X-Insurance CCW Insurance Review [for 2024]

by Ryan Cleckner

January 10, 2023



When we review options for CCW insurance, or self defense liability protection, we like to go through the costs, what’s covered in which events, the pros and cons of each service and then give you a recommendation of how it stacks up against the other CCW insurance providers.

However, in the case of this X Insurance review, we’re going to skip a few of those details and sections like cost, coverages, and how they compare in certain areas.


Simple: it’s because X Insurance is, without a doubt, the worst offering of any of the CCW Insurance offerings we’ve reviewed and suggest choosing another provider instead.

Because of our view, we thought there’s no need to break-down a table of cost comparisons and feature explorations. Instead, we’ll dive right in to why we think it’s lacking.

WARNING: We don’t recommend!

Because of many problematic areas of X Insurance’s coverage (detailed below) we can not recommend them.

If you’re looking for coverage, you should check out CCW Safe. They’re who I chose for myself and my family. Plus, they received our #1 spot on the list of best CCW insurances.  

X Insurance Self Defense Coverage

It can be fairly difficult making a good comparison of available CCW self defense insurance providers.

Most people only look at what the company charges for concealed carry coverage and then compare that to the total dollar amount of coverage – this is common when comparing other products like life insurance, car insurance, and homeowners insurance.

This is very misleading and it will not give you a clear picture of what you’re really getting. As an attorney, I know that the fine print is what matters. For example, if I offer to give you 10 million dollars of coverage for a criminal case but you can only spend it on me as your attorney – that’s a horrible deal for you. Why? I don’t know the first thing about defending someone in a criminal case – you’d sure have a lot of money but it’d be spent in the wrong place and on the wrong lawyer.

It is not a fair comparison to match companies dollar for dollar as they each have very different terms that control what they’ll cover and how it can be spent.

Here’s my advice: if you decide to get coverage, learn about what each company actually covers and then choose the one that you can afford and gives you the best protection for what’s important to you. Also, make sure you read some other xinsurance reviews too.

To try to make it easier for you, I’ll share my basic set of bare-minimum rules that a concealed carry insurance company must have before I’ll recommend them:

  1. Money up front
  2. Ability to choose your own lawyer
  3. Daily “per diem” payment while in trial

Let’s explore these 3 minimum coverage areas along with some other areas of X insurance’s self defense liability plan:

Up Front Money: If you need money for your legal defense, you need it up front. Reimbursement after the fact is better than nothing, but if you can cover a few hundred thousand dollars on your own in case of a self defense gun use, perhaps you don’t need insurance?  

X Insurance pays legal fees directly. This is good. However, bail coverage is only offered as a reimbursement and it is an extra charge for this coverage.

Choosing Your Own Attorney: X-Insurance does not allow you to choose your own attorney. In fact, they also have the power to control your entire defense. The language from their policy says: “We have the exclusive right to designate and appoint legal counsel to represent you and to otherwise control such defense.”

This is a major red-flag for me whenever a Compnay attempts to limit your ability to get the best legal advice.

As I showed in an example above, a bunch of money spent on the wrong attorney is a bad idea.

Now, you might say that you don’t know how to tell if a lawyer is good or not and therefore would wan tot rely upon X Insurance to pick one for you. That sounds reasonable. However, as a matter of principle, I don’t want the entity paying for my defense to choose my defense nor control it. This is because there is a chance that an entity might be motivated more about saving money than defending me. I am NOT claiming this about X insurance – I am merely saying the principle is not sound.

If you have the right to choose your own attorney, you can still take advice from professionals on choosing one. Also, if you disagree with how the attorney is doing their job, you can fire them and get another one.

I’m fundamentally against any system that limits your freedom of choice. Because of that, I can never recommend an organization that doesn’t allow you to have a say in your own defense.

Daily “per diem” Payment While in Trial: If you’re stuck in court, you can’t be at work. This can be hard for anyone, especially if you have a family that counts on you.

This is why one of my minimum requirements is a daily “per diem” payment to offset lost wages while you’re in court.

X-Insurance CCW coverage offers a per diem only as an extra charge. And, the per diem is too low in my opinion. If you pay extra for the per diem coverage, you get a max of $200 per day for a max of 5 days and you must have written proof from an employer to get reimbursed.

This is better than nothing, however, $1,000 to cover your lost wages (perhaps even a lost job) because of being in trial is not enough and it’s only available with an extra fee to X Insurance.

Criminal Defense Protection and Civil Defense and Liability Coverage: Unfortunately, X Insurance does not provide straight forward coverage amounts and the coverage they’ll offer you depends on many factors. For example, when I went through their process to get a quote (more on this below), this is the response I got when I asked how much their coverage costs and how much coverage I would get:

“Minimum premium for personal use firearm liability with liability limits of $100,000 per person / $200,000 per accident / $400,000 aggregate will start $599 – $1250+ per year.”

Those numbers, when compared to other coverage options from other companies, are shocking.

In my opinion, that is WAY too expensive for far too little coverage from an insurance provider.

Normally, I would break down the difference between criminal and civl coverage and explain how important it is to have enough money. It should suffice to say this: simply starting a criminal trial can easily get into a few hundred thousand dollars.

According to their policy, they require that any amounts for your civil defense and criminal defense together must not exceed the maximum per-occurrence amount. Unfortunately, even if you aren’t prosecuted because law enforcement or the courts determine you were justified in your self defense, you can can be sued by the person(s) you had to defend yourself against and/or their families

Bail: According to their policy, if you want bail coverage, you must add it on for an additional fee.

Per Diem: Being in court for trial can be a serious strain on your personal finances as you won’t be able to work. Therefore, having a daily payment (a per diem) to offset your costs and lost wages is important. The good news is that you can elect per diem coverage with x-insurance. The bad news is that it is an “extra” or “add-on” and it only provides $1,000 ($200 per day max up to only 5 days).

X Insurance Review – Our take

Based on what I’ve seen from the company so far, it is my advice to stay away from X-Insurance.

There are other better options available in our Best CCW Insurance Guide.

So, why do I say to stay away from X-Insurance?

For any concealed carry insurance option, we strongly recommend looking for three basic ccw insurance requirements:

  1. The ability to choose your own attorney,
  2. Money up-front, and
  3. A daily allowance to help offset time off work

Only 2 of these three basic “must-haves” are offered by X-Insurance and they charge an extra fee for one of them: a daily allowance for time off work. And, that allowance is only good for 5 days at $200 a day.

Unfortunately, without being able to choose your own attorney and with having to pay extra for a fairly minor per diem coverage, it doesn’t not pass our basic test.

However, upon reading the policy from X-Insurance I have more concerns.

My first concern is a BIG one: you MUST pay back all money that X-Insurance spent on your case if your initial verdict is guilty and there is no coverage/option for an appeal. Trial courts sometimes get things wrong and appeals are sometimes a necessity. Not only is there zero coverage allowed to cover your appeal, you’re required, according to the legal contract with X Insurance, to pay back everything right away. This is HORRIBLE.

Second, the sign-up process for X-Insurance gives me some serious privacy concerns about their insurance solutions.

During the sign-up process for X-insurance, you have to answer questions like: whether you’re an NRA member, whether you have CPR/first aid certifications, whether you’ve ever made a liability claim on any insurance (homeowner, commercial etc), whether you have had any incident, event, occurrence, loss, wrongful act, and/or accidental discharge of a firearm prior to the inception of this policy, which might give rise to a claim, how much experience you have with firearms (with details of training), whether you are self-employed or not, whether you have other sources of income, whether any firearms you want to be covered are “modified,” how often you train and shoot, whether you have a gun safe, have you ever been involved in a lawsuit, have you ever been arrested, have you ever intentionally shot a firearm that wasn’t for target practice, and on and on.

No other company requires this kind of information. This felt VERY intrusive to me.

Additionally, at the end of the process, they wanted a list of the make and model of the firearms in your household. Hell no.

Third, there are some problematic limitations in their coverage. For example, if your firearm is “modified” from the factory configuration, its use is not covered. Also, if you are on the property of a religious institution, you are not covered.

For these reasons, we can not recommend you use X Insurance for your CCW Insurance and encourage you to check out our Best CCW Insurance list to make a decision on which one is right for you.

X-Insurance Pros and Cons

  • Money up front
  • Very Expensive
  • Can’t pick Your Own Lawyer
  • Per Diem low and must be added
  • Must pay back all money if you don’t win first case
  • No coverage on church property
  • No modifications to firearm allowed
  • Complicated sign up process
  • Must list number, type and serial numbers of firearms

Report Card


Extremely expensive – I was quoted a range that was over $1,000 per year


The legal defense dollar amounts are low and are effectively cut in half as they must be shared by criminal and civil cases


Not being able to choose your own attorney, modify your firearm from the factory, carry on church property, etc make this very limited in features


High cost for poor coverage.


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  1. Ryan, thank you so much for your thorough and thoughtful review. I’d however urge that you consider another criteria of such insurance products which is coverage availability. When essentially all other companies/brands/products in this field fled away from certain states (e.g., NJ, NY, etc.), it appears that Xinsurance (or rather, its’ underwriter, Prime) has stayed and at least in some fashion is continuing to offer their product, despite massive pressure from the state government’s bureau of insurance to cease doing so. Their presence is vital since these states require liability insurance for a CCW permit eligibility which they’ve been forced to start issuing/processing after the recent SC decision. The states, in their ever continuing tricks to defy the SC decision, put forth a bunch of arbitrary rules to attempt nullifying the SC decision, one of which is liability insurance, and in the subsequent cunning scheme, essentially prevented the insurers to offer such a product, creating a Catch-22 for applicants. These are populous states with many potential CCW permit holders. Thus, while CCW Safe may be a great product, it serves no use since they ran away from standing their ground, no pun intended, with the state’s courts, to demand continuing operations. Sure, one may not depend on X insurance in an actual legal scenario, but at least having their COI in hand may allow a person to get the CCW permit in the first place. Their presence/coverage in shall we say, problematic states, is arguably a big plus to consider in one’s review.

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