[BREAKING] Glock 44 a 22 lr Pistol!


Glock just released their newest pistol, a rimfire plinker, the G44 in 22 lr.

Was this a smart move for Glock?  Is the G44 a good pistol?  Read on to see what we think in the rest of our Glock 44 review.

Glock 44

10-round, 22 lr pistol

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Glock’s First Plinking Gun

Glock teased the industry and made a big announcement via a live event about their newest product offering.  We were all left to guess and speculate about what the newest Glock pistol (or rifle) might be as we waited.  Thanks to some help from Patrick at the Firearm Rack, we correctly guessed that the new Glock is a rimfire G44 in 22 long rifle!

Glock has introduced a G19-sized rimfire pistol for plinking and training.  The Glock 19 is the most popular Glock pistol and it might just be the most popular semi-auto handgun in the market.  It only makes sense for Glock to introduce their 22 trainer/plinking pistol in the G19 size for familiarity (and holster compatibility).

The G44 is Glock’s first rimfire pistol.  Why have they waited so long?  One reason might have to do with the fact that it is very difficult to make a striker-fired rimfire pistol.  That’s why every other rimfire pistol we know of, even if it’s a replica of a striker-fired centerfire gun, has been made with an internal hammer.

Glock 44 Specs

Operating SystemSemi-auto Recoil Operated
Caliber22 LR
Capacity10 rounds
Barrel Length4.02 in

Glock 44 Features

1. 22 LR Marksman Barrel
A non-fixed barrel rimfire! Truly innovative.

2. Front Slide Serrations
Thankfully Glock is continuing this trend on their new pistols.

3. Polymer/Steel Hybrid Slide
To reduce weight for a rimfire but retain the durability of steel, Glock is using a unique design.

4. Glock 19 – Sized
This results in training familiarity with the most popular Glock pistol and holster compatibility.

5. 10-Round Magazine
The G44 magazine comes with a easy-load tab and round count indicator.

Glock 44 Review – Our Take

Despite what many others think online, we think that this is a REALLY smart move for Glock and we’ll be purchasing one for ourselves.

Why do we think a plinking Glock is a great idea?

First, 22’s are a TON of fun to shoot. Second, when we teach a new shooter to shoot, we love to start with a rimfire to help them get used to shooting a firearm.  And third, if we’re going to be using a 22 anyway (whether for plinking, training, etc.) why not have a 22 pistol that is the same size and has the same features as a full-sized firearm?  You’ll be getting great practice and you can use the same holsters!

I really wish more manufacturers would follow this lead… we’re looking at you, Sig. 🙂  By coming out with a 22 trainer, Glock is going to take back some serious market share.  I’ve slowly migrated away from Glocks lately but this alone is really enticing me to go back – a 22 trainer is AWESOME!


Striker Fired Rimfire Pistol

We mentioned above that it is very hard to make a striker fired rimfire pistol.  So hard, in fact, that we don’t know of any.

Why is it so tough?  If the striker fired pistol is already fully cocked (like a Sig p365, Smith and Wesson M&P, or Springfield XD) then the recoil spring on the slide must be strong enough to return the slide to battery to load and chamber the next round AND be strong enough to allow the striker to be cocked.

g44 pistolSurely, a strong spring can be used but… then the spring is too strong for the weak 22 round to reliably cycle the gun.

The same problem exists with striker fired guns that are partially cocked as you pull the trigger (Glocks)… if the striker spring is strong enough to fire the round, then it’s likely going to overpower the recoil spring that has to be light enough for the gun to cycle.

This is why the rimfire Smith and Wesson M&P looks like the 9mm M&P from the outside (great for training familiarity and holster compatibility) but it is actually a hammer fired 22 lr on the inside.

Glock 44 rimfire frontGlock can sometimes get picked-on for their lack of innovation but, they make a pistol design that works very well (so why change anything) and we think that this striker fired G44 is pretty darn innovative.

In fact, we’re blown away that Glock came out with features nobody else has been able to incorporate into a rimfire pistol thus far.


Polymer and Steel Slide

Along with potential spring issues on a rimfire semi auto pistol, there comes an issue with slide mass.

If you didn’t know, most centerfire semi-auto pistols have a locking function that locks the action while the pistol is fired and which must be unlocked prior to extraction or ejection.  Rimfire pistols, on the other hand, are typically direct blowback (spring tension and slide mass only) and don’t have a locking mechanism because the diminutive 22 lr is too weak to unlock an action.

This is why 22 pistols have very light slides.  To get a light slide, many manufacturers use junk metal, zinc, aluminum, or something other than steel.  Of course, this reduces the pistol’s durability but a steel slide would just be too heavy.

Glock took their patented design of a polymer/steel hybrid slide that they use in their simmunition guns and brought it to this pistol – another innovative idea!



Don’t fret!  We’d be upset too if Glock didn’t offer a threaded barrel – they’ve told us that there will be threaded options available.


We’re super excited about this new Glock rimfire pistol and think that the training opportunities are excellent (especialy with the same size and trigger as the G19).  What do you think?  Let us know what you think in the comments below.



G44 Pros and Cons

Same size as the G19 (familiarity and holsters)

Steel slide components for durability

Same trigger operation/feel as regular Glocks

Awesome training/practice pistol

Honestly can’t see any yet!

Report card











Glock 44 Dimensions

  1. Length (overall): 185mm / 7.28 in
  2. Slide Length: 174mm / 6.85 in
  3. Width (pistol): 32mm / 1.26 in
  4. Width (slide): 25mm / 1.00 in
  5. Height (overall): 128mm / 5.04 in
  6. Line of Sight: 151-158mm / 5.94-6.22 in
  7. Trigger Distance: 70mm / 2.76 in


Final Grade: 

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  • todd
    Posted December 10, 2019 10:46 am

    It’s 2019. Why a 10 round magazine? Move on from that. My M&P 22 carries 12 without problem.

    • DW
      Posted December 22, 2019 8:41 pm

      Funny how my M&P 22 carries 10 rounds.
      How did you get 12 rounds into your M&P ???
      My M&P did come with a threaded barrel, though.
      I will be buying the Glock for the same reason I bought my M&P 22… to practice trigger control for its larger sibling.

  • Ryan Cleckner
    Posted December 10, 2019 11:10 am


  • BigHUnt
    Posted December 10, 2019 12:07 pm

    Did you recycle an article on the Taurus TX-22? This is the exact same thing they said about that pistol, except in it’s case it was true! Striker fired, full size, threaded barrel, and it has a 16+1 capacity to boot! They beat Glock to the market by a year and gunwriters are gushing about all the new innovative features of this pistol! Please!

    • Ryan Cleckner
      Posted December 10, 2019 4:59 pm

      I kid you not – I’ve heard of it but never looked at it. My fault. I’ll check it out now and review it ASAP. Thanks for keeping me straight.

      • Harry
        Posted December 10, 2019 5:46 pm

        Beretta U22 NEOS is another striker-fired 22 pistol. Glock conversion kits from TacSol and Advantage Arms are all striker-fired. Lastly, if cheap/junk guns can be included, Jimenez JA-22 is one 🙂

  • Nathan
    Posted December 10, 2019 4:51 pm

    Agreed have your staff not heard of Taurus Tx22? 16+1 rounds, striker fired full size trainer/plinker. Reliable and can be bought for $200 usd. This glock would need to come down a little in price and get rumoured 15 round mags and be very good to be the better choice. People would buy though I’m sure for the brand/copy their G19.

    • Ryan Cleckner
      Posted December 10, 2019 5:00 pm

      I love the accountability – keep it coming. I’m checking out the Taurus now and will have a review soon.

  • Anonymous
    Posted December 13, 2019 7:00 pm


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