Gun and Gear Giveaways 2024

by Ryan Cleckner

March 22, 2023



Looking for the best gun giveaways? Want to make sure that they are not only up-to-date, but offer the most legitimate offers? Then be sure to check out the below Gun Giveaway list, and enter so that you can either win a new 9mm, AK47, AR15 or more.

To check it out, either click this link, or click the button below:

Gun AND GEAR Giveaways – What They Are

Gun and gear giveaways are FREE online contests for firearms and shooting accessories and equipment. These gun and gear contests are often run by firearm retailers or manufacturers in an effort to raise awareness about a new product or to grow their mailing lists.

Typically, to enter a contest for firearms or shooting gear, you need to enter your email address – this is not only so that they can notify you if you’re the lucky winner, it is also usually a requirement to subscribe to an email newsletter as an entry into the giveaway. Some contests will also offer extra entries for completing certain tasks online like watching a video, visiting a certain webpage, or even sharing the contest with friends on social media.

If you win a gun giveaway, you’ll be notified via the email address you used when signing up for the contest. If you win a firearm, you’ll need to have the firearm shipped to a local FFL (gun store) where you can then go in and have the firearm transferred to you. If you’d rather get your own Federal Firearm License (FFL) so that you can have guns shipped straight to your home, here’s how to get an FFL .

If you win shooting gear in the giveaway, then you can have that shipped straight to your home if it doesn’t include a firearm.

How to Enter (and win) Giveaway Contests

The first step to entering a gun and/or gear giveaway is to make sure that you understand the official rules.

For example, you may have found a pistol giveaway for a Springfield Armory Hellcat but you already have one (or don’t want one). The official rules might include the option to get a gift card as a prize for a handgun of your choice of the same value.

Also, you’ll want to make sure that it is for a new firearm (if that’s important to you) as we’ve seen at least one occasion where the lucky winner received an old gun from a shooting range as the prize and even though the picture showed a new rifle, the description clearly said it was used.

Next, you must ensure that the prize is legal for you to possess under your local laws before submitting your entry.  Be careful… it is up to you to know whether the firearm or shooting equipment is legal in your area. Just because a certain gun or accessory is legal under United States law, it doesn’t mean that is is allowed in your state or city.

Finally, when you’re ready, enter the contest and follow the rules – you often get more entries for spreading the word about the giveaway and having others join.

Pay attention to your email inbox to see if you won – good luck!

Gun and Gear Giveaway FAQ

Q: What are gun giveaways?

A: Gun Giveaways are online contests that require no purchase to win firearms (no ticket needed). Often, a gun giveaway is for a firearm like a rifle or pistol but they can also be for accessories or ammo.

Q: Is it legal to win a firearm online?

A: Yes, it is perfectly legal to win a firearm online under federal law. It is even legal to purchase firearms online.

Q: How do I enter gun and gear contests?

A: You enter gun contests typically by entering your email address and subscribing to a newsletter. Sometimes you can also complete extra tasks online for more entries into the gun contest.

Q: If I win, how do I receive my gun?

A: After winning, your gun must be shipped to local gun shop (FFL) for transfer.

Q: Can I sell a gun I win in a gun giveaway contest?

A: Yes, if you win a gun and later decide that you don’t want it, it is perfectly legal to sell it.

Q: How often is the Gun and Gear Giveaway list updated?

A: The Gun and Gear Giveaway list is updated every weekday.

Q: Do I have to check the Gun And Gear Giveaway list everyday or can I get contest updates?

A: You don’t have to check the gun and gear contest listing every day – instead, you can subscribe to our list below and be notified weekly of the new giveaways.

Q: What are the biggest gun and gear contests?

A: The biggest gun and gear contests each year are usually from the National Shooting Sports Foundation during their National Shooting Sports month and the National Rifle Association (or their NRA Institute for legislative action).


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About Ryan Cleckner

Ryan is a former special operations sniper (1/75 Ranger) and current firearms attorney, firearms industry executive, university lecturer, and bestselling author of the Long Range Shooting Handbook.

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      1. Boom, fixed! Thank you. And thank you all for taking the time to post these contests.
        And for those that don’t think anyone ever wins, I’ve won a nice package earlier this year. Hoping to win more. Time will tell.

  1. The giveaways sound interesting, what I do not see is an expiration date. It would also be nice to know if company employee’s are allowed to “win”.

  2. Like to take this opportunity and thank u for your service and thank u for the opportunity to enter in to the give always. T.G

    1. Thanks for setting this up and making it more easy for us to see, find, and enter.
      This is thee best place for anything and information, gun and ammo contests and giveaways! I love and appreciate your work and help here! Thank you! Big fan!

  3. When attempting to sign-in,mother page pops up and states that I have excessive entries and that I am blocked. What has happened?

  4. Given various factors (Covid, demand, etc.) affecting firearms costs (higher) and income issues (lower), as well as physical changes (arthritis/age, small hands), what is the best way to choose one firearm for fun and protection. I already have several revolvers, semi-auto pistols and long guns. But most are designed for young healthy types like you guys. And with larger hands without arthritis. Suggestion?

  5. I’m a new subscriber. I want to learn to shoot long distances. I need to learn about scopes and function. Where is the best info that I can learn from?

    1. It’s the table right under the words that say “GUN GIVEAWAY LIST:”. If you don’t see the table under that, then you might have a plugin or something that is stopping the table from showing. Try a different browser and see if that fixes it.

  6. Are there special insurance policies available to cover risks assocaed with FFL activity inclding firearm transfer, firearm manufacture, and ammunition manufacture. If so, which companies write these policies? If not, are there any companies who are familiar with theses risks and who write general liability policies that cover them?

  7. Apparently I asked my question on a page not reviewed very often so I will re-ask it here:
    I had a CCW in Pennsylvania as soon as I turned 25. I later moved to Maryland where I could not show a need to have a CCW. So I carried without one. I have since lived in Florida, back in Maryland, and now retired to South Carolina. Never had another CCW after PA.
    As time went on, I developed the attitude that the 2nd Amendment was my CCW.
    My question is this; Can I get carry insurance without having a state’s permission to carry?

  8. Ryan what happened to your links please advise they disappeared two days ago. This has happened before for a day. Tried multiple browsers separate computers all the same issue.

  9. Thank you for putting this together and creating the email to remind me to come back and check the new giveaways! Also congrats on the work w/ WPSN very cool to see more of your instruction online. Now if only the Going Ballistic podcast would come back too… lol

    1. Each company running the giveaway has their own process and rules. In most cases, they’ll notify you via the email you entered the contest with. However, you should log into a particular account/registration on that contest to see how they notify you.

    1. The chart with the giveaways is updated almost daily regardless of the date at the top of th page. We apologize for the confusion

  10. im in however i live in canada there are stores that handle us guns fffl dealer i know not much about the laws .is it ok i have entered i hold both long gun and pistol lic in canada

  11. Hey guys !
    Something is wrong with the this site, the list of links to giveaways in the spreadsheet is all funky and not working.

  12. Hi Ryan,

    Thanks for putting the giveaway together. For some reason, all of the links to the giveaways are corrupted and I can’t access them. Unfortunately, I’m unable to attach a screenshot so you can see what I’m referring to, but it is a problem. Hope you can fix it.


  13. always like your tutorials’. i try to learn something from each video. credentials…Co C, 2nd Bat, 7th Cav Reg, First Cav. Div…..1968. Point, RTO, Squad leader. Thank you for your service…

  14. Hi I’m new here, Thank you for the opportunity
    I really wish I can receive one of these
    Really an amazing site
    Thank you for having me.

  15. I’d like to thank y’all for for all of these great giveaways
    I consider this a great honor and a blessing to be able enter and try to win these giveaways
    No matter who wins it’s a honor and blessing for someone
    Thank you very much
    Have a great and blessed day

  16. How often do you update? Can you somehow mark those contests which allow multtiple entries?

  17. I like the fact how much trigger difference between gun value and plastic on gun help gun trigger off easily grip mack

    1. First time subscriber could you pls tell me top guns to buy for a beginner. Hand guns and M4-M15 and so on..Thanks looking foreword in reading your articles

      1. Great question – very tough to answer. 🙂 The best thing I can do is point you to our handgun reviews to see what works for you for features and budget. For ARs, you aren’t likely to find anything right now. However, if you do, you get what you pay for for quality (try to stick to a name-brand).

    2. I’d like to thank Gun University and all the online gun stores and manufacturers who stand for our 2nd Amendment and all the men and women who enjoy hunting and shooting.
      We need to all stand together and show the ATFE that we are safe users of guns and we support the 2nd Amendment.

    1. Just read the new list of giveaways…looks amazing! I would be extremely grateful for anything on that list. Best wishes to all. God bless America!

    1. Why is it so COSTLY., for new customers., who are purchasing on -line from out of state to FFL gun shops., to transfer FFL gun dealers in their own state., is this to stop competition., force in state purchasing., ONLY.,???

      1. Typically, in-state FFLs like to do transfers because that is a sale that they otherwise wouldn’t have. They have to do paperwork and spend time with compliance efforts to stay out of trouble so they charge for that. If your local FFL charges more than you like, you should call around to find a better price.

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