legal to sell it.

Q: How often is the Gun and Gear Giveaway list updated?
A: The Gun and Gear Giveaway list is updated every weekday.

Q: Do I have to check the Gun And Gear Giveaway list everyday or can I get contest updates?
A: You don’t have to check the gun and gear contest listing every day – instead, you can subscribe to our list below and be notified weekly of the new giveaways.


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