EAA MKA 1923 Review [2020]: Bullpup Shotgun

This EAA MKA 1923 review will cover European American Armories bullpup shotgun. We’ll be checking out the spec and digging deep to see if the MKA 1923 is the right choice for your next shotgun purchase.

EAA MKA 1923

European American Armories have already well known in the shotgun world thanks to their 1919. Now, the company have returned to the market with a new offering: the EAA MKA 1923. So how does this bullpup shotgun stack up, and is it worthy of being your next shotgun purchase?

The purpose behind the MKA 1923 was to bring the quality associated with MKA weaponry to a new bullpup shotgun packed with innovation and quality.

However, if you’ve read other Gun University reviews of


Barrel Length



12 Gauge


Adjustable Rear



Overall Length


bullpup shotguns, you’ll know this compact firearm isn’t without its problems. The guns sometimes have performance issues. So how does this semi-automatic, 12 gauge offering from EAA perform?

If you’re reading this MKA 1923 review, you’re probably interested in a bullpup shotgun for home defense purposes. After all, that was EAA’s primary purpose when introducing the 1923.

So read on to get the full Gun University take on this bullpup shotgun. There are a few things you’ll definitely want to know before proceeding any further.


1 Continuous Picatinny Rail Mount

Ideal for mounting sights and other accessories to your MKA 1923.

2 Fully Adjustable Rear Sights

Removable and fully adjustable.

3 Trigger Block Thumb Safety

Helps prevent against accidental discharge.


Looking for an inexpensive bullpup semi-auto shotgun with a detachable box magazines? Well, the EAA MKA 1923 is it.

The EAA 1923 isn’t really the “best” of anything – there are surely “better” shotguns out there (check out our best bullpup article) but none of them have all of these features in such a budget-friendly package.

We got to play with one a bit and it ran great!

This shotgun, amongst others in its category, seemed the most like a regular semi-auto shotgun in a bull-pup shell. What really impressed us about the EAA bullpup shotgun? Read on..

What we loved: A fun to shoot and reliable semi auto bullpup that didn’t break the bank. The detachable box magazines are REALLY cool – it makes reloading, and even changing shell types (slug to birdshot to buckshot) fairly easy. We also like the forward charging handle and that it already comes with functional iron sights. Also, the cutlass style grip has an improvement (in our book) over the cutlass style grip on IWI bullpup firearms: it has a seperate trigger guard! You may not like this, but the open cutlass style on the IWI firearms makes us a bit nervous.

What we didn’t like: The EAA bullpup 1923 shotgun is a little rough around the edges. At this price point, that is to be expected. If they used a nicer polymer for the shell or refined some of the design, the price would surely increase.



  • Bullpup design
  • Detachable box magazine
  • Semi-auto
  • Affordable
  • Lacks some finesse
  • Proprietary magazines



It was reliable for us, but we did not test it thoroughly


Good enough for a shotgun


Nothing really to customize except to add other sights


Easy to hold and shoot.


Excellent value

EAA MKA 1923 Gun University Final Grade


Owning a bullpup shotgun like the EAA MKA 1923 is a big responsibility. Make sure you prepared with these key essentials. 

With these out of the way, we can get down to business on outfitting your MKA 1923 with some awesome upgrades.

Best Sights for the EAA MKA 1923

We’re firm believers here that sometimes stock sights just aren’t quite good enough. And while the MKA 1923’s standard sights aren’t too terrible, the rear sights are fully removable for a reason…So you can opt for something better!

Leupold DeltaPoint Pro RDS GUn University

Leupold DeltaPoint Pro

Our Editor’s Choice for Optics on the MKA 1923 goes to the Leupold DeltaPoint Pro. Leupold’s got a heck of a reputation for making quality sights, and this is no exception. The DeltaPoint Pro comes with a wide field of vision with classic red dot targeting. But what really does it is the Auto Brightness adjust tech and the Motion Sensor Activation. This really brings your weapon into the 21st century making for an enjoyable shooting experience for both novice and masters alike. CHECK PRICE 

If you’re looking to get a big time sight advantage while maintaining the tactility of your bullpup shotgun, the Trijicon RMR might just be the sight for you. It gives you an optimal field of vision with a 3.25 MOA adjustable LED and eight different brightness settings. CHECK IT OUT ON AMAZON

Trijicon Sight Gun University

Best Lights for the EAA MKA 1923

The last thing you need to do when operating your MKA 1923 is firing blindly. A shot in the dark is just that. However, you can always take advantage of a weapon-mounted light to help you see your way through. 


Surefire X300 Ultra

When it comes to needing a weapon light, you’re gonna want something that’s bright, fits snug, and is 100% reliable. And there’s no one that really does that quite like Surefire. With this particular model, you’ll be treated with a smooth far-reaching spot light that burns with 1000 lumens. And it’s relatively easy to mount directly on to your EAA MKA 1923’s picatinny. CHECK IT OUT ON AMAZON

After the hype we just gave Surefire, it only makes sense to have another option as a recommended choice. The Surefire M600 is similar to the X300 but with some key differences. First, it’s much better at producing a softer surrounding light illuminating spaces at shorter-to-mid-range level. Next, it’s a bit more ruggedly designed so you’re always ready for battle.  CHECK IT OUT ON AMAZON


Other Tactical Shotguns of Its Class to Check Out

While the EAA MKA 1923 is a pretty solid choice as a bullpup shotty, I wouldn’t go as far as to say that it’s really the best in anything. One of those solid all-around guns but just make the top spot. Here are two other bullpup shotguns and a “breeching-style” shorty that you may prefer instead. 


We personally prefer our bullpup shotguns to be semi-auto, but there’s plenty of you out there who’d disagree. And that’s quite OK. Luckily for you, the KelTec KSG can provide a quality pump action for you. It’s relatively lightweight, cheap, and reliable. And if you’re a KelTec fan, this is right up your alley…READ MORE

tavor ts12 gun university

If you’re looking for the best bullpup shotgun, look no further than the IWI Tavor TS-12. Believe me when I say, this gun has no glaring weaknesses–save one. It feels great, shoots great, and has a serious ammo capacity. It’s that premium shotgun you wouldn’t mind bringing home to Mom. The only downside would be its premium cost…READ MORE 

mossberg shockwave gun university

Although not a bullpup, this Bird’s Head Grip tactical shotgun is pretty sweet. And I know I just said I prefer semi-autos…but that’s for bullpups. This pump action is exactly what you need it to be for a shorty shotty. Plus, Mossberg did it right when it comes to the gun’s controls. They just feel natural. Definitely worth a look…READ MORE

How to Care for Your EAA MKA 1923

There aren’t too many good videos out there demonstrating how to really care for and breakdown an EAA MKA 1923. And that’s a shame because–frankly–it’s not the easiest gun to handle. Thankfully though, Gregory Dearth put together a nice video on how to disassemble one.

Need more info on the MKA 1923? Check out these resources–including the owner’s manual–to get a better sense of the weapon.


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