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Gun and Gear Giveaways – 2019

Welcome to the biggest and best collection of gun giveaways and firearm-related gear contests online!

Here, you’ll find’s latest gun and ammo giveaways AND a collection of gun contests from around the internet.

The best part? Not only do we update the gun contests and gear giveaways daily, the links listed below are NOT referral links! This means that we don’t get any credit (nor entries in the contests) for sending you to sign up.

Why do we do this? Because we want YOU to have the best chance to win.

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Online Guns and Gear Giveaways and Contests

Here are the best gun contest and gear giveaways on the internet!  Our very own contest are featured next followed by a list of the gun and gear giveaways found online. You can sort and filter the table of giveaways to find what you’re looking for!

Links to firearm and gun-related giveaway contests
Contest (Click to Enter)ValueAddedEnds
USA Carry S&W M&P 9 Giveaway$4495/1/197/31/19
Build Your Gun Glock Pistol Giveaway$1,3595/28/198/15/19
Athlon Optics Rimfire Giveaway (Ruger Precision Rifle)$9504/8/198/30/19
Steyr Elite Experience Giveaway (3 Prize Packages)$10,4224/15/198/31/19
Huge Gun & Gear Giveaway (Pallet of Prizes)$10,0014/16/1912/4/19
Sportsman Alliance 52 Gun Giveaway (Raffle)$200-8004/10/195/25/20
Guns & Gold Giveaway$100,0003/29/196/15/20
Hunter's Dream $8K Gun & Gear Giveaway$8,0006/4/197/19/19
Trijicon RMR Type 2 Giveaway$4796/5/197/21/19
On Target Gun & Gear Beretta Package$1,9016/11/199/10/19
P415 Rifle & Hornady Frontier Ammo Package$3,9336/12/198/12/19
Saber M700 Special Edition Rifle Package$3,0016/17/199/15/19
Kimber EVO SP Giveaway$9256/19/197/31/19
SIG MCX Giveaway$2,2336/19/197/21/19
Ruger Pistol Package$1,1006/19/198/1/19
MA-9 9MM Giveaway$9506/21/197/31/19
Build Your Own AR Giveaway$2,0006/21/198/17/19
Join The Hunt Benelli Super Black Eagle 3 Giveaway$2,8006/24/197/31/19
50th Birthday Golden Gun & Gear Giveaway$4,0006/26/197/21/19
NAGR Barrett M82A1 Rifle Giveaway$9,5007/1/197/19//19
CVA Muzzleloader Giveaway$3997/1/197/31/19
Freedom Ordance Pistol Giveaway$6397/1/197/31/19
Remington Pistol Package Giveaway$2,7757/1/199/2/19
Ballistic Advantage AR-15 Giveaway$2,0007/1/197/31/19
FN Five-seveN Pistol Giveaway$1,4357/1/197/31/19
Walther Luxury Pistol Giveaway$5477/3/199/30/19
Rural King July Ammo Giveaway Package$6707/3/197/31/19
Ultimate Hunting Giveaway (Bergara/Benelli/Vortex)$6,6997/3/199/30/19
America's Freedom Month AR-15 Package$1,5007/3/197/31/19
Crimson Trace AR-15 Package Giveaway #14$1,4627/3/197/31/19
Gear Up for Hunting Kimber Rifle Giveaway$9467/3/198/31/19
Kolpin Archery ATV Package Giveaway$18,5997/5/199/2/19
Howa Rifle Giveaway$1,5507/8/197/31/19
Free Gun Friday DoubleStar ARP7 Pistol Package$2,0437/8/197/31/19
Four Score Rifle & Pistol Package Sweepstakes$9,0017/8/199/19/19
LifeCard .22LR July Giveaway$2007/8/197/31/19
Staccato-C Pistol Giveaway$1,4957/9/199/21/19
Barrett M82A1 Rifle Giveaway$11,5007/11/197/25/19
July M5 Rifle Giveaway$3,5017/11/197/31/19
Edelweiss Arms SIG Giveaway$3,0007/12/197/31/19
Protect This House Kimber 9mm Package$1,7017/15/198/12/19
Ultimate Big Game Hunting System Giveaway$5,7017/15/198/31/19
Tavor Rifle Giveaway$2,0497/15/197/20/19
Tekmat Tactical Gear Givewaway$2,0017/15/197/22/19
Ultimate 5.11 Experience Sweepstakes$4,8007/17/198/11/19
SIG Patrol Rifle Giveaway$2,2337/18/197/29/19
Gear up for the Season Weatherby Rifle Package$2,6697/18/198/18/19
#RangeDayFriday 6.5 Creedmoor Rifle Giveaway$1,1077/19/197/31/19
Custom MLR Giveaway$1,1007/19/197/31/19
Tommy Gun Bundle Giveaway$3,7107/19/197/19/19

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