EAA MKA 1923 Review


This EAA MKA 1923 review will cover European American Armories bullpup shotgun. We’ll be checking out the spec and digging deep to see if the MKA 1923 is the right choice for your next shotgun purchase.

EAA MKA 1923


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Reliability: A
Customization: B+
Accuracy: A
Ergonomics: A
Value: A+

Final Grade: A-

EAA MKA 1923

EAA MKA 1923 SpecEuropean American Armories have already well known in the shotgun world thanks to their 1919. Now, the company have returned to the market with a new offering: the EAA MKA 1923. So how does this bullpup shotgun stack up, and is it worthy of being your next shotgun purchase?

The purpose behind the MKA 1923 was to bring the quality associated with MKA weaponry to a new bullpup shotgun packed with innovation and quality.

However, if you’ve read other Gun University reviews of bullpup shotguns, you’ll know this compact firearm isn’t without its problems. The guns sometimes have performance issues. So how does this semi-automatic, 12 gauge offering from EAA perform?

If you’re reading this MKA 1923 review, you’re probably interested in a bullpup shotgun for home defense purposes. After all, that was EAA’s primary purpose when introducing the 1923.

So read on to get the full Gun University take on this bullpup shotgun. There are a few things you’ll definitely want to know before proceeding any further.

EAA MKA 1923 Features

1. Continuous Picatinny Rail Mount. Ideal for mounting sights and other accessories to your MKA 1923.

2. Fully Adjustable Rear Sights.  Removable and fully adjustable.

3. Trigger Block Thumb Safety. Helps prevent against accidental discharge.

EAA MKA 1923 – Our Take

Looking for an inexpensive bullpup semi-auto shotgun with a detachable box magazines? Well, the EAA MKA 1923 is it.

The EAA 1923 isn’t really the “best” of anything – there are surely “better” shotguns out there (check out our best bullpup article) but none of them have all of these features in such a budget-friendly package.

We got to play with one a bit and it ran great!

This shotgun, amonst others in its category, seemed the most like a regular semi-auto shotgun in a bull-pup shell.  What really impressed us about the EAA bullpup shotgin? Read on..

What we loved: A fun to shoot and relaible ssemi auto bullpup that didn’t break the bank. The detachable box magazines are REALLY cool – it makes reloading, and even changing shell types (slug to birdshot to buckshot) fairly easy. We also like the forward charging handle and that it already comes with functional iron sights. Also, the cutlass style grip has an improvement (in our book) over the cutlass style grip on IWI bullpup firearms: it has a seperate trigger guard! You may not like this, but the open cutlass style on the IWI firearms makes us a bit nervous.

What we didn’t like: The EAA bullpup 1923 shotgun is alitle rough around the edges. At this price point, that is to be expected. If they used a nicer polymer for the shell or refined some of the design, the price would surely increase.

EAA MKA 1923 Pros and Cons

Bullpup design

Detachable box magazine



Lacks some finesse

Proprietary magazines

Report card

ReliabilityIt was reliable for us, but we did not test it thouroughly


AccuracyGood enough for a shotgun


CustomizationNothing really to customize except to add other sights


ErgonomicsEasy to hold and shoot.


ValueExcellent value


Final Grade: 


You now know the full Gun University opinion on the EAA MKA 1923 bullpup shotgun.

If you’re thinking of making the 1923 your next shotgun purchase, you’ll want to delve deeper here.

We’ve gathered together some of the most important extra resources that aspiring MKA 1923 owners need to know.

At Gun University, we are well aware of the common questions that tend to crop up from the firearms community in relation to the MKA 1923 shotgun.

So, for your convenience and information, we’ve gathered together:

  • A video showing the process of cleaning and operating the MKA 1923. This is a must-watch so you can know exactly what it is to own and operate this bullpup shotgun.
  • The owner’s manual for the 1923. This allows you to go directly to the source and see the manufacturer’s very own information about this weapon.
  • Answers to some of the most common questions we tend to hear about the MKA 1923, telling what you need to know without going any further afield.

So, here it is!




GUN Maintenance and Cleaning Process

Step 1 – Ensure fingers and hands are kept off the trigger and outside the trigger guard while the MKA is pointed in a safe direction.

Step 2 – Press down on the magazine catch and remove the magazine from the weapon.

Step 3 – Ensure the bolt is locked to the rear. Then, physically and visually check the chamber of the MKA 1923 to ensure it is empty. Confirm the magazine cell is also clear. Next, cycle the bolt forward by depressing the bolt release lever.

Step 4 – Take a 5mm Allen wrench and use it to remove the screw of the butt plate. Complete removal using a Phillips screwdriver.

Step 5 – Take out the front and back sling swivel nuts and eject the two assembly pins.

Step 6 – Take out both the front rail system and the rear receiver cover from the MKA 1923.

Step 7 – Pull up on the barrel and take out the upper assembly. Make note of where the barrel block is situated on the front of the barrel, as this will make reassembly a heck of a lot easier. Then, take out the barrel block from the barrel. This covers both the receiver group and the barrel.

Step 8 – In order to strip the upper assembly, you need to take out the lock nut. This allows you to next remove the gas regulator nut and spring. This exposes the gas ring. Just like with the barrel block, make note of the gas ring for the purposes of a smoother reassembly. Take the gas ring out.

Step 9 – The last stage of the MKA 1923 field strip process is to remove the barrel from the receiver group. Then, remove the gas piston, action bar, bolt assembly and action bar spring.

Other Resources and Documents for the EAA MKA 1923

EAA MKA 1923 Manual – Check out the owner’s manual for the MKA 1923

Frequently Asked Questions about the MKA 1923

How Much Does The MKA 1923 Weigh?

The MKA 1923 Bullpup weighs 9.7 lbs when it is unloaded.

What Is The Height Of The MKA 1923?

The MKA 1923 is 8.25 inches tall.

What Is The Magazine Capacity Of The MKA 1923?

The MKA 1923 can hold 5 rounds.

What Type Of Ammo Does The MKA 1923 Use?

*The MKA 1923 Bullpup has 3 inch chambers compatible with all standard commercial 2 ¾ inch and 3 inch shotshells.

*Initial functioning problems pertaining to light loads can be remedied by firing 3-4 boxes of standard hunting cartridges from the MKA 1923.

How Do I Load My MKA 1923?

Step 1 – Point the MKA 1923 in a direction which would not cause any injury or damage should the shotgun go off accidentally. Carry out a safety check on the chamber to ensure that it is empty.

Step 2 – When there is no magazine in the MKA 1923, the bolt is held open by the bolt catch lever. Remove the unloaded magazine by pressing the mag release, then insert a full magazine into the shotgun. It’s important to only use officially recommended ammo.

Step 3 – Using your shooting hand, depress the bolt catch lever with your thumb. The bolt moves forward and a round is chambered.

How Do I Unload My EAA MKA 1923?

Step 1 – Point your MKA 1923 in a safe direction.

Step 2 – Ensure your fingers are fully away from the trigger, and take the magazine out of the bullpup shotgun.

Step 3 – Pull the charging handle at least once to make sure the chamber is empty. See if a spent case ejects. Ensure the charging handle is in the furthest position back it can be and lock the bolt with the bolt catch lever.

Step 4 – Double check the final round has left the chamber. Look at both the magazine and the MKA 1923 itself to ensure that the weapon is empty. Also physically ensure the weapon is unloaded by inserting your index finger into the chamber.


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