Sig Sauer just announced two new handguns that we are really excited about: the p320 X-Five Legion and the p365 XL


Sig p320 X-Five Legion Review

GunUniversity was invited up to the Sig Academy to try out these two new pistols (and maybe some other things…shhh) and the p320 X-Five Legion is awesome!

Our good buddy Phil Strader, Sig’s polymer handgun manager (and shooter and funny guy extraordinaire), summed up the Sig p320 x-Five Legion nicely…. it’s kinda’ like cheating.

The X-Five Legion is a competition-ready pistol: it has all of the great features of the standard p320 X-five with a couple cool additions:

First, Sig figured out a way to add some weight to the grip of the p320 x-Five. These may sound simple at first but, as far as we know, they are the first manufacturer to do it in such a cool way. Sure, weights can be added to a pistol’s frame but Sig figured out a way to mix Tungsten Steel powder INTO the polymer!  This tungsten infused polymer adds weight and a cool grey color (that the slide is cerakoted to match). The weight of the tungsten polymer really makes a difference – it makes it shoot like it was a metal gun. (wait until you see our video).

The magazines also come with flush aluminum base-pads to fit inside the magwell – this is a nice touch for the overall size requirements of a competition pistol. Also included are Dawson Precision sights and it is optic-ready.

Phil was right – this thing is like cheating. It is super flat shooting and it just wants to RUN!

For now, we’ll tease you with some pictures but check out our full review for more!



Sig p320 xfive legion specs: