Gunfighter Oil Review

by Tom Moore

May 27, 2022



Gunfighter Gun Oil is a premium firearm lubricant designed for serious shooters.

If you’re looking for gun lube and wondering if Gunfighter lube is right for you and your gun, check out our full review below!

Here’s a preview: Gunfighter Gun Oil is our new favorite purpose-made gun lubricant. It’s non-toxic, 100% synthetic, and made for serious shooters who run their firearms hard.

100% synthetic premium gun lubricant

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Gunfighter Gun Oil

  • Operating Range -43°F to 547°F
  • Vapor Odorless
  • Quantity 2oz, 4oz, 1 Gallon
  • Toxicity Non-Toxic
  • Oil Type 100% Synthetic

Gunfighter Oil Review

Having your firearm properly lubricated is important for a few reasons:

  • It helps to ensure proper function (especially during hard use)
  • It helps to protect against corrosion
  • It makes cleaning your firearm easier

The owner and creator of Gunfighter Gun Oil is Mickey Schuch of Carry Trainer – he is a professional firearms instructor and knows what is needed for good gun lube because he sees hundreds of students’ firearms pushed to their limits every year.

In a training course, the highest quality firearm and ammo don’t mean a thing, without proper lubrication (especially AR-style rifles), because they will malfunction. That’s almost a guarantee.

So, why do we love Gunfighter Gun lube?

What we love about Gunfighter Oil: First, we love that Gunfighter is a premium 100% synthetic gun oil. It is meant for professional-grade firearm use and it shows – this stuff is super slick, seems to reduce wear in our experience, and stays put during use.

However, we also love that it is non-toxic. Why? As parents that make a living being around firearms often, we don’t want to bring dangerous chemicals around our children, nor do we want to be breathing them in while shooting our guns.

Third, we love how well it stays put without becoming tacky. Many gun lubes stay where you put them (not much is more frustrating than applying lube to your firearm, just to watch it run all over the place and make a mess, or get into places you don’t want it). But, often these gun lubes dry out and get tacky, or worse, they dry into a lacquer-type substance and need to be cleaned off. Gunfighter stays put and doesn’t dry out or become tacky.

Lastly, this might not sound like a big deal at first but hear me out… we love the bottles/applicator. For many years we used to buy needle oiler bottles to fill with our gun lube because it is really handy to be able to put a drop or two of oil exactly where you need it. This saves oil, reduces making a mess, and keeps oil out of places where it shouldn’t be.

We never understood why gun oil manufacturers didn’t sell their oil in bottles that either easily re-sealed so that oil doesn’t spill everywhere when you put it in a drawer, or that had needle applicators. Well, the Gunfighter crew read our minds because that’s exactly how their bottles can be purchased.

So what does this mean for you?

If you’re looking for a premium gun oil, you’ve got to check out Gunfighter Oil.

If you run your guns hard like us, you’ll love that it’s a premium oil that will keep your gun running in extreme situations.

If you neglect your guns (like we sometimes do), you’ll love that it’s 100% synthetic and doesn’t break down.

If you are concerned about toxic chemicals, you’ll love that it’s non-toxic.

If you want to support an American small business, you’ll love that it’s made and sold by a true gun guy, right here in the U.S.A.

In short, if you trust our judgment on this, then you’ll likely love Gunfighter Gun Oil as much as we do. It’s professional-grade gun lube that works really well.

If you’re wanting more options for gun oil’s, be sure to check out our Best Gun Oil article.

Gunfighter Gun Oil Lubricant Pros and Cons

  • 100% Synthetic
  • Non-Toxic
  • Doesn’t Dry / Become Tacky
  • True Professional-Grade Lube
  • Tastes Like Crap

Report Card


This might very well be the highest performance gun lube we’ve ever used.


Can be used on all firearms for improved function and corrosion resistance


Stays where you put it and comes in GREAT bottles/applicators, that make application easy.


As far as premium gun lubes go, this is a really good value.


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